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  Nov 2018 joel jokonia
In the wake of our love

We were both so broken

And so
"Flipping through a little book of *** tips, remember when the boys were all electric"
joel jokonia Oct 2018
Feeling alone
The sound is too loud
It's a good day
I peruse my head to find the least of poetry
To give life
Create- love, hate, suspicion, melody, memories

She is beautiful
When she takes you to places
In reality
You wouldn't dare go alone

This is her
In all her ******
For your satisfaction

You shall admire her
Love her
Enjoy her
Re-read her
Leave her
For another piece

But she always be for you
And she
Will tell you about me
joel jokonia Sep 2018
poetry keeps me going
poetry keeps me going
poetry keeps me going..............
  Sep 2018 joel jokonia
We use words like god or devil
To describe things our limited words
Lack the ability to verbalize
God, I suppose, could be described as
All that's good in the universe,
From all of creation, beauty,
And simple love
The devil? Quite the opposite..
Destruction, fear, despair, hate.
And in this world of duality,
We humans ride the line
Which divides the yin and the yang.
To strive for something means literally
''To suffer for"
And truly we must strive to be
In the light
For the more good you create
The more evil will attack you
Strive, strive, I say to you
Nothing in the universe moves faster
Than darkness
Yet the smallest amount of light
Sends darkness fleeing.
We are in a war.. A spiritual war
And only love can save our souls
Thank you everyone for reading. It means a lot to me that this piece is connecting with so many people.
joel jokonia Sep 2018
How best do you say LOVE IS BLIND
How best do you express it?

Is it to you part of the puzzle that completes the picture
Dull, Bright colors that makes you appreciate
the pain
the hurt
the love
the smiles.....

How best do you say LOVE IS BLIND
How best do you express it?

Do you break into a brief giggle


How does one accept your imperfections and love you
How does one oversee your humiliating form and call you a MASTERPIECE.
His universe.

What price would you have to pay to be loved, if it wasn't?

How best do you say LOVE IS BLIND
How best do you express it?

I fell into your arms and chose to ignore the brewing storm
I had nothing to hold onto
You broke me. Once. Twice.
I love you.

So should i leave because you torture me
Should i stay because you chose to accept me
inverse conspiracy. an idea that bad may be for a good reason. love is blind has been a phrase to refer only to the pain it comes with choosing to oversee our loved one's flaws.
joel jokonia Aug 2018
I could tell you what is on my mind
That I'm worried and scared and anxious
That i really wish i was alone right now
But then I'd be naked.

I could tell you all my strengths and weaknesses
I could tell you that I'm afraid of the dark when i sleep so i turn on the lights
But i could tell you that I'm also afraid of the shadows and what lurks behind the curtains.
But that would make me naked.

I could tell you that i hate photographs
and photoshoots.
And that it hurts to pose.
For a picture
To be analysed by a glass lens
Only to have the best parts of my life
erased by an editing app
Because nobody wants to see scars on Instagram
I could tell you that it makes me sick
And that i wish people loved the real thing
But then I'd be naked

I could tell you that I'm living my dream at the expense of my mother's love
Her smile has become an eclipse
Rare and blinding.
Not mine to see, anymore
I miss her though she misses me too i know but I chose the devil in my head
But that would make me naked

You could tell me about that time last year
You couldn't get out of bed
When you wouldn't get out of bed
Because your heart felt like lead
When only your bed could hold you back
And your sheets could hug you better
And I'd understand because I've been there before
Because then you'd be naked

Without the clothes and baggage
That shame us into silence
The shoes of depression
that lead us into violence
suicidal thoughts just cause
We can't be honest
And don't have the courage to simply be naked.

Prefer the flimsy armor
Of "how are you's" and "i am fines"
Fearing to expose what lies under these
Genuine interactions and intimate confessions

I am tired ...i am tired
Of these clothes
I want to be naked
Not behind closed doors
But right here
So should i start removing
joel jokonia Aug 2018
Sometimes as poets
We get lost in
Aggression, Depression,

Sometimes as Poets
We get lost in the
Definition of oppresion,
Selection of

Sometimes as Poets
We get lost in
Voice projection, Crucification,

Sometimes as Poets
We get lost in
Imagination, Intention,

Hesitate to Speak out
On the blood of our brothers and sisters
You spilled

Hesitate to Speak out
And ask for GOD's assistance
Cause as people we have failed...

Sometimes as Poets
We get lost in
Education, Discrimination,

Manipulated to think
Poetry is nuisance
when its sense has been ****** out by the SYSTEM..
And made us SLAVES

Manipulated to think
We have the right to FREEDOM...

                                 AAAAAARE WE FREE???

     we not
                We are slaves

Slaves of

Sometimes as Poets
We get lost in the
Fiction of our diction

An addiction to POETRY
and its all emotion...
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