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Feb 14 · 57
CC Feb 14
I have been lost in a million stars
Stars that have been lost in your eyes
They told me when I was almost out of ideas
That I ought to make you my idea
They told me then, that when I have lost my voice
That I ought to speak your words
To steal your thoughts
To make them mine
To steal your heart
And steal your time
For when it's all over
You'd steal back mine
You'd make sure that every moment I called your name
I was calling Gods
To repeat myself
Over and over
Even though I'm almost over you
It seems I haven't gotten lost
But I find myself lost inside your memory
Always clinging unto you
May I rest eternally
May I hope for that dream, paradise
For when you are there
Then I will be happy
Jan 29 · 116
My Quality
CC Jan 29
There is so much strength in the unapologetic nature of my sisters
When they do not duck or quake when the bad word is uttered in their name
It is the foundation of dignity to become aware so words are said with  conviction. The music makes sense when you sing to the crowd and they listen

Don't take applause as a sign of correctness
Even megalomaniacs have heard cheers

Listen to the audience thinking about what you've said

Move them from underneath the ground they stand
Be an earthquake so they are forced to balance their ideas
Let them fall into the cracks, so they can climb out with both hands, make them fight for their thoughts on you
Whatever it is they think of you, let their opinion be well placed
Not thrown like a rotten tomato

To my sisters, let me remind all with a gentle memo:
Free Speech can lose value
Especially when you listen to your worst critic but lean on your number one fan: Yourself

You need to listen to yourself think.
Thinking takes time
Words are quicksand
It's not about the number of decisions made in the life given
It's about the quality of those choices in the years I am given.
The maker is giving me a choice what sand to place in my hourglass.
Nov 2018 · 29
Fine tuning
CC Nov 2018
I like to do things with care a precision
Like thinking about the last text I sent
While studying the back of my hand
Hold on, why did I say that
As I pensively look at the wrinkles on the hinge of my thumb
I slow my thinking down
Letting my mind stroll the garden of blooming plans
One by one they bloom
As though tended and watered to by the showers of my solitude
Oct 2018 · 147
CC Oct 2018
In a place I know
They know me too
But they don't know you
It's easy if you're a stranger
But then who said that things with wings were supposed to stay on the ground
If you had flown down to me then it would be the way you look at me that would make me stay
It's easier
Then again
Who said it's supposed to be
There is a time when you haven't really seen me
Outside where the stars are barely seen
There, you start to know that maybe you haven't really done anything to get to know me
You're mostly full of spices
And I'm mostly full of vices
In the end the mixture makes for something that's acquired
The tongue can't get used to eating something so desired
It's the way you look at me that's makes me stay
It's the way you look tonight that makes me stare
Then in the end
We don't know the notes that linger
It maybe because this kind of feeling
Doesn't lift a finger
Oct 2018 · 56
CC Oct 2018
If I let go of this fruitless hunt everytime it becomes difficult
Will I ever come home with game?
When I sought out the goal at hand I didn't expect that I would look the other way
It seems I haven't won any round from the last time
Only small victories is what they feel like
Like I'm taking more steps than I ought to
Like it is too much
But never enough
My heart hurts when you tell me I can't do it
But I know in my heart of hearts
Anything is possible
Even if I'm impossible to deal with
Anything is doable
Even if I say don't
The moments when I turn away from a challenge
Has cost me to lose sight of what is within reach
These moments perish
When I feel like I'm in peril
When you feel like the world is against your battle
Take it by the throat
And let it know
You're not one to mess with
Try on an armor and pick up a sword
Be the person in the arena
Pick a fight with the biggest dog
Break the vase in the antique shop
Make sure you don't turn around when you see the bully walking toward you
Help yourself to more pie
There is so much to fear
Take the name of the Lord in Vain
Then go to the confessional
And cry because of original sin
There is nothing that is not worth trying
Nothing that is hard to ask forgiveness for
Oct 2018 · 532
CC Oct 2018
This isn't 2007
You're not as pretty as you think you were
Or as fit as you were back then
You're not in high school
You didn't even win Prom Queen
All your juvenile accomplishments may have meant something to people who cared about high school
But then nobody cares now
Suckers are falling for the cruelty of compliments
And they can't tell the difference between an insult from your mouth and kindness from a good person in the form of me delivering you to the painful truth
That when you were somebody
It wasn't preparing you for anything
You're going to be nobody forever
Just another face on TV
With 15 minutes of forgetability
Because you were never really giving. You never knew what it meant to defend the defenseless, fight for what was right, or think about making somebody else look good when they needed a win.
