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Can you feel me
rush over you,
as I drown myself in your absinthe?

Void of color, my lips seep red
as I kiss upon the roses
that you placed upon my bed.
My sheets saturate by the blood of your thorns,
hidden by the beauty of The Rose.

Your absinthe courses through my veins;
I am a slave to your elixir,
lost in the prison of my mind.  
Yet I remain within the labyrinth of the memory of you,
for only in my mind I know
you will not go.

As I look beyond the veil,
I cannot distinguish dusk from dawn.
Only through this absinthe
can I bear the weight of your absence.
Before we met,
a stone mold held me hostage.
When we met,
you showed me the cup that
I had hidden deep within myself.
But I was not alone,
for your cup was hidden deep within yourself.

When we removed our stone masks,
with hands shaking,
we offered our cups to one another.
Each of us filled the other's with glycerin.
With each sip we took,
our hearts began to listen.
The waters buried deep within us were brought to the surface.

To not drown in our own waters,
the glycerin we gave one another needed to cease.
So we stepped aboard our separate ships, with our own cups,
not yet completely full,
but glowing with a glycerin
that at long last, had finally begun to flow.
  Nov 20 Psychosa
I wonder if you know that you're my muse
so inspired by your torturous beauty
the way you erupt and emotionally bruise
that deep velvet burgundy
over plain flesh I will always choose.
You are the worst thing I've ever met
and I love you
put a ring on your finger, take you forever
I am an artist, it's what I do.
She changed
He noticed it in her eyes
The last time he acknowledged her was
before he left
When fresh tears came out her eyes
When she dedicated her love to him
But no matter what she did she couldn't stop him
from leaving
Her eyes held sadness and love
That he had never seen in anyone before
The kind of eyes when someone betrays you
This time
Her eyes had fire
And as he stood and looked at her
Her hair and the wind
Her eyes and the sun
This time
This time he saw her worth
Her love
Her strength
But this time she was strong enough to fight
Strong enough to say no.
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  Nov 14 Psychosa
The hushed embrace of midnight's reign,
Where shadows dance and secrets hide,
I yearn for your presence, a beacon's flame,
Amidst the world's slumbering tide.

Like moths drawn to an alluring glow,
I seek your solace, your warmth's embrace,
In the depths of night, where emotions flow,
Misery finds comfort, a kindred face.

In this vast universe, where stars ignite,
Our bond endures, a celestial thread,
Like planets pirouetting in perfect light,
Our paths entwined, forever ahead.
Psychosa Nov 11
And through my death,
I have been initiated by the dark goddesses that dance under the forbidden moonlight,
into my birthright,
to truly be alive.
Psychosa Nov 5
Two moths fluttered across one another's paths
before the breaking of dawn.

One of the moths mistook the other
for a butterfly from a distance,
but the closer they flew towards each other
the moth knew that there was no difference between the two.

At first, the older moth thought the younger was a mirage of herself.
But this moth that stood before her was not the moth herself,
but rather a version of herself that she had shed long ago.

The older moth told the young moth masked as a butterfly
that she must shed her false skin
so that they could fly to the moon, where they were both destined to go.

She offered to show this moth hidden beneath the fa├žade
a path to her true destiny,
but the younger moth flew beneath the healing rays of the night
and descended into a world where she would never be accepted for her true essence.

In the end, the young moth flew to the sun and eviscerated into the fires of her own suffering.
The stars of the night burned bright for the loss of a soul who could not see that her beauty would have shined through any night.
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