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11.6k · Oct 2017
Beautiful, brown, naked, woman
CC Oct 2017
The photos were leaked today
They were of a **** woman with brown skin
Love making as she stared straight into the lenses
I was showed by a man who did not know how to react once I had been shown
My reaction was not shock
I merely stated "That's baad"
I did not know how to react to the staunch cyber-bully who was sure he was doing himself a justice by being so open about his anger at the naked, brown, humiliated, naked, shamed, beautiful
I am shamed by his shaming
I am naked by his *******
I am beautiful by myself sometimes
Sometimes I take the tape off my camera and position it near my bloom
I am not alone in this activity and yet I feel alone in an intimate situation, feel less alone, in a private situation.
Sometimes I work it so that every part of my dark lips are shadowed and my fingers seem to work for a living rather than play
My body is not a string
It is a temple of dark things
It is a ossuary filled with the dust of former lives
It is not to be dangled for cats for play
It has no puppet hands
Or puppet face
It smiles because it sees you smile
And she frowns when she sees you laugh
It is alive
The misfortune you hope her body will bring her is shame
I hope it will bring other people enlightenment
The fault is not in her
The fault is in the malicious, villainous, caricature of man who is hallow and made of maddening bells
Every time you disturb him he rings in announcement "This lady I had once an intimate relationship and she abused me. Here is her punishment."
We are all cavernous tunnels with lights to shoot out of the pins and needles sensational feelings we do not desire this but we must desire to be freed from being owned by this
We all think we're exempted from shame until we are ashamed
There are no exemptions, only more bells
They ring, until background noise renders them obsolete to us
4.0k · Oct 2014
CC Oct 2014
Purge your unclean self
Your existence does not depend
On the judgement of others
You are the beauty created
For something long before you were born
Life depends on you
You are what you aspire to look like
Appearances fail when you forget
That time is an illusion
Seasons are fleeting
But you will reign red-blooded
The eyes follow every angle
Seriously believe in your immortality
The skinny boy on the runway
Inevitably forever
This is heaven
This is hell
Death is forever
Life lasts beyond eons
Your beauty is worn on your soul
Be it an old familiar jacket
That has toured the world
Be it a minimalistic shift
Worn moments before you were deflowered
Photographs will create the verdict
You will be weighed
You will be measured
Perfection is possible
3.5k · Sep 2014
Stupid Love
CC Sep 2014
I don't understand
Why I seek love
On an intellectual level
Rather than
Be stubborn and stupid
About it
I am not smart
But I am average
So I've got that going for me

Not the kind of stupid love that
Continuously makes babies
Even if it can't support them
But the stupid love that
Stupidly burns itself in the fire
And jumps into the flames
3.2k · Sep 2014
Casual Attire
CC Sep 2014
Shimmer highlights
Glitter heels
Make me dress
To his appeal
Make me a magnet
Of attraction
Objectify me
A distraction
Let me be an unholy thing
On your whim
Be my prince
On my bed
I’m sleeping now
Between your legs
Saint Malady
Patron of the honest house
Enter through the backdoor
And let it be nothing more
2.3k · Dec 2014
Being OK
CC Dec 2014
Every year for 12 years
You've been putting on one shoe at time
And In my mind
You've been taking off one shoe at a time
Every year for 12 years
The Sun rises
and then you're awake
The Sun sets
And then you're dead