You only think of survival in the jungle of pettiness
And when you feel you've done some sort of triumph
It's always about you
Oct 2018 · 282
Life from Light
CC Oct 2018
I'm so sure you woke up next to your wrong side and said
"Nah, I'm gonna win today because you're not my partner in crime today"
It's efficient the way I can change perspectives to what I need at the moment
It's a chance I need to take in order to make believe I can make it.

No matter the consequences
It's about how much I can win today
Before the air in my lungs give out
And the skip in my feet give in

I hope you know how much I care, because you were always there
Your presence is always around
It made me believe in the right ideas
It made me believe I can do no wrong
I know I can be cruel sometimes
But I can be a good person
When the day comes that I don't try
Please remind me with a gentler nudge
Gentler than the way my mouth is quick
And my hands are heavy
Kinder that the daggers in my eyes
When I judge every boy who is in love
Meeker than a toddler going up to an elder brother
Asking him to help fix any precious moment he has left in this stage of his life
I can't help but see the light of day in the most bleak moment
It's everything I ever wanted
It's everything I ever hoped for
It's not the light at the end of the battle
It's the light every moment continued to become alive for
Hope is not a jousting contest
Where the truth fights with the facts
It's about something that you need cultivated
It's about something you need to promise
Make that pact with yourself
You cannot be wise
If you cannot admit to not knowing.
Make believe in the truth about yourself
That you can be carefree, with responsibility.
I love you
I hope you never lose the ability to be loving
Loving others with the light and strength that you know needs to be worked on
Be a light for others
Be a light that blind in strength
A light that blinds out complacency
A light that grows plants
And creates life
Sep 2018 · 474
CC Sep 2018
When I write about you for the first time I write because there are roses in my mouth that bloom when the first moment arrives it caresses my cheeks with full bodied smell of it's unblemishness. It hold me close in its envelopes. Makes me believe in one thing only. That there are moments to savour and there are moments to discard. With every moment to savour there is the wholeness inside our time. Complete sentences without any wasted death. The dryness in my voice is taken as imperfection you are willing to embrace and the sweetness in my nature becomes changeable with every room you occupy in my unfurnished thought. Where you are is where I am. Not even the lasting second you seem to create when you stare into my eyes that avoid your steady stare. Wishing this was just a conversation between two voices only rather than a visual experience with taste, touch, and sound. So much more can be said with the senses but I speak with the willfullness of a telephone call. I am communicating entirely with my body, hoping you know that I know you can't see me. With my smiling "hello" that you translate as returned affection rather than an affection in my ubringing. My manners don't show any less warmth of a home that welcomes strange men. Take me into account. I am not a woman with many choices. I have no strategy for love. I have no moments to select from. I am one at a time. I am more than one personality exploding into a mouth that only speaks meanings rather than symbols.
My words spell out more spaces and my spaces spell out more than silence. You told me more or less I am a pause in your playlist. Whichever song plays next, may you be understood. My silence never ceased listening.
Aug 2018 · 130
CC Aug 2018
Am I a winding road?
