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CC Apr 2022
So anyway the next day we had the hardest time
Because I haven't loved my twin
Then when I do the things I love the time is ripe
Then when you have a literal mind everyday
I don't even like to read notes
I only know that I have a way with words
I'm writing to you
That I have the worst breath ever
You need to get a grip of yourself
Then when I get to the cab
The man tells me I'm a good person
So I meet a korean man who tells me
Then when we go home
We always have the hardest time
CC Apr 2022
Today I went to the beach to wait for hail
But then I saw the most beautiful sky
I wonder really who put it there
If it was God or Satan
Because who can really make such beautiful stars
All I know is that when I am not allowed
To hear the satan in my head
I will truly **** a *****

_the end
CC Apr 2022
Today I write that the women in my hometown
Have the worst habits
They always seem to mince their words
Even if they have the measuring cup
They still can't make the right brew
So my advice is to have the heart
To tell the truth
Even if it hurts the one they love the most
Because they know that deep down inside
I have the worst stinkiest heart of them all
I used to fix my cabinet in order to fix my life
But instead I fix my cabinet in order to have a clean closet
The most I've ever done to become an enemy
Is to tell the truth
About other people
Then in the end I always getting run over by a motorbike
But then even if my old workplace closed down
It hurts to know that my heart is still ouch
Then in the end I have to always figure out a way to break the dishes again
Then tomorrow I will have to figure out what to do next.

-The end
CC Aug 2021
The rain is suspended
The ease in my bones
Pleases my demon
I drink in his shadow
Warm feeling in my head
The heart doesn’t feel so alone
The light enters through
The time passes like mud
It’s cold and wet
In a bath of comfort and familiarity
A joint feels just right
Today fits into other days like a perfect puzzle piece
My life has an appetite for light moments and heavy sweetness
What happened last night?
I was alone and yet a phantom was watching
Lulling me to rest with his secret language
Caressing my face with certain eyes
So that when I woke all I knew was forgotten
And everything I remembered was eclipsed by newness
CC Feb 2021
The crushed night sky with foliage deep within it seems like a troubled place to sleep underneath
A nomad's roof is bare and unseen with the wasted moon of every earth
Why warily waste away the sweetened caress of each breeze?
Wondering when we will wind up binding our hands around the trees
Freckles on each cheek like stardust upon the brow of Zeus
Sleep is a journey you will reach despite the torrid jungle of your mind
The treasure that you are burying is a breath for each life you have been reincarnated into
Who can say it is a fault to desire less when riches are a foolish goal?
Around you lay a long-haired grass, your feet barely touch the ground
You must think that the woman fears no predator
To sleep so soundly while she roars
CC Jan 2021
Becoming myself requires me at my worst
It's a process of pure intention
And attention
Becoming what I am
Rather than what I want to be
Means I have to go through life
With a blindfold
Sometimes there are rocks in front of my feet
And I have to trust that I won't trip up
After the 5th time
Because I've been there 4 times
CC Jan 2021
I know I end things abruptly
Because I feel like life has ended many things abruptly
My parents marriage
My sister's life
My soul mate's life
My innocence
When I yell
It's always about living well
I'm never yelling in anger
Because I'm depressed
I'm depressed so everything makes me happy
I'm depressed so everything makes me happy
It's called bipolar
Manic Depression
Mania due to scrambling for the drug that my brain produces
I can't find it I can't find it I can't find
I love lif
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