Remember the notes
Study them well
Forget all the pressure
They put in your head
Read up on rainy days
Write about sunny times
This will be your last day on my mind
2.1k · Sep 2014
CC Sep 2014
Practical shoes on your feet
Squeaky clean vision could be 17
I always thought fashion was cynical
But you tell me it’s how your heart beats from withdrawal
when your marrying your hurt with my button down
It’s so easy to tell you secrets
Especially when you’re full of them
Let’s just end this how it begun
With my tongue
She doesn’t have a boyfriend though
But she ***** like she’s got plans to
Oh God.
She hasn’t had a bad day in ages
She messes around like she has that too
Dressing up zoned out
in a trance
I’m in doubt it’s what’s it’s all about
it’s just a way to get to the next room
you shout, out loud you say
you’re living a puzzle that keeps shifting
your trapped  
'It's my way out'
She doesn’t have a boyfriend though
But she ***** like she’s got plans to
Oh God.
She hasn’t had a bad day in ages
She messes around like she has that too
It’s another aroma stuck in my mouth
'It's my way out I'd do it all over again'
Your beating heart says yes yes yes
2.1k · Jan 2015
Third World
CC Jan 2015
I live in a divided country
Brainwashed by anti-propaganda
The rich hate the poor
The poor could do without the rich
Rural life would be simpler
But the temptations of the city are inhaled
By lungs that die every knock on the window
It's understood
An agreement between the person sitting in the car
And the poor boy begging for alms
I lift my hands and look at it
Front and back
My lines have become undefined
Like a spirit about to escape the atmosphere of earth but pulled back by a force
There's a glitch
My mind is in bits
My vision goes in and out of focus
My stare dead
I feel myself disappearing
And in my place
A richer, cooler, collected person arises
From the ashes
I read my face in the car mirror and see shadows that spell out "Good Girl"
There is a face in the window
What the beggar sees is what he is not
What I see is what I have
Now I open the window and give him alms
What am I giving?
What does the poor receive?
A blast of air-conditioning
A smile of good-intentions
A pitiful amount
On the poor's young hands
I am not giving him what he wants
"I want so many things"
He gets so little
Poor little middle to upper class people
Comparing themselves to everyone
The middle child of the country
I'm rich, I have nothing until I have you
having enough of everything
Is not enough anyway
Possessed by the world
Demons in our ears
Our money is our poverty.
There is a hive that is being built in us
To set our body to work
To work in the Factory of Death
The line of my hands are losing definition
I escaped my conscience
At least in this moment
I am a faultless woman
I want to love my country
My life is a lie
Poverty kills dreams
2.0k · Sep 2014
Shut down
CC Sep 2014
I mean to go through life like I mean to live
The stories say that we aren't meant
To be happy and free
Engineering a means of surviving
Bending our wits in hopes of thriving

We will never be
We will never be
Shut it down
The evidence claims otherwise
Sealed the fate of the dying
Freedom is reminded
That no entity has the power

I mean to go through life like I mean to live
The stories say that we aren't meant
To be happy and free
Engineering a means of surviving
Bending our wits in hopes of thriving

Dominate your lives
Work work work
Against the man
I will fight for you
Who is worth living for?
You told me we were good
I believe in you
Do you believe in me?
1.8k · Sep 2014
CC Sep 2014
You are not lying to her
As much as you are lying to me

I adore you with no guarantees
I hear promises that have not been said
I hear your words said in my head
Yet you say “only you”
Only me
And her

Only You & Her

Never Us

Never were

Never will

Just this far will do down the road of pride-filled infatuation
With its ill-lit way
It goes in no direction
We either run into each other
Or run away.
1.7k · Oct 2014
CC Oct 2014
I wonder if cats care for music
Because their meows are so emotional
I wonder if I need to listen to what you're saying
Because I hear you and the melody sounds rad
I need music
Music needs fans
I need music
It puts me in the zone
Thoughts that make sense
The air feels so dense
Swallowing air
I've never felt more intense
The feelings are driving me home
I can't believe you're from this world
Because I've always felt like an alien soul
Something tells me
Someday I'll meet you
Listening to Spooky Couch
1.7k · Dec 2014
CC Dec 2014
I always wondered why she took off her shoes
Before she jumped to her death
She went to Japan in her senior year
It must have been a big influence
I enjoy piecing these things together
Peace of mind is accomplished
Which is probably why she took off her shoes
To achieve peace of mind.