Trying to avert pain
Trying to avert fear
Lunging my mind headlong
In order to get through undetected
I am not something unseen
I am here in between you and what is beyond
You see me as a sphinx or maybe I am a gate
I am temporary to you
I am not what you hope for
You get past me
I get past you
It's even footing
I want to be a destination
There you are
I am here
Jun 2018 · 64
CC Jun 2018
You don’t have to wonder who you are
Why wonder when youre already strong
Why wonder when youre already sure
Why look elsewhere to know who you are
Your reflection may inform others of how you look
A picture of you wearing something neat
Although your screams inside cant be heard
The strength in your voice is what shook the world
When you have a volume **** to turn up
Make sure you turn it up to loud
Because loud makes mistakes
And let’s everyone know
Who you are
Is who you show
Matter of fact
You don’t have a choice
Lesson is youre nobody’s voice
Let it be said when you was aborned
You’re lungs filled with air and you said
“Here I am”
Jun 2018 · 250
I love you, as in.
CC Jun 2018
Taking the bus to work
Beside the most tense man
Telling myself to look out the rainy window
And focus on my future
Ordering my mind to become what it should become

Independence Day happened a day before
The rain affects nothing in my country
Always a smile or a laughing worker
In a bright tie dyed tshirt
Underneath the gray colored sky
He brightens the world around him
That is the way the day is made
By your mere existence
Selecting your emotions
Carefully dancing your smiles
My tea in my hands
Warms me
My countrymen
Warms my heart
Lowering my head into a nodding rest
I smile as I wake
Jun 2018 · 85
Tell me
CC Jun 2018
This is the sacrifice we make
Having to throw ourselves into each others arms
When we know nothing of my insecurities
My fear of non-commitment from you
Your perfect calm nature
I have only doubts in my mind
Making what we have feel lonely
You don't seem to tell me everything
Although I know patience is the key
Only time will tell with these things
I have only one request
Tell me the truth
May 2018 · 115
CC May 2018
It all comes together
Like a neatly tied package
My anger and my love
Passionate living
Still I can't accept
That I feel so much emotion
I now have the choice of unbridled devotion
If I could become the one who says those words
That I know you hold dearly
Then I will become the flowers in your hair
The food you eat
The scent you hold
I could become everything you need
Apr 2018 · 352
CC Apr 2018
There is a string of things hung with ideas as clothes pins
They take off the ideas and the string can't hold the thing
Memories are strands that if you pull it will never stop unwinding
The common person sees something in the little he won in life
The rest are rather useful than pleasant
Nobody received flowers or fame
If you could see now I'm dying to drown in flames
The love I've been placed through has to be the stuff of myth
It seems to hold back until the graze
The way it holds by taking
The way you hold by cradling
There's so much in me that you already know
I have a bit of wrinkles and the acne scars too
The whole of society sees me as living the dream
But the parts of me that people think are hidden are on the internet
See what the world knows
I should be aware of all the rules I've broken to be here
Then no purposeful ignorance can be said of me
There has to be someone who can point out the crumb on my lower lip
Rather than speak without the relevance of politeness
There's something about the way you hold me
That says you're trying me on
There is no transaction taking place
Treasure is most found on the map of my slow heartbeat
The calm before the storm siphons its way into my blood cells
Making me believe in the little I know as well
You have to be well read to read someone else's biography
You have no language if you only understand yourself
Take a bit off
Apr 2018 · 90
CC Apr 2018
Broken glasses on our dinner tables
Time is different with a stranger
A meal over an hour longer
Checking in the realms of possibilities
Hopping towards the future with a hackysack
Even children savour the race
Looking at your worn out face
Reaching for a trace
Time trickles forward, taking space
Until I can no longer feel the distance from you
Mar 2018 · 263
The Checklist
CC Mar 2018
It's a moment before you start
The pause after you've finished
The continuation after the pause
It's reviewing yourself in the goal you have in mind
Making it toward the line that means you made it
Make it everyday
Start it
Continue the next item
Disobedience to the list ensures no outcomes
Obedience is an A for Effort and a satisfying day done efficiently
Follow it to the letter
This is the founding of civilisations
Rituals, Manners, Habits
Let yourself follow
In order to follow through
Mar 2018 · 73
life support
CC Mar 2018
I want the stars the moon and the sun
I want it all but I’m not the one who deserves it
Who deserves it but the small ones?
