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CC Feb 14
I have been lost in a million stars
Stars that have been lost in your eyes
They told me when I was almost out of ideas
That I ought to make you my idea
They told me then, that when I have lost my voice
That I ought to speak your words
To steal your thoughts
To make them mine
To steal your heart
And steal your time
For when it's all over
You'd steal back mine
You'd make sure that every moment I called your name
I was calling Gods
To repeat myself
Over and over
Even though I'm almost over you
It seems I haven't gotten lost
But I find myself lost inside your memory
Always clinging unto you
May I rest eternally
May I hope for that dream, paradise
For when you are there
Then I will be happy
CC Jan 29
There is so much strength in the unapologetic nature of my sisters
When they do not duck or quake when the bad word is uttered in their name
It is the foundation of dignity to become aware so words are said with  conviction. The music makes sense when you sing to the crowd and they listen

Don't take applause as a sign of correctness
Even megalomaniacs have heard cheers

Listen to the audience thinking about what you've said

Move them from underneath the ground they stand
Be an earthquake so they are forced to balance their ideas
Let them fall into the cracks, so they can climb out with both hands, make them fight for their thoughts on you
Whatever it is they think of you, let their opinion be well placed
Not thrown like a rotten tomato

To my sisters, let me remind all with a gentle memo:
Free Speech can lose value
Especially when you listen to your worst critic but lean on your number one fan: Yourself

You need to listen to yourself think.
Thinking takes time
Words are quicksand
It's not about the number of decisions made in the life given
It's about the quality of those choices in the years I am given.
The maker is giving me a choice what sand to place in my hourglass.
CC Nov 2018
I like to do things with care a precision
Like thinking about the last text I sent
While studying the back of my hand
Hold on, why did I say that
As I pensively look at the wrinkles on the hinge of my thumb
I slow my thinking down
Letting my mind stroll the garden of blooming plans
One by one they bloom
As though tended and watered to by the showers of my solitude
CC Oct 2018
In a place I know
They know me too
But they don't know you
It's easy if you're a stranger
But then who said that things with wings were supposed to stay on the ground
If you had flown down to me then it would be the way you look at me that would make me stay
It's easier
Then again
Who said it's supposed to be
There is a time when you haven't really seen me
Outside where the stars are barely seen
There, you start to know that maybe you haven't really done anything to get to know me
You're mostly full of spices
And I'm mostly full of vices
In the end the mixture makes for something that's acquired
The tongue can't get used to eating something so desired
It's the way you look at me that's makes me stay
It's the way you look tonight that makes me stare
Then in the end
We don't know the notes that linger
It maybe because this kind of feeling
Doesn't lift a finger
CC Oct 2018
If I let go of this fruitless hunt everytime it becomes difficult
Will I ever come home with game?
When I sought out the goal at hand I didn't expect that I would look the other way
It seems I haven't won any round from the last time
Only small victories is what they feel like
Like I'm taking more steps than I ought to
Like it is too much
But never enough
My heart hurts when you tell me I can't do it
But I know in my heart of hearts
Anything is possible
Even if I'm impossible to deal with
Anything is doable
Even if I say don't
The moments when I turn away from a challenge
Has cost me to lose sight of what is within reach
These moments perish
When I feel like I'm in peril
When you feel like the world is against your battle
Take it by the throat
And let it know
You're not one to mess with
Try on an armor and pick up a sword
Be the person in the arena
Pick a fight with the biggest dog
Break the vase in the antique shop
Make sure you don't turn around when you see the bully walking toward you
Help yourself to more pie
There is so much to fear
Take the name of the Lord in Vain
Then go to the confessional
And cry because of original sin
There is nothing that is not worth trying
Nothing that is hard to ask forgiveness for
CC Oct 2018
This isn't 2007
You're not as pretty as you think you were
Or as fit as you were back then
You're not in high school
You didn't even win Prom Queen
All your juvenile accomplishments may have meant something to people who cared about high school
But then nobody cares now
Suckers are falling for the cruelty of compliments
And they can't tell the difference between an insult from your mouth and kindness from a good person in the form of me delivering you to the painful truth
That when you were somebody
It wasn't preparing you for anything
You're going to be nobody forever
Just another face on TV
With 15 minutes of forgetability
Because you were never really giving. You never knew what it meant to defend the defenseless, fight for what was right, or think about making somebody else look good when they needed a win.
You only think of survival in the jungle of pettiness
And when you feel you've done some sort of triumph
It's always about you
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