My friend didn't take off his shoes
Despite my belief that I planted the idea in his mind
So maybe it was an accident
After all these years.
1.6k · Aug 2017
Sumpong ng Matuwid
CC Aug 2017
Ang husay ng iyong gawa na idadamot ng aking mga kamay
Hindi ito pusong o sumpong pero ako’y naniniwala na hanga ako
Paano na mas matalas ang iyong lapis kumpara sa akin?
Wala na bang masasabi?
Ang pangarap nakatago sa likod ng alapaap
Ang lilim ay parang dating kaibigan na nagkimkim ng aking mga kamay
Pero kailangan maghiwalay, dahil sa mga masasamang damo
Maganda ang itsura, may dating. Masaya manira ng tama
Mag-asim ang gatas ng ating mga anak
Hawak-hawak mo ang aking mga kamay
Itaga ko para mabigay sa iyo ang nagbibigay buhay sa utak ko
Kunwari hindi lumipad sa malayo ang aking mga pilik-mata
Kunwari lumipas ang minuto kesa sa panahon
Malupit ang oras sa kwento ng bata
Masakit tignan na malayo ang mga pinagasa
Sungkitin mo ang mga iniisip ko
Matigas ang ulo
Ihukay ang masasamang damo
Parang maliit na bulaklak lang
Sayangin ang buhay na hindi nagbibigay buhay
1.6k · Sep 2014
CC Sep 2014
What I like about Rock
Is what musicians do
When they have so little
1.5k · Sep 2014
CC Sep 2014
He's got too much money
And he wants to play
"Let's see, what money can do, really."
He'll buy that Lithograph
For you at the auction
"That's some introduction", you'll purr
But what's money, really, when you don't have morals?
"A whole lot of fun, ***, and cars.
Oh, my manners. Did you want some?"
He'll tempt you
But it's just a game
He talks, he pays
He walks away
He looks back at you
With his arm around a pretty predator
She asks "Did you want to play?"
1.4k · Sep 2014
The Solution
CC Sep 2014
You Devil-may-care
Sleepy voiced rockstar
Are the answer to my problem

I had no answers previously
Then you ordered me to make mistakes
And now I'm up for a Nobel Prize
I'm unwise

Your drunken gait
You're my prescription
To this affliction that caves my brain
Into a cavity of emptiness

Finally I'm feeling rotten and cool
It's better than being my Mama's fool
I'm ready to lose every virginity
I had left
Because you've made your music
My mind's address
1.4k · Oct 2014
CC Oct 2014
It's not easy being cool with this body
It's not a whisper
It's not a whip
It's not a slender boomerang
It's a booming voice
It's a car crash
It's a fat frisbee

I bump into you unintentionally
You might not have ever said it
But I dream you think it
"What a heavenly body to touch down to"
Because the galaxy is huge
And a runway is wide
And both are beautiful
To the open eye
1.4k · Sep 2019
My own two feet
CC Sep 2019
How can my feet hold up all my weight?
From my sick mind
To my weak heart
To my bloated stomach
To my heavy hands
My used ******
My tired legs
If the gods asked for my soul
I would say no
Take my feet
They will decide for you the weight my life

How can my feet hold the weight of my whole life?
I haven't got a clue how to be lighter
I'm sorry feet for being so tall and wide
You're only average sized
You'll have to give me my bearings
Bear with me
You'll need to carry me
When I have fallen down
You'll need to take me there
Even if I'm going nowhere
The other parts of my body have been carried by you to places
You've touched all kind of floors
Worn shoes out
Climbed flights of stairs
Rubbed against other feet
That's the only glamour this life
That and soft socks

And if I had no feet
I would need to make new ones anyway
Then my body would act as feet
Or my knees would act as feet
Trickling up it's strength to give me the grounded feeling we all seek

Pretty feet that have gone far in life
Working feet that have stayed put
Solid Feet who tread mountainous terrain
Broken feet which always are what a heart feels like only sometimes hopefully
If my spirit is broken
My feet don't dance
If my legs are crossed because they don't care to move
My feet will care for you
Bobbing up and down
In impatience
Waiting for changes
So she can plant herself down again
Allowing me to stand up for what I believe
Firmly planted on the ground
Prepared to do or not do
Prepared to walk with dignity
Prepared to run for my life

