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Shruti Atri Jul 2021
Do you know that feeling?
Of deep certainty...
Knowing the truth in your bones.

It anchors you,
Grounds you to yourself.
You feel assured and confident
Of your choices and decisions...

I wish I could feel it again...

All hope is dead.
Arm yourself with confidence
CC Jul 2020
Truly I have the will inside me
To push my chest out and bare my dignity
Like a thumping paw of an elephant
The sound of who I am beats the ground
Every thump like a chanting
Every chant like a battle-cry
Break their bones if they strike you
Their throws are soft and formless
A fog that poisons
You are protected by the bear in the woods
A massive presence of teeth and claw
Bear in mind
Conquering the battle is not complete without armour and sword
Use your sword with caution
Sparing them for when the season is ripe
Struck whence the shield lowered
You seek for bleeding
You seek for victory
Joy is in the skin scarred without fright
Victory is in the timing of each strike
The sword has discipline in its swift blow
Should not have trace of megalomania
Should win every ****** in order to teach
Lessons to heed the definition of honour
Two victors will defy the battle
When one wins on honour
If the other triumphs pride
Poetic T May 2020
My pen is my shield,

and my words
             my armour.
Tiana May 2020
Looking for that thrilling chase,
Where knowledge is armour
And passion is sword,
Where bravery is known as 'explore'
when adventurous spirit runs through your veins
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2020
Vulnerable group
With preoccupied mind
Who doesn't bother to
Wear Mask
Clean hands
Stay in distance
A morbid faith
In their thick brain
Are the Superhumans
Or just an ignorants

Thank you
Genre: Raw
Theme: A friendly reminder
Note: And remember Viruses don't discriminate anything, they follow the universal law, they accept, no bribe.
Stepping back this time is a warm up to bounce better, immune again. Background of COVID-19.
Mamta Wathare Feb 2020
In the arena
she carried
all her failures
her misgivings and regrets
her empathy and pain
her madness, bitter and vain

As if they were battle scars
and she held them close, like armour
because she knew, that without them, she wouldn't exist
J-Long Feb 2020
An old man stares at his suit of armour,
With the weight of the world
Upon his shoulders

Armour which at one time
He wore proudly,
Worn down by war and all its horrors

He had made a vow
To only dawn it,
In the darkest of hours

And as his world darkened
He emerged...
Ready to face whatever death conjures
Nylee Sep 2019
It was just yesterday I revealed little of myself to you. Then again I changed within hours and discovered a little more of myself.

Standing in the mirror, the reflection and the light flicker. The candle flame added another warm shade as part of me fade away.

A plunge ahead comes with fall to follow, it is easy when we walk slow. The pace of my thoughts is lost, ahead of me in its exploration.

Someday there will be ease, hopefully with more of the inner peace. The sweater will keep me warm, my armour will save me from harm.

So open to the world and vulnerable for a second and more, shields up in moments later. Trust escapes and gets captured in a matter of time.

It is dizzy and not, words in world and too many thoughts. Aging but learning, drowning but burning, the ironies are shining bright.
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