I want to capture the one who’s heart captured mine
Who am I? I do not know how to hold still and back
So I keep it unfiltered
I want the wandering path of the traveler
I so long for this unlived life I was dreaming of you until you wept and I stayed backwards
Who is this I became to even blame you?
For the wisdom I partake in is everything of insecurity rather than insight
When you lose your sleep
I lose my sights too
I figure out the shape of you
Then definitions can be defined
Always I find that when you steam my clothes
You steam every wrinkle away
Until nothing is left
But this poetic mess that seems to go into the woods of overthinking
Lost in the emotion of time
If time were to be heartbroken we would be stuck in this moment
So let’s hack time
And find her lover, death
Separate them forever and see nothingness
Until the end of this affair of souls selling each other everything they want for one another
I want time
So give me what time wants from me
To shun death and let death stay in the heart of time
Forbidden lovers for eternity
My arranged marriage with time
Bargained for with this borrowed life of viciousness
Wooed by a gold digging entity
i'm posing as an old rich woman
Indulgent and defiled
Time is fooled by my masquerade
I will not die and time is mine on paper
Mar 2018 · 126
CC Mar 2018
Secretiveness is part of the fascination for another person
I told you I had an open mouth
But I did not divulge my soul of mysteries
It is a beautiful pool in the summertime
A mirage of children trying to get into security of holidays
I am secured in my mind
Thoughts dare to pierce the target
But I miss on purpose
To keep you from seeing my ideas
They are missable, mundane to the society that hears only of hype
Sensationalization make my head turn to the side
It's easy to see that when you love someone you ***** the coconut open for him to drink the juices of your refreshment
It's something unknowable to another
It's something quenching the routine that's gone sour
Silence spices meditation
My mind is mine
Until I give it to you
Feb 2018 · 110
My hands employed
CC Feb 2018
Nobody has to know about me
I am a person of insignificance
I only prioritize truth or beauty
There is no need to know about me
I am not like the Saints of past
I am no hero who does any deed so valiant
I need every inch of strength to give to my heart
For my heart is weak in times like these
Time makes we wane and wither
I usually can't fall in love
If I do find a true love
It becomes an obsession
To never see the darkness in another heart
I am imperfect in every way
I know that I shall never see that daylight coming
For I know one thing
Nobody will know about me
I will stay invisible to the ***** eye
A telescope is needed to see my stars
I am so very near you
I am nobody of significance
I wish to start my journey as Anonymous
Carving no name on this road I pave
Heaven can wait
Until I am nobody's name
Nov 2017 · 336
CC Nov 2017
The way you hold my hand is like a warm blanket reminding me of home
There is a seriousness to the way you play with my fingers
And the way you look at me, that I have to look away
I know that you're afraid that I might be a trick of the light
Even lightning that might strike twice
Something that you cannot grasp
Although I tell you my blood looks for solid stuff
I myself am made of wisp and air
Here is me being in your lungs as least
Nov 2017 · 211
Glassy Water
CC Nov 2017
The water in the glass is clear as a pool
It cools my throat in relief
I have been dying of thirst
Without even knowing
What it is like to drink water
Playing in puddles of mud and moss
I never thought to search for higher ground
Keeping like a child
Stuck on the earth's surface
Feet planted on the sticky stuck
When the discovery of the body of water
Led me to clean out my bucket of shells
In this cave from which water is falling from Wilderness'
Fresh water springs from his mouth
Nothing tastes cleaner than that
Nov 2017 · 254
CC Nov 2017
This salt is beautiful, crystallized spice
Flavor and glint
It pierces my eyes
Somewhat like a diamond
A fragment too small
Everything is added
With this grain of salt
When your skin is salty
It has the quality of the sea
Vast and wide and full
Full of sympathy
When I look at a mound of salt
It speaks to me of life
Life's sins become absolved
The dead need this solution
Keeping from decay
Celebrated salt adds to everything it sprays
