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  Aug 3 joel jokonia
All night long
I peel off layers of me
thinking up poetry
with my fingers and lips

the little moon melts
and melts
purer than fire

in the morning, I am wax again
joel jokonia May 18
We are all newbies to today
noone before us has yet lived it.
joel jokonia Apr 10
How shall this time ammuse the monkey.
A movie perhaps, first, old way romance; without the wine or the dine.
Or the roses,
Or **** boxers,
Or the good cologne,
She dreams of.
I will look into her eyes, "Oh monkey".
I will seek what her soul desires,
Our eyes will catch,
And ******; a moment as boundless,
As the cloudless azure,

Well, then shall it be.
To leave each scene,
To the hand of time,
To weave as per desire.
But I do promise,
Monkey shall have to sweat a little
No, I won't give easily,
Monkey will have to make moves.
Monkey tricks.
Monkey licks.
Monkey tease.
Monkey kiss; my neck
And maybe I will give in.
joel jokonia Feb 1
If it's really you,
my heart has been longing for
and it's not mistaken like before,
Where else would I want to go?
  Oct 2022 joel jokonia
I want to write poems
On your skin
With my lips.
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