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Jan 12 · 90
Creation and creator.
joel jokonia Jan 12
On and on, I go, following the flow to wherever it settles me. There I wait for yet another wave to carry me, someplace else, another awaiting adventure destined for the blank pages of my scripts. Gradually, it becomes rather sane to be teleported in-between worlds, and never quite ending stories, tasteless poems, and on good days, hit songs.

Most times, unfortunately, it's the ever-there pain of the past that make it to these pages. And no matter  how much I have tried, seemingly all that is meant to be forgotten and buried, finds a way to live on As words on pages. Without hesitation, it's a skewed opinion to take away, the heaviness and beauty of such creations, disregarding an amount of agony carried within.

On better days, we find ways, to paint the happiness, so It could be shared to those in need of comfort and a little bit of love, which is mostly us. Apparently, it only lasts a breath, then away it goes, to be sighted once again. When it's good it's going great, air is fresh and alive. Words dance then, sometimes calmly, step by step as if waltzing to a classic lady in red jam.
Jan 12 · 61
Who do you love
joel jokonia Jan 12
Who quells a mimsy breed,
Only He, concedes a tree from seed.

Google, god of today
Only He, Beings bow to, every day.

Who hangs stars dressing a night,
Only He, tags waters of creatures small & mighty

Technology, tyranny of ****
Only He, treats his slaves as kings

Who knows heaven's ends
Only He, who possesing divine hands

Ignorance, father of today
Only He, leading us in paths astray

Who quells a mimsy breed
Only He, concedes tree from seed
Jan 2 · 517
Heal love
joel jokonia Jan 2
Dark as night,
her eyes.
Where did the glow,
Cold as ice,
her heart.
Where did the warmth,

Pale as death,
her lips.
Where did the delicacy,

Gone along with
Perishables treasures?
Instant pleasures?

Don't you worry,
Magestic as an angel
You heal! You heal!

Fresh as a rose,
her aura.
where did the pain,
free as thought,
her mind.
where did the worry,
Dec 2021 · 291
Our doing
joel jokonia Dec 2021
Was it us, perhaps, and our stubborn ways,
         leading a familiar inharmonious song
in hopes one day
will maybe learn to appreciate the              
if the tune played on too long.
Oct 2020 · 284
Whats next?
joel jokonia Oct 2020
Vampires ******* blood,
Drawing life out the maidens’ necks,
At medieval festivals
Sounds even more realistic now
After the pandemic
The things we watched on movies
Are becoming less doubtable
Less fictional.
People have changed so much

My only hope is
Is in the end
We remain
This pandemic took us by surprise and shook the world but yet we will conquer
Sep 2020 · 772
Is this the faith?
joel jokonia Sep 2020
Inquiring sons of daughters,
Of a day, one day,
The unmalleable grounds
Of Untanga gardens
Will beget,
By far Richer.
Than today

Down to their own sons
Of a day, one day
Our land,
Agleam in lights of progress.
Surging nights
Bedeviled by the buzz of utopian youth

They, then also
Down to their sons
Of a day, one day
So on
And on...
Aug 2020 · 577
Dear wise old Joe
joel jokonia Aug 2020
I know you play a lot, work a lot and proly can't tell it apart.
So after working games and playing work
you sat down wrote **** while smoking poetry.
Not aging with every hour that went by.
But by and by you grew high,
oh my 70years high as the **** withers old and is cremated white ash scattered in the sea of dust.
Wisdom is a ****
Jul 2020 · 466
To time
joel jokonia Jul 2020
Things upon things
Beings upon beings
Thats be the system
Rigs upon rigs
Blings upon blings
That's be the struggle
Things upon.  Things
I be want be upon all
Upon all kongs,
Upon all strongs
Upon all gods
Upon all wrongs
At least
My mistakes cease
To exist

