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Ankita Gupta Jan 27
By design, you put roof over me
By nature, I need the sun
Gods1son Nov 2018
Everyday, I see people's thirst to be the tree
The tree bearing precious fruits for others to eat, seeds for others to replant
The tree providing shade for others to cool
The tree releasing oxygen for others to breathe
The tree providing home for others to live
The tree looking beautiful for others to admire

That is many people's desire
But remember, the tree was once a seed
It took time for the tree to grow
The tree had to withstand adverse weather conditions
The harsh weather built the tree a strong foundation
Don't stress, give in to your cultivation!
ShowYouLove Sep 2017
Take me where I am, meet me where I am
Shepherd me Oh Lord like a little lamb
You are my protector, you are my defender
Help me run to you when I hear the voice of the pretender
You are my salvation and my Rock
An open heart and mind has many a door unlocked
You are my fortress and my strong tower
When I am weak and worn you have the power
You are my shield in front and my sword beside
You are my armor Lord you are big when I am small inside
You lift me up and take me in
You run to me when I confess my sin
You are my healer my balm and salve when I am sick
You have never left my side through thin and very thick
You care for me and love me. You send me your Spirit
You never gave up on me even when I wanted to quit
I love you I praise you I give glory to your name
Your words are living and dynamic yet ever the same
I bless you and thank you for all that you are
Prince of Peace, King of Kings, Morning Star
Many names for one so high
But above all else you love me so much you would die
No greater love there is than to lay down one's life for a friend
I will do my best to live that out loud till my time is at an end
In all things Lord be my life and breath
Keep me ever in your sight from now until my death
When I join with you in heaven I will forever sing your praise
But until that day I'll be content just to daily lift my gaze

Written during Adoration at St. Peter's Catholic Church. First Fridays with Faith and Fellowship.
The weight of the world on my shoulders
Almost too much to bear
Knees starting to buckle
Sometimes life isn't fair

I won't give in
I'll fight the fight
Every day
and every night

It's me alone
against them all
That's the reason
I must not fall

On me alone
Your life does depend
I will care for you
Till the very end

Things have gotten in the way
many people have tried
These things I have overcome
I will not be denied

Providing for you
at this I can not fail
Sheer determination
That's how I will prevail

I'll never let you down
giving nothing but my best
Always putting you first
so lay your fears to rest
Lost Dec 2015
You don’t know who she is.
You only see her face
and hear her name.
But if you really knew her,
you’d know that she’s a fighter.
She spends her days,
overcoming the pain,
not drowning in pills.
She provides for a family,
not for paying men.
She gives the world something more,
instead of taking what isn’t her’s.
She works for a cause,
not for drugs.
A saint among sinners.
A lover among aggressors.
A light among the dark.
Switch over to a new provider
They all turn you off  in the same way anyways
Can't you cut the poor and disadvantaged some slack?
Money doesn't grow on trees you know!
Just a thought.

— The End —