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naudia 3d
after being grounded for a day
i finally was able to take a step back and see,
how not okay i am.
naudia 6d
through all the tears streaming from my face all i can bring myself to do is send a dark screen with the word "sorry." written across the middle.
naudia 6d
a dark and cruel world out there. your shadow is your only friend.
naudia 6d
i need to stop worrying about how they feel about me right now so i don't cause them to lose any feeling for me in the future.
naudia Sep 23
maybe i can hope that one day i will inhale enough smoke to **** me so the thought of you doesn't have to
naudia Aug 20
what scares you so much about accepting what i say to you?
its not subtle hints. i am flat out telling you what is going on but yet you refuse to listen
naudia Aug 18
it's hard to believe that something that has been turned so meaningless is supposed to represent love.
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