Pain and flavor are hand in hand with salt
A wound, and slab of meat prefer the rougher brand
The texture of the sand and sea dissolved in me
Nov 2017 · 325
CC Nov 2017
I am not going anywhere
I have the path ahead
It still seems to be threadbare
This old way is where I'm lost
Under the stars I navigate
Hope has been my surrogate
Then when hope bore a child of fear
Reality became something clear
It has a cord I cut from home
It has a cry I have heard before
I have known this path ahead
I still imagine I can take this road
This pavement made with utopian soil
It cements itself in the soles of these red shoes
There are no places I can go
So elsewhere from the path is where I'm to
Nov 2017 · 188
CC Nov 2017
It's the ones that get away that make you tap your ink on the screen
Helping themselves to servings of you to have you mercilessly dream
Succulent messy dishes that they mean to say
Descriptive rich adjectives that blur your mind away
So they devour you and everything you want to leave behind
They don't mean to but they say clearly what you are defined
They have all the hospitals holding broken hearts
And have you heard the rumors that they have no good start?
They are always in the middle
They never start or end
Forever making amends
Forever till they stop
Pretending is enough
If pretense is present tense
It's enough that they see you for who you are
It's enough if they find a real star
Blue and gaseous
They are so away so far
Nov 2017 · 232
CC Nov 2017
You're allowed to get mad
You don't need permission to shout at someone when they ask you for unreasonable things
Like to keep your temper in check when they don't respect that you're old enough to not take their **** storm of ******* manipulation
You can get mad, go on
You have every rational logical explanation but it's stuck in your head
So why don't you just hit back? It isn't like they didn't hit you first
You have every reason to get mad
The guy just comes back without a word and doesn't know how you'll react so he then makes a statement of power by being an *******
His fear is your reason to get mad
Get mad at his fear with a sharp tongue and a voice of fire
He can't step on you
Oct 2017 · 206
CC Oct 2017
Who cares if we are lost?
The translation is a sign
The train of thought was thin
Who cares what words are said?
We packed light
Enter forests cradled in the mountain range
Keep your childish laughter
Leave your drunken meal
Drank river into waterfall
I have nowhere, no war
How to exit?
How to enter?
Land has lost
Sign out the hive
Bees are so alive
Wire traps the treason
Factory line sublime
I am a social creature
Frequenting the mall
Travel is my heaven
The lights up in the sky
Driven by a dream
Something I can find
Elsewhere and else who
Oct 2017 · 157
"There, good as new!"
CC Oct 2017
I'm a wreck
My life is a bad outfit worn in high school
The reunion should have a better theme
My insurance didn't cover the damages
When you left my heart in pieces
So I try my best to work as hard as I can
Niceness gets me nowhere but at least I'm rarely aggressive
I'm probably the nicest person
Nobody should notice the wreckage they drive by is actually my life
I'm for repair
Which is why I hide all these dents/scratches with that wax crayon they sell on TV
I call it shabby chic when someone points it out
I'm a wreck
Oct 2017 · 223
super facial
CC Oct 2017
I'm the prettiest girl in the room
I have the longest hair
I don't have much problems
Only my father makes me feel unsafe
My mother left when I was seven
My sister died of suicide,
I was ten
I'm the prettiest girl in the room
I have the best skin
It's unblemished, without pores
It's available for you to touch, sure
I have the biggest smile for anyone who looks
No, I don't seem problematic
The distress is on my jeans
Tell me I'm the prettiest girl you have ever seen
So pretty, having problems is obscene
I can't feel emotion
I can't feel pain
All I feel is pleasure from making you look plain
Oct 2017 · 220
1 Funeral 0 Weddings
CC Oct 2017
There will be gnashing and whining
Our flesh will twist from the grip of hand on skin
Red is my eyes
You have not yet noticed
The honored guest is in a velvet lined box
Invited are his brides
his mother, his sister
He can never have daughters
No sins passed from this moment on
The offense is on our hands
The tears shed will be drank like wine
She loves me? She loves me not?
