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Sep 2014
Forgot the man who said
He used to hide in the TV shelf's cabinet
Out of anxiety and sadness
Hidden from everyone
But haunted by demons
He could not escape

Remember the one who bikes at full-speed
Strong legs, taking himself places
On adventurous journeys
To the neighboring destinations

Remember uncovering the eyes of the girl you love
To show her an expression of your ardor
In full bloom.

I want to love someone like you
Someone articulate
In expressing compatibility
Someone free-spirited and sturdy
I want the you I remember

The you that remains is one I forgot
The sadness that desperately clings to
The joy that nervously trembles on the steeple

I know there is more to be remembered
And less to forget

The story I remember is spray-painted
On a construction site spelling out:


It is music playing in a nearby house
Two love-struck teenagers
Dancing under lamposts
Imagining moonlight

The you that remains
Is you with your puppies
And just loving the runt
"Maybe", I think now,
"He's the runt and the runt is him"
I'd just like to say "Thank you"
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