Well I wish time
Upon cease
Jul 2020 · 593
An empire
joel jokonia Jul 2020
Great Zimbabwe
With no mortar it stood
Stone over stone.
Let's what we have . Be creative . It's lockdown but so much more can be achieved
Jul 2020 · 316
joel jokonia Jul 2020
You can't survive through music only
Here I was thinking that is what I'm trying to do
And I'm not even half as good as my little sister Jayne
Her voice is flawless, when she sings the world stops
Her chords reach to the hands of time
I am sure they refered to this peculiar being
When they said "I heard angels sing"
The neighborhood stops
And elokshin it barely does
It's as if her voice clears clean the environment of clumsy noises
Only hers reigns
But here I am a struggling poet
Barely making anything of my life
Watching my dream outgrow me like an unwanted hedge
Yet still I believe in these words
As clumsy as they are
They will speak for me
To my daughter Nealah
To my granddaughters
To the next generation
Of Jokonia

I had a dream
As it is it's really a challenge being an artist under normalcy but now with this pandemic, it's suicide. How shall we live
Jul 2020 · 176
Of the heart
joel jokonia Jul 2020
He was in love for the first time,
Which often makes men quite honest for a brief period-even unselfish.
Of course, some men are honest and unselfish all their lives;
Which perhaps means that they remain in love-for the first time-all their lives
They are rare, of course
But the sort of woman with whom it is possible to remain in love all through lifetime is rarer
Jul 2020 · 538
I swear
joel jokonia Jul 2020
Your presence
Is all I need....
I can't stop thinking about you
Jul 2020 · 68
joel jokonia Jul 2020
I gatta work hard
Really hard
Give my daughter something
To idolize
Cause mum wanted a famous father
Well I will give you that
Cause you mean a lot
I go take the world into my palms
If it that will make you
Look into my eyes
With those twinkle little eyes
None matter how heavy
It will weigh upon my shoulders
For you I will pull on further
Even a mile more when I have walked a thousand
1001 are just numbers
Figures to count our blessings
Well we won't use numbers baby
We not the einsteins
But by Bernini's works we are the
We in the heavens baby
We the stars and moon
Exposed for political gains
Daughter see dad is a soldier
His wise too
He don't fight wars we would never win
Dad is warrior
His smoke signals shall be seen
Jun 2020 · 179
joel jokonia Jun 2020
Tite tichitambidza ivavo sando dzavo
Ivavo vatinavo
vek'kukanga kek'tanga
Kukusonera ganda
Ukak a mbaira uka k ama
Vakakuridzira ukamira..
Pawasasvikira vaikutambidza
Vaikunakidza ka
Ivavo usafe
Wavasvimise misodzi
May 2020 · 132
joel jokonia May 2020
miss the young you
weren't so complicated
when I was young. so free.
May 2020 · 532
At a time like this
joel jokonia May 2020
Make someone's
A reality
Give. Time. Food. An ear. Help out.
May 2020 · 68
2 May 2020
joel jokonia May 2020
you have to choose
its either us or her
I chose them
subliminally I chose her too
May 2020 · 1.8k
stay safe.
joel jokonia May 2020
a little more time ,
that's all we needed.

a little warm hug,
to feel safe at home.
I am afraid. covid 19/lockdown
May 2020 · 439
joel jokonia May 2020
when the Queen sleeps.
the World goes quite.
Daughters. dads. enough said. the struggle getting her to sleep .you gatta make sure she does wake up keep the world quite for her
May 2020 · 286
joel jokonia May 2020
Mayday mayday
I hit herb on the wrong Thursday
Now my thoughts are a pandemic to my head
I don't need to make sense
Let the words dance
In no particular rhythm
Let the world freeze
Just give it reason
From a soul alone n bleeding
Keep on  keep on singing
when your mind and soul are free. flying high.
Apr 2020 · 72
joel jokonia Apr 2020
there was something about him
that could not keep my mind at ease

my fingers fidgeted,
I wanted to scribe these things.