The light left your eyes when you had chosen the latter
Oct 2017 · 297
smoke catches the light
CC Oct 2017
Your face is an illusion
It tells me you aren't mine
An intrusion, that keeps offering inebriation
It keeps painting expensive art
Eyes have expression because of you

I have many parts
The rest of my heart wants you
If this is what it means to be alive
Then living isn't easy
If I have to wait then let me go, to you
There's a distance that we have to fill
For our presence wholly becoming still
The moment permanent in time
We have no other moment but now

Your face is an illusion
It tells me to go do this
Then I have done it and surprise, surprise
I don't regret this
I have only this, now
Having your attention is plenty

I have many parts
There are parts of my heart that wants you
The rest just wants to be with you
If you are not with me
Then how can my war be won?
If you are away
Then I have to wait on my own
Waiting is easy when you are the sun
I can count on you, darling
To rise when it's time for dawn

Your face is an illusion
It tells of the flourishes in my penmanship
With a smirk you make my patience grow thin
I don't have forever
I just wish you were forever
When you look away the light leaves

Shifting into many forms
The parts of your personality have me on my toes
Every angle is making me dizzy
More than your face, I see who you can be
If nothing is easy, then let me call this nothing "life"
If everything is given, then I can have nothing to do with you
I am incapable of lying
I am poor man masquerading wealth

Your face is an illusion that makes me want to cry out
"Your skin is a gun!"
"Your smile is a bullet!"
"Your touch is the finger on the trigger!"
Your breath is steady as you aim.
I wish the target were these hands
I'd brush your hair back,
This ended with a bang
Oct 2017 · 579
CC Oct 2017
A yellow bird sits on my knee
It says "Hello, I am reincarnated mother"
She was dead picking the poisoned flower
From the shelf of her wayward children
We have no way of knowing right from wrong
We will go on living as rebellious bird daughters
Flitting from heart to heart
Seeking shelter in men's broken parts
Crying when we cannot start
Laughing when we finish money
Eating away our sadness
Motherless daughters without any stress
Trading our mother's feathers for a new dress
Oct 2017 · 235
We made it out
CC Oct 2017
Base feelings are monsters that live in my cage
I always draw second
I unveil
Virginity is a useless sacrifice
So, nobody feels uneasy anymore
Oh they know what self-adoration is
Yet, you are all about the crippling spine that needs to jettison out my back. *****!
Fear is what fuels your 1962's Colt with stolen gasoline
When I ride it I am on the minute
It drops me off on the line of fire
Flames light up in my lungs
You shout "Here are my reasons, understand, see"
That creeping sensation of the ugliest kid in class watching me behind my ear
Makes me horrified
A basket case of emotion
I cannot stress enough
It's the things I do not want to happen
Like resurrecting insects and then killing them again
Nightmare to my time so I stop moving, like, paralyzed
Fearful is the edge of the knife
Peeling back my ***** as I feel its blade cuts thin
Every slice a feeling creeping in
It abuses my skin
Replaced by a shroud of music that I sing to wheedle out
So you can continue to say I "Live in sin, live in sin"
You needed me afraid, so I became brave
You needed me small, so I became big
Sep 2017 · 438
Hell woman
CC Sep 2017
Nobody will leave unscathed
I am all-consuming fire
You are not safe from harm
You will wish for sleep eternal
Lest you be awoke when you cross me
There is pit of ****-fire that I visit boldly
It makes me brave to face every demon-goblin
When I mine these pits, it’s your caverns I seek
The ****** mess on the operating table makes me yearn you
Your red warm life must become a dry well
Then I am satisfied to make your seams heal
CC Sep 2017
Accept that only the good die young
And the rest of us are here to stay
I think I can cry in public
Make you see me cry
Whole and free you can tuck me in
Your shirt pocket is my home
You can place down the picture of my brother
While we don't know how to love
I take it off too quickly
For you I would refrain from mistakes
I would become what you make of me
Style and sauce from my lips
**** and fury is our friend and fortune-maker
Sorry for being your good girl
They say that mistakes are meant to be lessons
I'm learning how fun they are to repeat
I'm still learning how to kick it
Swinging like a child
I don't know how to be right
Just a single shot thrown back at my life
Sep 2017 · 114
I posted this
CC Sep 2017
Do I make a connection without the internet?