While my hands will always know the pleasantness of play
My favorite part of the day
Is when I take off my shoes
And they two are free to walk on wood
To rub against the fabric of my sheets
Feel the belly of my pet
To sleep
Till they wake again
They are the first to rouse
When they touch down
I know I can take on the day
To stand on my own two feet
feet strength willpower courage continue independence empowerment
1.2k · Sep 2014
CC Sep 2014
Forgot the man who said
He used to hide in the TV shelf's cabinet
Out of anxiety and sadness
Hidden from everyone
But haunted by demons
He could not escape

Remember the one who bikes at full-speed
Strong legs, taking himself places
On adventurous journeys
To the neighboring destinations

Remember uncovering the eyes of the girl you love
To show her an expression of your ardor
In full bloom.

I want to love someone like you
Someone articulate
In expressing compatibility
Someone free-spirited and sturdy
I want the you I remember

The you that remains is one I forgot
The sadness that desperately clings to
The joy that nervously trembles on the steeple

I know there is more to be remembered
And less to forget

The story I remember is spray-painted
On a construction site spelling out:


It is music playing in a nearby house
Two love-struck teenagers
Dancing under lamposts
Imagining moonlight

The you that remains
Is you with your puppies
And just loving the runt
"Maybe", I think now,
"He's the runt and the runt is him"
I'd just like to say "Thank you"
1.2k · Sep 2014
Flimsy Fickle Fine
CC Sep 2014
Much depends
On this life
By paper doll artists
Inspired by The Red Wheelbarrow by William Carlos Williams. Limit of 10 words
1.2k · Sep 2014
CC Sep 2014
Iced tea watered down
Sandy remnants whiten my teeth
I'm just a copy of a copy
My page is faded
Every leaf average

Agitated, you
The right kind of complicated

You look like desire
To you I'm admired
My smile is fake
Your love is fake
This date is fake
My can't you just fake it?
Yes you like that
Oh my, it's true

Iced tea watered down
Sandy remnants whiten my teeth
I'm just a copy of a copy
My page is faded
Every leaf average
1.1k · May 2020
Indoor perspectives
CC May 2020
Staying indoors
Me wanting you on all fours on your floor
Miss the intensity that comes with waiting
Your heat is emanating from a safe distance
This is what it's like waiting to be set free
Craving what is unavailable