i had to bring Augustus to life
so you may also Believe
Apr 2020 · 179
joel jokonia Apr 2020
Sing morning bird,
Same song from yesterday
Still you sing it beautifully

The lesson here is love what you do and always do it beautifully every time. Do not despair *"the birds every morning sing the same song they have sung since birth"*

Don't we enjoy their music. Imagine waking up one morning and not a bird sings, the silence would haunt us .
Apr 2020 · 296
Whats to be said
joel jokonia Apr 2020
let him speak
let Augustus
Deceive us
Once more

for no truth
Lives on his tongue
His words sour with lies

but if you willing
I say "Let him speak"
Apr 2020 · 114
maybe you should know
joel jokonia Apr 2020
without doubt
One day I shall leave you.

f.        o.        r.        e.        v.        e.         r
Apr 2020 · 203
joel jokonia Apr 2020
Augustus is Dead
let we not celebrate
his life nor his death
he was no brother
to us
third eye. i.
Apr 2020 · 160
joel jokonia Apr 2020
Anything Me Knows,

                  Me Knows.
you could never know what you don't know. but what you know you know. even if you have personalities. you only know what you know
Apr 2020 · 240
past the twenties
joel jokonia Apr 2020
then soon I shall be forty

           is it then
I shall begin to live?
Apr 2020 · 182
hello poetry.
joel jokonia Apr 2020
Sometimes I do wish you would talk back

What exchange we would have?
Because right now my mind is all over. So the only way to cure my insanity is poetry. So I write
Apr 2020 · 1.1k
21 days
joel jokonia Apr 2020
In 21 days,
We became strangers.

In 21 days,
They fell in love again.
Still in 21days lockdown in Zimbabwe. Stay safe. Stay indoors.
Apr 2020 · 447
joel jokonia Apr 2020
Shoot one in the air.
Scare the birds away.
Sometimes you feel like something or someone is taking away what is yours, what you love but you don't have the power to fight. But you Might not realise the war is already won cause just when you take one shot, your problem disperse like scared birds
Apr 2020 · 131
You back?
joel jokonia Apr 2020
Me and my muse have been at it
Once again
After a long time of writer's block
Apr 2020 · 330
breeze of green
joel jokonia Apr 2020
How she smiles
Melts my pain away
Takes me to a place
A glimpse of peace
Once a while
Like gentle breeze of green
And a happy sun
And pure air
Sanitised by nature herself
Touching the hairs of my skin
Lasting only a while
Not too long

I only catch a breath

Then back to regrets
Everyday spaces
Familiar places
Orchestrated in
Reverberated agonies of souls
Haunted by sin
Eating away inside our skin
A bit by beat
Pasts that will still lay
Before my eyes
With an uningnorable scent
Stubborn on my nose
On Statuses.
On WhatsApp.
On Posts
On Facebook
Wherever, my eyes look
Wherever, my life breeds
Wherever, my nostril finds air

Hanging strong
With such unignorable scent
Like freshly painted walls in cheap paint
One that defeats love

Then she smiles again
With a little squeaky sound of laughter
Her little tongue
A shot at my soul

And I swear
Its only just
For a while
And again I am lost
In the gentle breeze of green
And yet again

I only catch a breath

NB) to my little darling Nealah
Heavens blessing.

ūüďĆ ~Nea-ism~

Poet : Joel Jokonia
Edited : Khana Moyo
Dated : 14April2020
Title : Breeze of green
~Number 11419~
Apr 2020 · 672
"Coronation of Corpses"
joel jokonia Apr 2020
The air is murky and infested,
Could we run far, fast enough
Before we explode our lungs under the weight of the crown of death
Could we pray now, hard enough
Before we cough out life
And be carried away to the mass graves
To be dimly remembered among the many
Lost in history of and age
That witnessed the Coronation of corpses
While wearing burial masks
To keep away the smiles of death