How do i even take a break from the internet?
I'm pretty much glued to the internet
It's hard being around the internet
I don't like myself with the internet
I think we should start seeing other people, Internet
But everyone is with the Internet
Who am I with without the internet?
Sep 2017 · 414
Stuttering Life
CC Sep 2017
Backspace means nobody will see
Paper tears bit by bit with erasures
but on MS Word there are no consequences
My poems are full of backspaces
There was one right when I types backsapce
When you don[t backspqace notjng makes sense
Bu t what is life withoiut mistakes?
Silence is a life without any sound
Did I stutter? Then sing with me
Beautiful babies are something mistaken
Mother's are sometimes mistaken
Blasphemies are sometimes mistaken
The flat earth is something mistaken
I can be mistaken
Sep 2017 · 207
The Life is due tomorrow
CC Sep 2017
I am unsure about this latest project
It seems ambition makes me procrastinate
The reality that I must acquire the skills to achieve such goals
Did you know that Life is a project?
Yes, it's a project.
We are creators creating something
Out of nothing
Our life is nothing
Without us, life is nothing
Without our "Forward, **!"
Did you know that we make the world go round?
Did you know even if we all died the world would keep on going?
But it would be rarely dynamic
Only **** or be killed
No stories
There are animals that create beautiful nests, patterns in the sand, glorify themselves
Well I would like to be reincarnated
Into a flower that is nothing
Until the lion notices
Aug 2017 · 337
Millennial Woman's Right
CC Aug 2017
I'm learning to respect my strength
I used to be spiteful of it
As a woman, I am expected to be feminine, distressed, graceful, always right
I am not sure how it came to be but I have not respected the order of things
I have not seen that in this spiteful way I have regarded my willfulness
It has also become my saving grace in times of malcontent
My truth is clear
I am not strong because I am
I am strong because I was made by strong stuff
My mother stubborn, smart, sensual
My father intellect, humor, heart
I am not credited for anything that I am
But I am graced with the empowerment of women
That would not be difficult today
I cannot stop fighting even if it's easily given
Because it is a battle not a gift
Aug 2017 · 213
Will it ache?
CC Aug 2017
I have no way of knowing
If it's now that I'm going to fall
Who knows when the gravity pushed me down
Or did it pull me toward the floor with a shadow shaped like me?
I have no idea how long before it hits me
Or is it me who hits it?
I don't know any of these
I have no way of knowing
If it's going to hurt
Who knows what I've broken
Or how many times I will say sorry
Even if it was accidental
This is all because of someone
This is all because accidents are always blamed on someone
It isn't always my fault
But it always will be a contact of two sorts
The kind that brings people together
The other kind that takes people apart
Please grace me with the kindness
To love
Or be still my heart, still
Aug 2017 · 196
Still, I live
CC Aug 2017
I'm very scared of being lost
I'm terrified if I don't belong anywhere
Is there something I was not taught?
