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Alexander T Oct 2018
love is the key
it opened my heart
and closed the hole

you healed me
I was torn apart
you fixed my soul

I dont like the air
so I drown the time


I dont want to die anymore
I have reasons to stay
I have a girlfriend

I might not be kinetic energy
but I have potential energy

that girlfriend
keeps me sane
I havent spoken to her in a while
or seen her in some time
but she stays in my heart
to keep me from being torn apart

this is my poem
I am evolving
I am growing
I am me
made for my girl in June, when I was away for months. She never knew just how much I thought of her (all the time), but now she knows everything.
yellow soul Jul 2018
She was beautiful
She reminded me of the sun
I knew she always were near
Even though the clouds
had taken over the sky
she shined brighter than
a million stars combined
she always stayed positive
she told me this
“when it’s raining, don’t be upset
but take your rainboots on,
and dance till it stops,
when there is thunder,
don’t be scared, don’t hide
but instead find a safe spot
and admire the beautiful lightning
when it’s windy outside,
don’t be irritated,
find your dragon
and see it fly through the clouds”
she wasn’t afraid of being herself
she did what she wanted to do
she did wear the most colorful clothes
and she loved when people stopped
and looked at her like she was crazy
because she knew
what she was doing
and she knew
what they were missing out on
she wasn’t living her life,
she was alive.
Her favorite color was yellow.
Mane Omsy Dec 2017
It's perfect
You two
But don't shatter it
The screams you'll feel
Will be horrible
So don't scatter it

Love is the bestest feeling
Never judge its worth
Coz it really hits back
With the worst feeling ever
That could end your life

Hold on to her so tight
Don't ever let the grip loose
Pour her with kisses
She won't forget with you
By her side
They said to never let her go
Her eyes are bluer than any sea
to my lost heart she holds the key

Her love I'll hold within my heart
I fell in love right from the start
Love from you is like a gift
One that keeps on giving
If you weren't in my life
It wouldn't be worth living

Your love is the oxygen that I breathe
The blood pumped by my heart
Standing by your side
Never shall we part

Sometimes I want to wrap myself in you
And never let you go
Other times feeling desperate inside
Wanting to let you know

Your love is the fuel that feeds this fire
Burning day and night
Your beauty only fans the flames
We hold each other tight

Making love was magic
All our energy gone
Grateful for this night
We welcome in the dawn

Another day beginning
In our wonderful life
So happy I'm your husband
And thankful you're my wife
Ajey Pai K Apr 2016
Those little eyes which dream a thousand dreams,
Oh! like the sun they are, radiating a thousand more.
Those innocent gestures which talk more than words,
Oh! like that whisper they are, which speak a little more.

To that girl with a silent mind and a decent persona, I write;
To that girl with a vibrant smile and an elegant posture, I write;
To you, my lady, I ever write, my words measly,
My thoughts reflect your mien, Oh! So bright!

-The Silent Poet
Haruhi Oct 2015
Joy is my life
She is the most beautiful girl
She is my woman
She knows how to dress to impress me
I love her with all my life
She can cook *** pies like
a southern woman
Joy brings me happiness
And puts a fascinating smile on
me everyday
Her smile brights up my day
Her laugh gives me comfort
Her eyes gray and blue
the colors of my mind
Joy can do everything
I could never be mad at
Joy is my Jo-Bear
And Joy is mine
Joy is my girl and I love
Mica Jun 2014
The ice it clinks
the straw it stirs
you're making drinks
that won't drown her

She's up all night
you put her to bed
but she puts up a fight
falls asleep with the drink in her hand

Sneak out for a smoke
she's fast asleep anyway
when I came back, she awoke
baby why'd you go away?

But shh you're there now
she's already passed out again
with her little body curled around
yours, she's asleep with a grin.

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