Which is now more familiar to us
Than in yester times,
'tis no longer a favour
Reserved for those bent over
By the weight of years
We're all at risk
No signs of redemption
Only symptoms of contradiction
They say technology has no power
To banish the misery it has brought to us

So we run and lock ourselves inside
Only to find Sir Poverty and Lady Hunger
Waiting for us with a menu that reads;
Rules of staying indoors and eating and eating little
In idle feeble brittle fickle minds,
Conspiracy begins to breed.
Credits to Madpoet. #RandomPoets
Jan 2020 · 84
joel jokonia Jan 2020
Stare paper, stare back
Shall I permit you to be blank
Liberated from the atrocities that make us the beings we are
The sins of our fore fathers that haunt us in our sleep.
They signed away our lives on blank papers and now our souls belong to the human devil.
Now we stare at the paper while it stares back at us
Now the paper binds us
Shall i permit you to be blank?

Stare paper, stare back
Free of Restless hearts chasing love
Age breathing down my neck
Dreams yet to become
And the blood on my hands
Blood of men who died for possessing an opinion
Stains the paper thats stares back at me
and i wonder
Shall i permit you to be blank?
When my kids' kids shall cry of a crime i did not commit,
Shall i permit you to be blank?
When all i know is suffering
And pain
I will not leave you blank
I will write till my fingers bleed no more
till there is no space on the paper that stares back at me
And maybe just maybe it won't stare back.
Oct 2018 · 403
yours to title
joel jokonia Oct 2018
Feeling alone
The sound is too loud
It's a good day
I peruse my head to find the least of poetry
To give life
Create- love, hate, suspicion, melody, memories

She is beautiful
When she takes you to places
In reality
You wouldn't dare go alone

This is her
In all her ******
For your satisfaction

You shall admire her
Love her
Enjoy her
Re-read her
Leave her
For another piece

But she always be for you
And she
Will tell you about me
joel jokonia Sep 2018
poetry keeps me going
poetry keeps me going
poetry keeps me going..............
Sep 2018 · 356
price of love
joel jokonia Sep 2018
How best do you say LOVE IS BLIND
How best do you express it?

Is it to you part of the puzzle that completes the picture
Dull, Bright colors that makes you appreciate
the pain
the hurt
the love
the smiles.....

How best do you say LOVE IS BLIND
How best do you express it?

Do you break into a brief giggle


How does one accept your imperfections and love you
How does one oversee your humiliating form and call you a MASTERPIECE.
His universe.

What price would you have to pay to be loved, if it wasn't?

How best do you say LOVE IS BLIND
How best do you express it?

I fell into your arms and chose to ignore the brewing storm
I had nothing to hold onto
You broke me. Once. Twice.
I love you.

So should i leave because you torture me
Should i stay because you chose to accept me
inverse conspiracy. an idea that bad may be for a good reason. love is blind has been a phrase to refer only to the pain it comes with choosing to oversee our loved one's flaws.
Aug 2018 · 1.2k
joel jokonia Aug 2018
I could tell you what is on my mind
That I'm worried and scared and anxious
That i really wish i was alone right now
But then I'd be naked.

I could tell you all my strengths and weaknesses
I could tell you that I'm afraid of the dark when i sleep so i turn on the lights
But i could tell you that I'm also afraid of the shadows and what lurks behind the curtains.
But that would make me naked.

I could tell you that i hate photographs
and photoshoots.
And that it hurts to pose.
For a picture
To be analysed by a glass lens
Only to have the best parts of my life
erased by an editing app
Because nobody wants to see scars on Instagram
I could tell you that it makes me sick
And that i wish people loved the real thing
But then I'd be naked

I could tell you that I'm living my dream at the expense of my mother's love
Her smile has become an eclipse
Rare and blinding.
Not mine to see, anymore
I miss her though she misses me too i know but I chose the devil in my head
But that would make me naked

You could tell me about that time last year
You couldn't get out of bed
When you wouldn't get out of bed
Because your heart felt like lead
When only your bed could hold you back
And your sheets could hug you better
And I'd understand because I've been there before
Because then you'd be naked

Without the clothes and baggage
That shame us into silence
The shoes of depression
that lead us into violence
suicidal thoughts just cause
We can't be honest
And don't have the courage to simply be naked.

