JDK 7d

Here's the thing about getting stung by potent bat-shit bees whose venom is full of both profundity and absurdity;
You'll spend the rest of your life recovering from it,
while simultaneously attempting to decide which is witch.

Aw shit, I'm allergic.
Haiku Hank Aug 2016

Glittering starlight
upon her delicate face
my moonlight beauty

Haiku Hank Jul 2016

My morning glory
sleeps until late afternoon
A momma-to-be

Tim Loves Tankas Jul 2016

Her hair golden blonde
Her eyes like a sapphire sea
Her laugh fills the air
Her heart is a precious gift
I'm not worthy of her love

Her eyes are bluer than any sea
to my lost heart she holds the key

Her love I'll hold within my heart
I fell in love right from the start

Tim Loves Tankas Jul 2016

sitting on my porch
carving your name into wood
missing your giggle
it's like music to my ears
I think it's time to come home

Tim Loves Tankas Jun 2016

freshly showered skin
big puffy white hotel robes
room service coming
wine on the bedside table
a smile on my grateful face

Haiku Hank Jun 2016

Beauty at sunrise
I see it in her sweet face
Spring is made for her

Haiku Hank Jun 2016

Your eyes are like pools
of liquefied crystal blue
Don't care if I drown

Love from you is like a gift
One that keeps on giving
If you weren't in my life
It wouldn't be worth living

Your love is the oxygen that I breathe
The blood pumped by my heart
Standing by your side
Never shall we part

Sometimes I want to wrap myself in you
And never let you go
Other times feeling desperate inside
Wanting to let you know

Your love is the fuel that feeds this fire
Burning day and night
Your beauty only fans the flames
We hold each other tight

Making love was magic
All our energy gone
Grateful for this night
We welcome in the dawn

Another day beginning
In our wonderful life
So happy I'm your husband
And thankful you're my wife

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