I like the wholesomeness of you
It make me think maybe there's some hope in the world
I haven't tried on your gentleness yet
Something about you
Says some humans are alright
Craving what might be available
1.1k · Nov 2016
Dear Former Best Friend,
CC Nov 2016
I know we aren't on good terms since we aren't speaking anymore, and the last time we encountered each other you barely acknowledged me. There was a time when I was really angry at you. I suspect we aren't friends anymore because you don't think I value the friendship we had as much as you did. I know why you would think that. After all, you are the more considerate one. You were the one who always made sure I puke in the toilet instead of on myself or on the lobby floor of the high-rise condominium you used to live in. You were the one who would listen to my ranting like an all-night sanitary napkin. You were my best friend, and I know I was more of a problem than a friend. But I hope you know that I know I didn't measure up. You were the best friend a girl with issues could ever have. Even with your own, you would make me feel like mine was the issue that mattered more. Since I have to live with not having you anymore I want to pose a retort to the problem you were once faced with. You once said to me "I don't know how to help you anymore." Well, I'm glad to report that--- although my problems may not puzzle you any longer---it is no longer necessary to . If I can't fix my past, I'll have to make sure I prepare for the future, that is the rest of my life. I refuse to live in death. I insist that you forget the unsolvable problems that come in your life. Allow me to fix myself. Allow me to say thank you for being in my life at a time that I needed you. Thank you for leaving me to my own devices. I thought I would die without friends. My life today is mine. It was no small feat being a friend to me. I hope you belong in your life and belong in life. See you on the other side.
1.0k · Sep 2014
God's Eyelash
CC Sep 2014
What it's like
To be romantic
Is to feel
Like myself
You are out there
And I am
In here
I see the moon
You created
For us
Or maybe that cloud
floated past me
as you blew a kiss
of an eyelash wish
into the direction
of the air
I breath
956 · Dec 2014
Nobody likes ugly
CC Dec 2014
Nobody likes ugly
Cracked pills
Shackled head
Pushed down
To give you head
It's me you see
That used to be
Happy and free
But now I have added
And you have subtracted
On my resume
Good is gone
Bad has begun
Nobody likes ugly
And I am very
Very Beautiful on the outside
925 · Sep 2014
CC Sep 2014
Your brain should not stop working
While your internet is loading
905 · Oct 2017
CC Oct 2017
A yellow bird sits on my knee
It says "Hello, I am reincarnated mother"
She was dead picking the poisoned flower
From the shelf of her wayward children
We have no way of knowing right from wrong
We will go on living as rebellious bird daughters
Flitting from heart to heart
Seeking shelter in men's broken parts
Crying when we cannot start
Laughing when we finish money
Eating away our sadness
Motherless daughters without any stress
Trading our mother's feathers for a new dress
899 · Jul 2016
My Orgy of Tears
CC Jul 2016
My behaviour erratic
My speech far from smooth
These days I can't wait to cut down anyone
Who thinks life is a bed of roses on a cloud
Life is not effortless like the rainbow you so seek
These days people are afraid
The spark dying
The fire extinguishable
Do not be depressed from what I say
There is family to hold you up
And words to console
These things are meant to be
There is a correctness in some rare person
But Me? I am far from right
I am twisted
Like a crooked spine, I hurt
If someone out there feels as I do
That no consolation may come due to uncorrectable mistakes
Please let me not feel so alone
Hopeless cases that we are
Erasures all over our life's draft
I can see my follies plain as day
I can see you clearly
There is a correctness in some rare person
Judgement, I pray you be far from swift and close to gentle
I plan to live out my days trying
Best efforts are like flower buds blooming
I plan to be celebrated for my triumphs over my trials
When I have died trying
Choose any poem to read at my funeral
884 · Sep 2014
Instead of That
CC Sep 2014
I love the smile on your face
as you tell me you’re okay
in words that aren't saying that at all
This is not meant to be tender
But I love that you think so
See, that the parts that I love about you
Keeps me from saying I do
Love you, I mean
So when I’m trying to be brave
Please save me instead.
871 · Sep 2014
CC Sep 2014
discover possibilities
The rules are yours to bend and break
Blindly love
The unseen beauty
Never fake
An opinion
I was a 4 year old
balding ferns
It was serene
I could learn
For forever
859 · Nov 2016
Anonymous love letters
CC Nov 2016
Singing salutations
Showering praise
To no one in your life in particular

How to express about the eyes that I don't see?
How to caress him with words that he won't read?
There is so much to say
What to say to someone I know nothing about?
The sky's the limit
There is no space to contain
There is all space for movement

This loveless life is a prison of freedom
I need you to cage me
My passions need to live
The best thing about the will
Is that it does not come to life
When the life is without form or shape
So come to life
Do your will
Or do your worst
Be breakable
Because I am.
859 · Sep 2014
For Billions
CC Sep 2014
He wants to stop us
By punishing us
We toil for our bread
And look how we've survived
We won't be stopped
835 · Sep 2014
Giving end
CC Sep 2014
I'm loney, tired, I have no friends
I'm content, fullfilled, I hate everyone
My eyes bulge out of my head
Refuse to unsee
The molestation outside

I'd rather be wiser than nicer
I'd rather you hated me
Love wrenched is the most painful thing
I have ever felt
I won't do it again

Do I bore you?
Fight me
I'm atlas on this playground
Nobody sees me
I'm only a gamer
On the giving end

The cartoon is a rerun
And I got nothing to laugh at
It's not funny
Not Funny
No one could make love
To my mind like you

I'm loney, tired, I have no friends
I'm content, fullfilled, I hate everyone
My eyes bulge out of my head
Refuse to unsee
The molestation outside