Prefer the flimsy armor
Of "how are you's" and "i am fines"
Fearing to expose what lies under these
Genuine interactions and intimate confessions

I am tired ...i am tired
Of these clothes
I want to be naked
Not behind closed doors
But right here
So should i start removing
Aug 2018 · 263
joel jokonia Aug 2018
Sometimes as poets
We get lost in
Aggression, Depression,

Sometimes as Poets
We get lost in the
Definition of oppresion,
Selection of

Sometimes as Poets
We get lost in
Voice projection, Crucification,

Sometimes as Poets
We get lost in
Imagination, Intention,

Hesitate to Speak out
On the blood of our brothers and sisters
You spilled

Hesitate to Speak out
And ask for GOD's assistance
Cause as people we have failed...

Sometimes as Poets
We get lost in
Education, Discrimination,

Manipulated to think
Poetry is nuisance
when its sense has been ****** out by the SYSTEM..
And made us SLAVES

Manipulated to think
We have the right to FREEDOM...

                                 AAAAAARE WE FREE???

     we not
                We are slaves

Slaves of

Sometimes as Poets
We get lost in the
Fiction of our diction

An addiction to POETRY
and its all emotion...
Jul 2018 · 123
joel jokonia Jul 2018
Its hard not to fall
when you tripping on emotions
Jun 2018 · 302
joel jokonia Jun 2018
one day I looked at people 
I saw anger 
expressions of frustration 
as he pondered over the deeds of his son
how he had given his all 
but he still turned out rebellious

one day I looked at people
I saw pain 
she couldn't hide it away
memories of her little daughter 
how she vanished into the cruelity of the world
how the world had used her, 
abused her 
mama's little girl

one day I looked at people 
I saw guilt 
people were guilty of oppressing 
other people 
people needed guidance 
to be guided away from greed, hate  
he needed his father's guidance
if he were to be a better man

one day I looked at people 
I saw deception 
lies, people telling other people 
fabricating, conneiving convinicing 
dragging them away from the truth
Ruth, couldn't stop 
she believed every story they told her 
men's promises 

one day I looked at people 
I saw hope 
I saw him fall in love 
it scared me
it didn't stop him 
he lost his soul in her eyes 
he didn't care about her past
he scrapped her rust 
forgot all the stories of harsh conditions 
she had been through 

one day I looked at people
I saw confusion 
fear of the unknown 
fear to take a leap of faith 
cause she wasn't sure he would understand her 
so she told herself 
she couldn't let another soul into her heart 
not again

One day i looked at people
I saw a system
A brokken system
A paralysed proper people
Pride driven
Pius leaded
By bias leaders who are as bróken as the system
Because they are people too
For he chose politics probably because
With love he had failed
He had failed to listen to hiss father too
So father hated him
He gathered

One day i looked at people
I saw a fight
Not for whats right
But to survive
Cause that's all she knew
Ruth had lived from one bed to another
Looking to fill the gap of the man who bedded her mum n left
But the Father figures made her a minute's satisfaction
She thought thats life
Even when he presented love
She thought itwas just a way to restrain her life
Love life n romance w√°s a thing for childs books
She gathered

One day i looked at people
I saw me
I saw how each of us are all the same
**** sapien
Same emotions
Same reactions
Same intentions
Same tortures
Same pains
Same same same

