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Avery Jul 6
Poems I write
Nothing but alright
Average and lame
Everything's the same
Invisible Apr 19
I'm just an average person,
Capable of only being average.
Doing only average things.
And average is never ideal.
Especially in the world we live in.
So I gave up.
I gave up on being average.
I don't care if people see me as ordinary or ideal.
I care about how I see myself.
And I want to see the best version of me
Nothing going on with me, except for the fact that I am a broken mess who cannot be fixed, just like half the world.
I'm just simply ordinary.
But I don't care. I may be a broken mess, but I know I'm capable of doing more.
I may not show it, but in my mind, the war I've been fighting has already long been lost.
I gave up a long time ago. I've never settled on being average, so I gave up trying.
Gianna Dec 2018
how foolish of me
to think i was your number one.
as a matter of fact,
anyones number one.
i´m just another girl
such a plain, average girl
struggling to get by
in a world where nobody
knows her name.
i thought we could've been something
Sophie Dec 2018
There is no great mystery to life.
We do not all have some greater purpose
Or some all important place in this world.
Some of us are just here.

This huge pressure of making a difference,
The gnawing need to make an impact,
To not be forgotten when we turn to dust
Is an all consuming anxiety

There is no riddle to the beating of your heart,
No conspiracy to the air in your lungs,
You are breathing, your heart is beating, and you exist.
Sometimes that is all there is to it

We are not all destined for greatness
And the realisation that we are one of the many,
Is more horrifying than any else.
Abby M Dec 2018
I'm glad I live in an average place
So that I can keep my breath
Who cares about the lack of sights
If my lungs keep me from death
And sure it's not quite pretty
But there's certainly some charm
To back up quiet living
Without tracheal alarm
Julia Mae Dec 2018
you're not pretty
like all of these other girls that you see
on the tv and in magazines
but who you are
is so unique
more than those other girls
could ever hope to be
Sydney Suderno Nov 2018
Here's the thing about AVERAGE: its average
I wanted to reach higher
to be stronger,
i wanted to show every one that i am MORE.
So i became more,
I trained HARDER,  i pushed for more, and in return...
i couldn't love myself because i was never enough,
i forgot the feeling of a smile,
i became empty, because i forgot who i was,
and eventually i stopped trying to be more.
Because, was Average really that bad?

If average is yourself than maybe you should strive for average.
After the Fall
Rizna M Rameez Oct 2018
It's been 3 years since we met
September 15 2015
You never knew
What I was going through till then
And I never told you
You told me it all started
When I gave you an interview
(I can't believe I forgot that, I don't have a clue, except I'd probs done it to get over the awkwardness and not feel like a ****-up)
I've never remembered the date we met
But I remember the day
I guess that's more important, eh?
The day we met apparently I did this interview sort-of with a form and everything. I only remember arranging the chairs.
We were BFFs from day one. (‘You too?’ C. S. Lewis)
Xallan Oct 2018
Fixing his hair, presentation matters.
First impressions matter.
He wore bright clothes this morning
He shaved, and nicked himself
On eyebags too heavy, eyelashes too long.
He awaits.
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