I'd rather be wiser than nicer
I'd rather you disowned me
Love wrenched is the most painful thing
I have ever felt
I won't do it again
830 · Sep 2014
Hard Faith
CC Sep 2014
I have a hard time
Taking anything seriously
I'm not easily impressed or swayed
And I don't believe in good things
Especially those things that give me hope
And make me have faith

Breaking my heart
Seems to be the first thing
I avoid
And the first thing
On their list
822 · Oct 2014
CC Oct 2014
I wear my heart on my sleeve
I don't understand
Why I'm so happy
Listening to your whining
Punk rock chiming
In my earphones
I would listen to you yawning
If it meant the next step
Would entail our skins touching
815 · Sep 2014
CC Sep 2014
Need silence
Within this car
I need your embrace
within your arms
Don’t even know what hands are anymore
I’m finding it hard to explain what they are for
Boy I just want to know you
I just want to see you
I want to steal you
and your time
from this place
I need silence
within this car
i need your embrace
within your arms
i don’t even know what hands are anymore
finding it hard to explain what they are for
Keep still
So we can touch
be real
will we keep in touch
I just want to hold you
In my touch
It’s not so hard
aren’t we enough?
Don’t even know what hands are anymore
Hard to explain what they are for
Boy I just want to know you
I just want to see you
Just want to steal you
769 · Jan 2015
CC Jan 2015
Gender roles
Backgammon played by the Camp Counselor
Whatever your gender is
It matters not
Because love will always cause pain
Before any pleasure
Whatever way you spell ***
However you grab or pound
It's crazy how a crush can lead to a pen
762 · Apr 2015
CC Apr 2015
Here's something that I want you to have
It's a piece of my heart
A little bit of me
Maybe we can work on it
If you take it carefully

A little bit of love
Could really help
My world just fell apart
And I've been stalling on somebody to love

So take this broken piece
And we can work on it
I could give you all of me
But we can create something special
With just this bit
I have the rest of the chipped broken pieces
And slowly we can fix the rest

You and I can create a place to belong
Where I can open up my mind
If I make you feel loved
Please don't neglect it
My smile is only because of yours

All we have is just a part of me and you
Let's hope we never finish
Painting the living room

You've stoked a flame that will never fail
It's a warmth that I will fondly feel
I hope you and I will become something real
760 · Sep 2018
CC Sep 2018
When I write about you for the first time I write because there are roses in my mouth that bloom when the first moment arrives it caresses my cheeks with full bodied smell of it's unblemishness. It hold me close in its envelopes. Makes me believe in one thing only. That there are moments to savour and there are moments to discard. With every moment to savour there is the wholeness inside our time. Complete sentences without any wasted death. The dryness in my voice is taken as imperfection you are willing to embrace and the sweetness in my nature becomes changeable with every room you occupy in my unfurnished thought. Where you are is where I am. Not even the lasting second you seem to create when you stare into my eyes that avoid your steady stare. Wishing this was just a conversation between two voices only rather than a visual experience with taste, touch, and sound. So much more can be said with the senses but I speak with the willfullness of a telephone call. I am communicating entirely with my body, hoping you know that I know you can't see me. With my smiling "hello" that you translate as returned affection rather than an affection in my ubringing. My manners don't show any less warmth of a home that welcomes strange men. Take me into account. I am not a woman with many choices. I have no strategy for love. I have no moments to select from. I am one at a time. I am more than one personality exploding into a mouth that only speaks meanings rather than symbols.
My words spell out more spaces and my spaces spell out more than silence. You told me more or less I am a pause in your playlist. Whichever song plays next, may you be understood. My silence never ceased listening.
732 · Sep 2014
Needles Kill.
CC Sep 2014
Needles. Needles. ****. ****

There is no destiny
There is no fate
There is no truth
Or justice
Or love

There is no radiation
Or corruption
There is no right
Or wrong

Nothing to dance to
No song
No dream to cling to
No hope

There is no age to live for
No beauty to fight for
There is no love

There is no wonder
Or Lust
There is no war
No killing
No blood to spill
No God to fear
No list to finish
No melting sun

There is no marriage
There is no soul
There is no you
There is no warmth
There is no fight to win
There is nothing to lose

No French kisses
No French fries
No transfat
There are no lies.

