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37.1k · Feb 2015
Waterfall (haiku)
Alice Morris Feb 2015
The magical sound,
of the cascading water,
natural beauty,
11.9k · Apr 2015
A mermaids dream
Alice Morris Apr 2015
Mesmerised by an ocean dream,

Eternal life, alone and free.

Rolling waves, sea pure and clear,

Maybe I've found shelter from the storm.

A cave that glistens, a loving aura.

I no longer need my alibi,

Driven to the dream I've always dreamed,

Swimming with the mermaids of the open seas.
5.3k · May 2015
Weeping willow cries
Alice Morris May 2015
Weeping Willow cries,
this drought has lasted for months,
he's dying from thirst.
4.5k · Jun 2015
Bubble of love
Alice Morris Jun 2015
Blue skies, lush green lands
the two of us hand in hand
a bubble of love.
3.3k · Apr 2015
Hiding (Senryu)
Alice Morris Apr 2015
Silicone plastic
I know not what I've become
Hiding from the past
2.8k · Feb 2015
Come walk with me
Alice Morris Feb 2015
Come walk with me,

along the moonlit beach.

Let's share our future dreams,

and put our past to sleep.


Come walk with me,

along the golden sands.

A single set of footprints,

always needs a helping hand.


Come walk with me,

there's something I want you to see.

But first just one question,

will you marry me?


Come walk with me,

our future belongs together.

Along this moonlit beach,

Let's declare our love forever.


Come walk with me.......
2.8k · Feb 2015
War (Alphabet poem)
Alice Morris Feb 2015
Absolute bravery, considering dangerous explosives found goals. Helpless individuals juggled keeping lookout, many new operations, people questioning routes, suspects tortured, unsightly views. Wasted x-rays... young Zak.
2.7k · Feb 2015
Willow tree (haiku)
Alice Morris Feb 2015
Weeping willow sways

in the gentle autumn breeze

watching life pass by.
Alice Morris Feb 2015
The whispering winds
carry your deepest secrets
all over the world
2.5k · Feb 2015
How cupid found love
Alice Morris Feb 2015
Cupid the Roman god of love,

flew down like a dove.

Striking arrows to bring people together,

hoping the love lasts forever.

Son of Venus and Mars,

pictures portray him surrounded by hearts.

His name means desire,

he likes to set hearts on fire.

His mother was the jealous kind,

I women better than her, she did find.

She ordered cupid to find her a man,

but evil was her plan.

She told cupid to choose the vilest man,

to take this women's hand.

As cupid sat on the edge of the girl's bed,

he scratched himself with his arrow head.

He couldn't help but fall for the girl,

his mother was set on sending to hell.

He would visit her each and every night,

telling she could never catch a sight.

Two evil sisters she had,

who told her this guy was bad,

so one night she couldn't help but look,

cupid didn't take this well, and off he took.

She searched the world for him,

and didn't stop til Jupitar stepped in.

He gave her immortality,

so she could make her love for cupid reality.

Now they live happy together,

with their daughter voluptas forever.

Cupid and his wife Psyche,

flew off into the night.
2.4k · Mar 2015
I'm watching you
Alice Morris Mar 2015
I'm watching you, but you don't see me, I'm the nightmare of your dreams. You check under your bed each night, but I'm hiding in your head out of sight.

Today I know you are feeling low, that's my cue to make a show.I see you looking over your shoulder, I bet you have goosebumps all over, I can make you believe what I want you to believe, like can you see that little girl, that's right the one wearing the bright yellow dress, quick she's getting closer to the cliffs edge.

No one is around she must be lost, quick you must save her, run she going to fall, you'll never forgive youself if she falls, don't stop just because you have come to the edge, go on you know you'll be better of dead.

Here I'll give you a helping hand, no use you screaming, remember you're only dreaming, but remember I'm watching you and any time soon your dreams will start coming true.....
1.9k · May 2015
sky's love affair
Alice Morris May 2015
A rainbow ignites
result of a love affair
between sun and rain
only to be cast away
When thunder lightning play.
This is a Tanka poem
1.9k · Feb 2015
Washed away (haiku/ senryu)
Alice Morris Feb 2015
Footprints in the sand,

waves washing them out to sea,

along with your dreams.
1.9k · Jun 2015
Is it wrong?
Alice Morris Jun 2015
I never thought it as being wrong,

after all inside I heard the love song,

it started as soon as I looked into your eyes,

it soothed me like a lullaby.

