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Mark Toney Nov 2019
Penultimate month, November
Tending memories’ eternal ember
Sparking thoughts, grand and tender
With honor and thanksgiving to remember
For each who of the human race are a member
11/1/2019 - Poetry form: Monorhyme - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
We Are All Human;

Gender or Wealth,
Religion or Race.
If you disagree,
Then you're a disgrace.

Healthy or Disabled,
Straight or Gay.
We Are All Human,
So treat us that way.
Obassi Bholai Nov 2018
I could tell you more about the hurt
inflicted into us by what we thought was love
and to find it be an inevitable pain
followed by tears that flow off the face
and the guilt that maybe it was out fault.

we NEVER get the love we deserve,
manipulated and programmed the generational stigma
to love one more than yourself and unfulfilling
what we as the human race should've
been instilled with was self love.

too busy lost in the social media haze of
losing yourself into everything that we
forget to love ourselves
forgetting we have to do that before we
can truly love any one person.
Poison and passion
Cruelty and compassion:
This is the human soul

Even the darkest shades
They scream: FASCINATION

Roses have thornes
Sun burns your eyes

Madness is the ruin and salvation
Pauline Morris Apr 2018
It's hard living in a world where no one cares
While your smothered and shallowed by despair
Sitting here wondering why I was born into this place
Not wanting to be part of this sad human race
Where money is the great and powerful Oz
It doesn't matter what's the cause
I look and see their hearts have grown cold and calloused
Everything is so off balanced
There is no more unconditional love
No loving  help from up above
We have been abandoned
The trumpets have sounded
Humanity has been stripped of it's compassion
Empathy is in short ration
Gone are the ways of old
To these values we no longer hold
Now it's I'll do for you,  if you can do for me
That's not the way it's supposed to be
But everyone's eyes have been closed
Their souls have become thorny and cold
We are no longer judged on our thoughts and actions
But by how much money we have for the coming attractions
For if we don't have enough to pay
We become part of the play
We are condemned to be the *****
They feed to the machines of war

©Pauline Russell
Chloe Dec 2017
on the street corner
waiting for a body to come along
'oh, jesus, oh, lord'
the man just wants a hug

throw a man a home
spare his dog a bone

cough of a smoker
chest with a wheeze
one sits in a resturant
while anothers begs on his knees
'please lord, oh please'

ignorance a bliss
public sphere bubble
'look man'
'i don't want no trouble'

'could i trouble you for a penny'
share one of your many
what's a woman begging for
judgement decides she is a *****

a million to one
help out the addict of a son
and i ask you sir
while you moan and groan in your animal fur
'are we all human, only divided by materials'
AD Snail Apr 2017
Pounding onto the drums,
Acting dumb for the crowd,
Asking to be a little less proud,
And understand that we're all ****.

Hatred consumes us all, it comes so easily; its almost a gene of its own.

Painful truths and lies shoot us all down,
Everyone is bleeding out and trying to breath,
Everyone is falling from highs and trying to catch the prize.

The skies are covered in dim lights,
Telling the stories of those who lost hope in their dreams.

Everyone is being run down,
The guns are useful tools to pierce a person,
Words impeded in them, and once it hits you there is no turning back;
Your permanently damaged mentally and physically.

The painful truth about us; the 'Human race',
Is that we are all are the monster under neath the bed,
The skeletons inside our closets,
Ready to hunt us down and consume everyone is sight.

We are own parasites,
Every judging thought that turns into a spoke word,
Has already infected someone, and grown,
The rippling effect already taken place.

We are the demons that steal away another's child,
Damaging beyond repair,
Polluting their minds with pure hatred.

We destroy own another, our own loved ones, and random strangers,
That is the little bit of painful truth.
Not really sure what this is.
Annie McLaughlin May 2016
We are constantly being defined by labels
As if that is all that matters
Oh you're a teenager, all you can do is wait tables
Im a wife, I'm a daughter
Until all that shatters
Widow and orphan, newlywed or divorcee
Freshman, gothic, black or white, king and queen.
Workaholic, hobo, immigrant, pale face
The only label that should matter
Is us -
The human race.
I am tired of being defined by labels. We are all human and we are all to be seen as equals and that is what should matter.
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