Cause if u grew with no father like ruth did and a mum who believed in love n had been broken hearted
And you witnesed her pain everday
Killing herself everday for you to live
Watched Man devour her
You would too would be just another Ruth
If you grew up with a father and no mother's touch
Father would wanna mold u to be him strictly
Stoping you from being you
Because he knows wat the world is like
Cause he also has met gals like ruth
Who are heartless
But is ******* you ...punishes you for the mistakes he has done
For with no woman's touch the discipline is too harsh
So when you break out of the shackles u live
You live you leave all his warnings cause all this time he kept you locked in his world
Because you think it was all for his best not yours
Nqobani...thinking you would conquer his world for him nc uyabheda

one day i looked at people
I saw ruth
I saw nqobani
I saw you
I saw me
I saw all we needed was people to admit
That we all just people.the same
Stop judging but relate
Stop assuming
Stop discriminating
Cause him her could hv been you ......

Look at people
We are the people .....
It's a pity we treat each other like animals.. Like some are unworthy to be treated fairly
Jun 2018 · 140
joel jokonia Jun 2018
one day I looked at people
I saw anger
expressions of frustration
as he pondered over the deeds of his son
how he had given his all
but he still turned out rebellious

one day I looked at people
I saw pain
she couldn't hide it away
memories of her little daughter
how she vanished into the cruelity of the world
how the world had used her,
abused her
mama's little girl

one day I looked at people
I saw guilt
people were guilty of oppressing
other people
people needed guidance
to be guided away from greed, hate  
he needed his father's guidance
if he were to be a better man

one day I looked at people
I saw deception
lies, people telling other people
fabricating, conneiving convinicing
dragging them away from the truth
Ruth, couldn't stop
she believed every story they told her
men's promises

one day I looked at people
I saw hope
I saw him fall in love
it scared me
it didn't stop him
he lost his soul in her eyes
he didn't care about her past
he scrapped her rust
forgot all the stories of harsh conditions
she had been through

one day I looked at people
I saw confusion
fear of the unknown
fear to take a leap of faith
cause she wasn't sure he would understand her
so she told herself
she couldn't let another soul into her heart
not again

one day I looked at people
I saw
to be continued.......................................................
Mar 2018 · 280
Who Is Jesus Christ?
joel jokonia Mar 2018
I don't know
But I will tell her what I heard
You determine do I. Believe in jesus
Mar 2018 · 453
I knew a poet
joel jokonia Mar 2018
I know one day she will say "I knew a poet"
I knew a poet once who had an abstract imagination
Who told stories in jingled verses
Who built empires with his paper and pen
Again and again spilling the beans right in the streams of my emotions
A poet who stood shy in his own corner with a couple of unattended emotions
In his bag
Dressed in baggy sags torn pieces of the world
He had tales even his pen wouldn't tell

I know one day he will say "I knew a poet"
I knew a poet who moved mountains for a girl
But never was his efforts appreciated
Who never took life seriously
Found humor in heartbreaks and bleeding souls
Who was mad dead in the expressions of the edges of the world
You knew well how he fished spirits in the deep oceans of life
Sliding his pen lazily on his paper and making a thought
A poet who let his pains disguise in his convincing smile
Breathing life into tired thoughts
But still he had tales his pen wouldn't dare tell
For his pen feared what he would tell
And never got the ink to.................
Mar 2018 · 382
New fool-der
joel jokonia Mar 2018
I Let you right click my heart
And i gave you all the  options
You could have saved me
But you hit the "send to" button
And sent me away in a flash
We are all fools of love sometimes
Mar 2018 · 324
Visual poetry
joel jokonia Mar 2018
i¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†     f i could
               shape poetry                  what shape
                     would                           purely be-
                         fit it                             and tell
                              my                     intentions
                                  shape      these
¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†­¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† like how i feel
                                                     i am in                               complete
                           i have a                            hole
somewhere                   in my soul  