So now let them stand and stare,

Whilst we go start a love affair.
1.6k · Apr 2015
Long deserted road
Alice Morris Apr 2015
I travelled the long deserted road, trying to get rid of my heavy load. The hours turned into days but my worries wouldn't go away.
I pulled off to the side and took in the breathtaking views, the wind was gently blowing the trees from side to side it was like they were waving just for me.
Far in the vally below wild animals were drinking from a small watering hole, they seemed to not have a care in the world, how I wished to be free like them.
My thoughts went back to that day, the shouting him laying his hand to my face saying I was his and I would do as I was told, that he owned me.
Nobody was ever going to own me, my spirit is a free spirit, just then an egale flew above me its wings spread wide gliding with ease
I knew what I had to do, my mind was clear for the first time in years I could almost here the calling.
I jumped back in the car, grabbed my bag then let the handbrake go, My smile was genuine for the first time as the car plunged over the cliff, I was free to start over again...
I continued on the long deserted road by foot watching the sun begining to set, I had not a care in the world........
This is more of a short story or flash ratherthan a poem
Alice Morris May 2015
Wilted then reborn
A single drop is enough
To reignite me
1.5k · Jun 2015
Budding romance (Haiku)
Alice Morris Jun 2015
A budding romance

between the flower and bee

sweet honey for me.
1.4k · May 2015
Morning (Haiku)
Alice Morris May 2015
Apricot tinged skies
with crisp, sparkling greens below
eerie mist between
1.2k · Mar 2015
Why does it happen at night
Alice Morris Mar 2015
I'm scared to go to sleep,

incase tonight my end I meet.

Why is it always just before bed,

that things start happening in my head?

I can feel it coming,

my head starts humming,

but it never gives me time,

to call out or give a sign.

if I'm lucky and someone is there,

I feel happier because I know they care.

you see, I can still hear everything that is said,

even though other things are going on in my head.

I wish they would find a cure,

then I wouldn't have to worry any more.

Then I could go out and play,

knowing I would be seizure free everyday.
1.2k · Jun 2015
Turquoise eye
Alice Morris Jun 2015
Turquoise feather eye
Show of beauty teases me
now fly me away
1.2k · May 2015
Cherish (haiku)
Alice Morris May 2015
Golden rays shine down
On the white peaked mountain top
Water trickles through
1.2k · Jun 2015
Admiral blue
Alice Morris Jun 2015
If I could choose a colour for you
I'd always go for admiral blue
cause just like the butterfly
you bring my world back to life
behind your dark mysterious cover
you turned out to be a perfect lover
and just like the butterfly
true beauty lies on the inside.
1.1k · Jun 2015
Hazel eyes
Alice Morris Jun 2015
I look into your hazel eyes,
hoping never to say goodbye.
The love you've brought to me
I crave it endlessly.
So let's go inside and close the door,
where we can make sweet l'amour.
1.0k · Mar 2015
No control
Alice Morris Mar 2015
These invisible wings,
Carry my heart to you.
Even though you broke it,
It remains loyal and true.
1.0k · Apr 2015
Time stood still
Alice Morris Apr 2015
Time stood still that day, for me it never really caught back up again . I can still see that black smudge mark on the pristine white wall, it was what I focused on thoughout the pain,

You entered my world and within seconds you left again, I'll never forget that eerie silence,with just the ticking of the clock to be heard, and the nurse's face, how quickly the colour drained.

I knew at that moment but I still waited, hoping to hear the cry that never happened.Now I'm left with an emptiness no one can fill, The worst thing was the waiting, hearing cries from all other room except this one... but wait there were cries here, mine.

How can they tell me to move on?

How can they make out you never exsisted?

I still have the swollen ******* that have harden where you're not there to suckle the milk from them, I still see mum's with their newborns in the street, yet I come home and your room is empty where they packed your things away and repainted it a dull yellow.

I want to scream, but I don't, I just give a small smile, what's the point of saying anything they think I need help anyway.

You were a part of me, everytime you moved I felt it, I knew when you had hiccups cause it felt like a bouncing ball in my stomach,and at night you reminded me you were still there with your kicks to my ribs I'd already fallen in love with you, maybe that's why time can't move on, for I pray to go back to the seconds before that final push, when you and I were still connected, maybe than I could change the outcome, but that's not going to happen is it?

What I can't understand is why, why let the whole nine months go by so fantastically, I was glowing now my world is dark, just darkness with no light at the end of the tunnel.

