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I'm older now
but I still feel the weight of childhood
in my chest.
where am I now?
my body trapped in ageless wonder
my soul suspended
half in dreams,
half awake
She called to me in dreams
the witch,
the oracle,
the crone
singing sweet songs
of timeless horrors
and ageless wonder
Seanathon Nov 2018
To love is to appreciate the other.

The complexities of mind and heart.

The fraying string stretched inbetween.

And the newness of each breath to start.
I'm with you. Always around you. Only love, only love.
Iska Nov 2018
patchwork poetry
from a broken soul
ageless words
stitched together
take their toll
as we twist them
to fit the role
I was told all I do is rewrite what has already been written.
With no creative twist or flair
Just wasting time
With empty air
Maria Etre Aug 2018
It's not
age that matters
look at (y)ou
y(o)(u)'re the
ageless being
t(h)at I
"If I Could Give You My Eyes" Series
TD Apr 2018
Catch me a cloud,
I wished for pillows
made of fluff
and empty promises.

Stalk my thoughts please.
Jack didn’t know beans
about how a golden egg
could taste so good to
my umami buds.
Only a fountain of youth
tantalized sweeter.

I fell for a giant one
the lumbering fool
I was.
Every night castle walks
and courtyard dalliances
only whetted my appetite
for the addictive flaunt of candlelight and violins.

I’m only satirical
when my reflection talks back
and sharpens my resolve
for inducing steam.
Moist heat to soften
tumbling dry bones
scraping innards
of an open grave.

Moist lips to filter my self-hate.
looking in the mirror
not recognizing the reflection
when this face got so old
I have no recollection

creases around the eyes
skin looking like leather
time taking it's toll
worn out by the weather

body breaking down
getting difficult to stand
arthritis is a problem
especially in my hand

hair growing in my ears
and growing out my nose
growing places it shouldn't be
even on my toes

sight a little blurry
getting difficult to see
getting up every hour
just to go ***

even though this body
will break down and age
the fire for you inside me
will continue to rage
As each day passes by,
I do not grow old,
Rather I grow younger in the word of God,
God makes me ageless
Ageless in Mind and spirit

This piece belongs to Professor (Miss) Mary-D (Myself)**
Hannah A Apr 2016
Not like this.

the path you stumbled for,
left you for some footsteps of a goddess
that we never were sure of her existence.

He left you on the road
oh, beautiful landscape of all
such green trees, such brown leaves.
Do you wonder how I wonder?
wanderlust, collecting dust
of the wasted decades we had
of an item we never truly got to reckon it's form
I do not believe in time
it does not exist
break all hour glasses done.
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