There is nothing in this world that will please you
Nothing in your heart that will ease you.
Of all the deep wants you yearn to have
Nothing will fill your emptiness
So take all you want
And give all you can
And live to die
And die for (something you think is) love
For nothing is real
Nothing is fake
Everyone’s helpless
There is no need to hate.
720 · Dec 2016
The Philosophy of Dress
CC Dec 2016
There is something heroic about dressing simply
Because you need to be clothed well and without superficiality
With the true and natural expression of your knowledge of self
For striving for the ideal self
And for perceiving one's self as already ideal
There is a heroic quality to being the physical embodiment of an idea
Whilst maintaining sincerity, heart, passion
At the same time pragmatism and sobriety
If holiness is synonymous to being devout
Can it be the same for those who go against the grain?
The modesty when most choose immodesty is truly not an act of virtue
But an expression of individuality
Following the rules indicates intelligence
To disobey suggests a higher calling
This is merely about the beauty of being heroic in your wardrobe
Your choice of words must not be wasted
Neither should your choices lack style
Heroism is about doing what routine least expects
There is nothing predictable about the one who blends in
And pounces with strategy in order to devour your heart
715 · Jan 2019
My Quality
CC Jan 2019
There is so much strength in the unapologetic nature of my sisters
When they do not duck or quake when the bad word is uttered in their name
It is the foundation of dignity to become aware so words are said with  conviction. The music makes sense when you sing to the crowd and they listen

Don't take applause as a sign of correctness
Even megalomaniacs have heard cheers

Listen to the audience thinking about what you've said

Move them from underneath the ground they stand
Be an earthquake so they are forced to balance their ideas
Let them fall into the cracks, so they can climb out with both hands, make them fight for their thoughts on you
Whatever it is they think of you, let their opinion be well placed
Not thrown like a rotten tomato

To my sisters, let me remind all with a gentle memo:
Free Speech can lose value
Especially when you listen to your worst critic but lean on your number one fan: Yourself

You need to listen to yourself think.
Thinking takes time
Words are quicksand
It's not about the number of decisions made in the life given
It's about the quality of those choices in the years I am given.
The maker is giving me a choice what sand to place in my hourglass.
710 · May 2015
Mental Dicatator
CC May 2015
They **** your flesh
But the spirit will flourish
Educate yourselves on this mental dictatorship!
They knock on your door
Ask you psychological questions
It's illegal to be a mentally ill person
In 2020
They place you in gas chambers
They want to destroy the demon inside
In the process
You lie
So you won't die
701 · Sep 2014
Untold story
CC Sep 2014
My untold story needs some legs
To start walking
Because what is it doing wearing dem boots
If it don't start stomping its feet
For all the world to hear?
701 · Oct 2018
CC Oct 2018
This isn't 2007
You're not as pretty as you think you were
Or as fit as you were back then
You're not in high school
You didn't even win Prom Queen
All your juvenile accomplishments may have meant something to people who cared about high school
But then nobody cares now
Suckers are falling for the cruelty of compliments
And they can't tell the difference between an insult from your mouth and kindness from a good person in the form of me delivering you to the painful truth
That when you were somebody
It wasn't preparing you for anything
You're going to be nobody forever
Just another face on TV
With 15 minutes of forgetability
Because you were never really giving. You never knew what it meant to defend the defenseless, fight for what was right, or think about making somebody else look good when they needed a win.
You only think of survival in the jungle of pettiness
And when you feel you've done some sort of triumph
It's always about you
698 · Sep 2014
The Cookie Jar is Empty
CC Sep 2014
I was loved by a boy whose dreams were boundless
He dreamed and hoped like any boy should
He made me believe in anything
Even in him
I'd love him back if I could.

