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kendall Apr 2015
please don't say i'm "trouble"
to my father
my mother

because i am an attractive young lady
and boys will come calling.

that is not a compliment.

"she's trouble."

that makes me feel like it's my fault
that boys will regard me in disgusting ways,
will want to slip a hand up my skirt,

make me feel
it's my fault that he doesn't love me anymore
because i wouldn't let him shove his **** in me
like he desperately begged me to.
we've been together for seventeen months
i love you,         please **** my ****

no i will not feel guilty

i will not let him take what's mine.
and he leaves to find someone who will bend
to every i love you
and please
over a table so he can bury himself inside her.

compliment me.
call me :

stop saying i'm trouble
because my face is nice

it's not my fault that boys believe
that girls are born to cater to their every
throbbing *******
in sunday church

get down on your knees and pray
face buried in the pelvis of God.
CC Dec 2014
Nobody likes ugly
Cracked pills
Shackled head
Pushed down
To give you head
It's me you see
That used to be
Happy and free
But now I have added
And you have subtracted
On my resume
Good is gone
Bad has begun
Nobody likes ugly
And I am very
Very Beautiful on the outside
ShamusDeyo Sep 2014
I saw a Man both Lean and Hard,
Who smiled at me with warm regard.
As I notice the Bulge within his jeans,
I stretch out my hand. to stroke his seams.
And see the Size of his Manhood Rise,
From Soft Flesh, before my eyes.
Then Kissing the Now Swollen Tip,
As it Slides between my trembling Lips.
Engulfed within, my Lips Now Part,
I feel the Beating of his Heart.
His sighs give rise to other tones
As I Hear the coming of His Moans
And he Collapses, Having Spent
His sweet Manhood now Content.
JMF '98
All the Work here is licensed under the Name
®SilverSilkenTongue and the © Property of J.Flack

— The End —