That I don't fit into the me shaped peg-hole
It's truly a struggle to become myself
I have no assurance that life will become what I have dreamt of it
I have no insurance because I have chosen to take the risk
Still, I live
I will go on living
In this will is my hope
That the path does not adapt to me
I did not choose what is easy
I will become like liquid to the path
And take it whichever way I am led
It is a path, is it not?
It is a way to somewhere
While I feel like nowhere
My goal is plain in sight
It only takes focusing my eyes
To the way that's right
Aug 2017 · 1.1k
Sumpong ng Matuwid
CC Aug 2017
Ang husay ng iyong gawa na idadamot ng aking mga kamay
Hindi ito pusong o sumpong pero ako’y naniniwala na hanga ako
Paano na mas matalas ang iyong lapis kumpara sa akin?
Wala na bang masasabi?
Ang pangarap nakatago sa likod ng alapaap
Ang lilim ay parang dating kaibigan na nagkimkim ng aking mga kamay
Pero kailangan maghiwalay, dahil sa mga masasamang damo
Maganda ang itsura, may dating. Masaya manira ng tama
Mag-asim ang gatas ng ating mga anak
Hawak-hawak mo ang aking mga kamay
Itaga ko para mabigay sa iyo ang nagbibigay buhay sa utak ko
Kunwari hindi lumipad sa malayo ang aking mga pilik-mata
Kunwari lumipas ang minuto kesa sa panahon
Malupit ang oras sa kwento ng bata
Masakit tignan na malayo ang mga pinagasa
Sungkitin mo ang mga iniisip ko
Matigas ang ulo
Ihukay ang masasamang damo
Parang maliit na bulaklak lang
Sayangin ang buhay na hindi nagbibigay buhay
Aug 2017 · 131
Channel 214
CC Aug 2017
The desperate cling to words
Uplift their hand off the drug
They angle the situation like a friend not a doctor
Words strung together become magic without the wand
Slip on words gentle like a cotton shirt unto my silky conscience
Poems are a cure for my lonely hands
They intertwine in between my crooks and crevices
And cradle me with warmth; put pressure on my skin
I am being touched by multiple fingers
My hair is being stroked like a child
The temples become buttons which give me messages
I write and the blank pages absorb my prose like a pillow in contact with my tears
Warm and damp, how does some other arm wrap around my head to cover my eyes
Making me guess the identity of the muse
The idea revealed, only through endings
When are you complete oh mysterious column *****
You are like a dig
Messages reveal themselves like reincarnated Cleopatra
Lighted skies
Yellow eyes
Somber face
Silent grin
Over and over I am possessed
And then I forget that it's merely a dance
On acres of text
Fingers are conducting
What's next, what's next, what's next
Singular creatures hope for the rest
Until finally
My silky conscience revealing beneath
Baring it's teeth
A moon-shaped vision covered my listlessness
My acceptance of such expatriate education
Helps me to notice every expression
Hoping for that half, that a love fluent in my language can only be born to understand it
Deciphering reasons to accept the challenge of difficulty
It is known, that anything worth anything is a result of the toil
Your character appears to be rubies
You voice out your words like it's written in blood
Renting out your heart for the owning of mine
Aug 2017 · 229
CC Aug 2017
I smell the faint smell of the sampaguita sold to my father
It makes me think about the poor
Whenever we buy this chain of white flowers it is a bookmark in the senses
Remember poverty
Smell the pleasantness in your automobile and don't forget poverty.
Who sold it to you? A homeless child.
"It comes from a place I know not where it came from, I forgot"
A life made of lies
We buy this truth but live a lie
We are not happy about the situation
We are not happy that we are happy and they are in shambles
When it rains we praise the clean billboards of the aftermath
But poverty, is not washed or clean
I am not sure what to do with this poverty of kindness
I m lacking in kindliness and gentleness
So what can there be to give to a poor child?
I desire to live benevolently
Desire does not mean I am so
But to desire makes me righteous toward the bad
And hopeful too
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