I am the questions and he was the answers
I am the hopeless and he was the romantic
He would insist
That the differences only complimented the similarities

I'm not sure what of, but he was sure he was to be a King
Of the Sun
Of the World
Of these lands
Of my heart.

We were 17 in age
65 in soul
5 years old in our pleasures
We would poke fun at people
Name the stars silly
Lying on the grass
As we discussed anything and everything
And forget it all the next day
Our minds were ripe
Hands, empty and open
We were rich in foolishness and laughter

They refuse to believe

They would insist
"A young heart knows no love"
"A young mind knows no truth"
"A young soul knows no emptiness"

I once loved a boy whose dreams were boundless
He dreamed and hoped like any boy should
But he became a man not King

A King reigns triumphant
Remembered throughout libraries
A Man toils for naught
Slaves away, dies forgotten.

There was once a boy who had dreams
Though he sought the pain of mortality
To abandon a Kingdom
Rich with beauty

This heart will never know
Why choose sadness?
676 · Sep 2014
Unicorn People
CC Sep 2014
Your fatigue disguised as longing
My beautiful optimistic friend
Your well-meant foolishness
Kills me
You ridiculous thing
How real are you?
You are like
A mythical creature
With four hearts
Lined up behind each other
Too kind
Too giving
I just might cage you up to change you
For don't you realize
freedom is full of limits?
You're magical, subject to
someone else's cruelties
Unless you dominate us
And make us your children
My older poems always end up with dark endings. The most recent have been making an effort towards optimism because it seems that what people need the most.
671 · Jul 2016
Black Hole
CC Jul 2016
It's just not my time
No matter what I try
I can't get an idea to fly
It can't even crawl
I always hit a wall
Is my time soon?
When will I be able to bloom?
Whenever I try I fail
Whenever I fail I don't want to try anymore
When will it be my time?
Some people seem to have it all
Some of them that seem to never fall
When they fall they always rise
This type of thing eats me up inside
Jealousy eats me up inside
Why can't I be them?
Why are they themselves and winners?
Why am I not anything close to who they are?
There is hope I know it
It just isn't my time
647 · Apr 2015
CC Apr 2015
Salt is the taste of skin on skin
Peaches are not sweet as sin
Rotting apples are not eaten
But pickled mango never goes bad
643 · Nov 2015
Sonja & Hal
CC Nov 2015
Out by the bay
Sonja sleeps
She opens her eyes
Only to peek
At the passing cars
Or at the loud noise
Maybe it's her name
Maybe it's his voice
Then out of the blue
A man passes by
And then she pretends
To keep shut her eyes
But here I am
By the nearby palm tree, spying
I notice that Sonja is not sleeping
She's crying
Tears are of no notice to others but me
Poor sleeping Sonja
Under the tree
I can make up all sorts of stories
But I never will know
From where these tears came
To where will it go
So I sat beside Sonja
A drink in my hand
I said "Sonja, my dear
Do not cry. I know you are weary
That's why you sleep.
But know dearest that I have been watching you weep."
Sonja opened her eyes, all in a glaze
Then asked me a question
Looking away from my face
She spoke in the faintest of voices, she said, "Hal do you know who that man was, the man in the hat? If you do not know, then why do you care? You do not know me enough to despair."
"Sonja, how do I know that your name is yours? There is a meaning to actions however you don't see. Now tell me your story."
Then the man went and stood from the stool he had sat
And left with his panama hat
He did not even look our way
He said not a word, from the very start to the very end
It seemed he had made his way there
To see sleeping Sonja, that was all.
She told me of lost love
Of not wishing to sin
She told me he married
A woman he did love
But their love was new
His and Sonja's was old
Sonja had been sent to a convent
When they were in love
When she broke her vow
She thought so could he
Now he merely passes the bay
And Sonja waits patiently
I felt for her story
When would she end her waiting?
When she gets old and the sun wrinkles her skin?
Why does he keep her hoping?
Pain is a memory that we insist on remembering
Forgetting is a choice, not a flaw
How can we forgive
When we return to the past?
He must be returning the favor he thinks
And Sonja sleeps in atonement.
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