I pray you saw that light and it took you to that better place, where one day we'll meet again. Until that day my life will be stuck reliving those seconds you were still there inside of me, I'll still feel your heart beating next to mine, and you will not have died.
This is a short Flash
984 · Feb 2015
Broken hearts
Alice Morris Feb 2015
Tonight I had trouble sleeping,

because my heart was a weeping.

so I decided to take a moonlit walk,

to ponder on my thoughts.

It was like the trees were moving me along,

before I knew it the path was gone.

The cold wind made me shiver,

in the distance I could hear the trickling of a river.

Rustling noises echoed around me,

but I wasn't afraid, what was to become of me.

My heart has been broken,

words left unspoken.

So if tonight I was to die,

I wouldn't cry.

I came to rest in a small clearing,

suddenly mounds with crosses on started appearing.

I was drawn to this one cross,

it was different, new not covered in moss.

Like magic I was there reading the name,

it was mine, I must be going insane.

Violently I was swung around,

I screamed at what I found.

Hanging from a single tree,

my lifeless body was all I could see.

Then a voice spoke though the wind,

this is the message it did bring.

Is this how you want to be found?

hanging from a tree, then buried in the ground.

All these graves belong to people like you,

left broken not knowing what to do.

But there is one difference, you are strong,

this isn't where you belong.

They didn't have your choices,

their lovers cut their voices.

You need to go home and see,

how much you are loved, just trust in me.

Then NEVER return to this place,

or else next time a different fate you will face.
949 · Jun 2015
Astral plane
Alice Morris Jun 2015
An astral plane life
where the undead relive time
trying to change fate.
920 · May 2015
Aroma drifts (Haiku/Senryu)
Alice Morris May 2015
Sweet aroma drifts,
restlessly along the shores,
waiting loves return.
913 · Feb 2015
Ocean lovers
Alice Morris Feb 2015
The waves swept in *******, caressing the land,

whilst lovers laid confessing, messing in the sand.

Romance blossomed with the setting of the sun,

the ocean' s magic captures everyone.

As the moon glistens off the calmer sea,

The lovers declare forever they'll be.

They made love under the starry sky,

Then together watched the morning sun rise.
837 · Mar 2015
You're amazing
Alice Morris Mar 2015
I went into work today,

straight away this boy wanted to play,

it brought a smile to my face,

I had only just walked into the place.

You need to get dressed first young man,

then we can make a plan.

So I helped him take a shower,

it only took us an hour.

He put on his favourite top,

and down the corridor he hopped.

Next thing he was lying on the floor,

he wasn't having fun any more.

I went and spoke to him to keep him carm,

I told him to tell it to go away, then it couldn't do him no harm.

his eyes finally focused on me,

and a little smile I could see.

Come on champ you wanted to play,

we can't do that if here we stay.

so he got to his feet,

whilst I thought of something as a treat.

how about we make a den?

then your can invite in your friends.

can we stay in for a snack?

I'm sure I can make some lunch packs.

We were just finishing the finally touch,

but today we weren't having much luck.

My little friend started to shake,

it made my heart ache.

This time it went on abit long,

and all his energy was gone.

so I helped him to bed

and got someone to give him some meds.

Just laying there so still,

I hated to see him so ill.

but a few hours later on

he was sitting up, singing a song.

I hated that I had to go home,

but I knew he wouldn't be alone.

just before I left,

this is what he said,

I'm sorry we didn't get to finish the game,

my illness is such a pain.

maybe another day,

longer ill be able to play.

This boy is amazing you see,

I don't thing I could be so strong if it happened to me.

He seizures are every day,

but not once have I heard him say.

That he isn't happy,

or that he's feeling ******,

he lives life to the full,

and gives everything he does he's all.
830 · Nov 2015
Join together everyone
Alice Morris Nov 2015
Devastation struck

a place of love and romance

let's relight their hearts

nations all join, become one

let's show them they haven't won.
Just a small piece following the devastation in Paris
819 · Feb 2015
Lone flower
Alice Morris Feb 2015
A lone flower stands,

weeping morning dew,

longing for the day,

the world gets renewed.
806 · Jun 2015
Wink and a smile
Alice Morris Jun 2015
As I lay watching you sleep,

our hearts beat to the same beat,

I gently place a kiss on your cheek,

you stir and our eyes meet.

Your eyes undress me,

your fingers caress me,

our bodies entwine together,

I hope this love last forever.

Disturbed by the morning sunrise,

we kiss and say our goodbyes,

you leave giving me a wink and smile,

Knowing it was all worth while.
Alice Morris Mar 2015
I lay in wait,

for the dead of night,

to come visit you,

and hold you tight.


I seep into your dreams,

you sense it I know,

tossing and turning,

but you can't make me go.