                                     emo tions

a       r                    e

all                         O                     V
                                                         E                           R

how can i then shape poetry when i cant keep myself in shape
Mar 2018 · 222
What if...
joel jokonia Mar 2018
I torch my insecurities
In wording purity
Give no note to the negatives pulling me
I let the bully be
And work more on mending me
Gravity holds me down so i wont float
In useless thoughts
Cause all we ever do is try solve problems
What if we just let them be
What if we didnt mind
What if........
Mar 2018 · 246
My crush
joel jokonia Mar 2018
I look at her when she looks at fancy cars
And think i gatta make my dreams work
I look at her as she looks at old pictures of her parents in love
And i thought **** i gatta give a love like this
I look at her as she looks into the stars
As she conceals her scars within
I look at her shade a tear of days of crying
I look her tear herself apart
Cause the system hasn't been fair
The system has torn and torched her
Butched her dreams... And fed her fear
I look at her though from a different perspective
I see more woman in her smile
A strong big hearted being
With the ability to make the universe sing
String the thoughts of angels as they organise their colours to combine
I see fine art in. Its best form
And this all i see from a distance
Mar 2018 · 233
joel jokonia Mar 2018
Prone to the darkness,guess
That's why my heart succumbed
To the shadow. I thought giving in was fated,yielding to the blackness was all
I needed to do!now its provin to be detrimental.
The destructive forces have become my warders. I curl up wth my hands tight around my stomach,tormented by the placebo effect.
Day & Night I feel my soul slowly escaping
from the cage that I once called my body
I like it though here
The deserted corners of fear street
Have become sweet home to me
Forged to accept these demons as cousins
I no longer fight it
Guess they were right
Familiarize yourself with the devils and the devil shall not scare u
Mar 2018 · 1.0k
Spoiled for choice
joel jokonia Mar 2018
Um spoiled for choice
As i look at all these beautiful african girls
I like  i like oMampofu
So. Filled with life
They sparkle with untired enthusiasm
Waiting to explore. To kno more, knowledge seekers
Leaning on life's edges....they excite me
But then i really do fear the power
oMaSibanda , abangehlulwa thambo strong women
They stand tall to life's demons
Ever open claws defending her family
I bite my lips as i ponder over
OmaKhumalo.,, the royal blood of amandebele
Enadla umuntu limyenga ngendaba
Uphelele lomfazi as she walks kudikiza umhlaba
Their skin so smooth dreams glide through it
And they know it
so they leave trails of pride when they pass by

I am spoiled of choice
Really the african girls are beautiful
I sometimes lose myself in the fine tuned voices
Of oMaNcube
OMpangazitha   bluberring sweet nothings
With a thousand stars held in her eyes
She suprises me sometimes
how she paints dark hours
Into abstract art with no care at all
Bending the rules to capture a smile

OmaMoyo power in speech
Their tongue builds a nation
For Her lips even with such authority stills spill lustful imaginations
Um spoilt for choice
Africa is beautiful such beautiful daisies
The humble sweet Mandlovu, ogatsheni, ontaba engabhodwa ngale kwayo
Big heart and such understanding
Silently holding up cries within
Soundproofing the screams of pain
With a smile that melts my soul
And oooh
OMaNyathi with natural yellow skin
Light beings colouring our dark covers
Uyapenda isizwe,
Obuhle obungakhuzeki
Confidently Conqouring man's heart
Um spoiled for choice
These sons of africa have made pillars of daughters
Each tribe holds omama, oauntie, ogogo, odadewethu,
Black African ladies
Forged in the wilds of africa
Taught to respect and love
I crown all african ladies
With fresh picked daises of my appreciation
For you..... You ladies of Africa you are
Cause of every imperfection
With every stumble,
Every struggle
You dont let trouble cling on
You walk on
high in your red stiletos
Tight brown pumps,
Black polished sandals
And dust off yesterday's thoughts
Cause u kno today is another day
Another chance to conquor
But if you dnt today u still wake up ivin. More equiped
Cause u an African woman

I am spoiled for choice my heart
Can not decide
My heart can not decide..
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