I know you secret,

I know what you've done,

the smile on your face,

as you killed each one.


Cut them up,

hid them away,

keeping a small token,

to remember the day.


I'm telling you now,

your time is nearly here,

you're going to regret,

all those girls you went near.


He's going to make you,

feel all of their pain,

then he'll drag you to hell,

to relive it over and over again.


So on this night of halloween,

you had better watch you step,

the devil will be coming for you,

to make you his new play pet.
687 · Mar 2015
Does god really care
Alice Morris Mar 2015
This is a little girl who looks different, it's made her quiet, reserved and doesn't trust people. She starts to doubt god, so asks her mum some questions,

Mummy why do we pray to god?

Don't you think it's abit odd?

How do we know he's there?

do you really think he listens to my prayers?

I'm sure he listens to you dear,

why this sudden fear?

God cares and watches over you,

in everything that you do.

So why does he let people get hurt?

allows people to treat each other like dirt?

why doesn't he stop the bad weather?

if he is so clever.

God works in mysterious ways,

strong we have to stay.

Everything happens for a reason,

and the weather changes with each season.

Honey is there something wrong?

where has all you faith gone?

you have always believed in god, heven and hell,

so what's wrong? please tell.

Well I asked for something in my prayers,

it didn't happen, so I don't think he cares.

What did you ask for dear?

I asked to be liked by my peers.

Mummy kids just stare,

it just isn't fair.

If they get paired up in class with me,

terror in their eyes I see.

I just want to look like everybody else,

then I can show more of myself.

I wouldn't have to pretend all is well,

when really my life is hell.

Honey god can't stop the stares,

sometimes life isn't fair.

But you are the most beautiful person I know,

and everybody you should show.

Maybe god wants your help,

by telling people what you're about.

Teaching them looks shouldn't be all they see,

but it's what's on the inside, that make people be who they want to be.

so darling next time their stare,

see it as a compliment, they must care.

Ask them if they want to know, why you look the way you do,

I'm sure you will be surprised, by their response to you.

sometimes people are scared to ask,

maybe they are hiding behind their own mask.

so tell them the story of you,

and see what they do.

God let's things happen for a purpose,

you can help them see, nobody should be made to feel worthless.

You will have great mates,

go on many dates,

because you have a heart of gold,

and this you will always be told.

People will love you for what's inside,

you have to open up and give people a try.

God was listening to you,

but maybe he was hoping you could learn from this too.
686 · Feb 2015
Single leaf (haiku)
Alice Morris Feb 2015
A single leaf floats,

the wind its source of movement,

looking for a home.
662 · Feb 2015
Our not so perfect night
Alice Morris Feb 2015
Tonight was the night,

me and my husband were going to set the world a light,

We had everything planned,

even how to aim our clothes at the night stand.

Kids packed off to stay at their nan's,

nothing was going to ruin our plans.

I cooked up a romantic meal,

lit candles to get the right feel.

Everything was going fine,

until I started on the wine.

Hubby was running late,

this wasn't turning out to be that perfect date.

Three bottles down,

my head was spinning around.

Finally he walked through the door,

I screamed I couldn't take any more.

I knew he was telling a lie,

I could smell the perfume as he walked by.

I turn to him and scremed, tell me her name,

but the curtain touched the candle and started to go up in flames.

Suddenly the house was a blaze,

when it was all over, I was amazed,

I had to get closer, because I couldn't believe what I saw,

next to his ashes, a brand new bottle of perfume was lying on the floor!!
652 · Feb 2015
Alice Morris Feb 2015
Carry in the wind,

this message I send to you,

my body is here on earth,

but my soul has flown with you.
636 · Feb 2015
Rise from the ashes
Alice Morris Feb 2015
The warmth rises
I'm engulfed in flames
there is no pain
just the feeling of peace
an inner peace
at last I'm whole
I'm free, I've been released
to start living again
635 · Feb 2015
Don't cry for me
Alice Morris Feb 2015
The constant stuggle of a losing battle,

yet a sparkle of hope remains in me,

I'll carry on til I release my final breath,

then happily go to where I should be.

My  time on earth has been full of hopes and dreams,

no regrets have I, just some great memories.

So as I lay my head down to sleep tonight,

I'll not be afraid if I don't wake to see the light.

So please celebrate my life,

don't waste it with tears,

I left with a smile on my face,

and I had no fears.

Now here's a parting gift from me to you,

go out and do all the things you dream to do,

Make your life how you want it to be,

as the future no one can foresee.
630 · Mar 2015
Nobody told me
Alice Morris Mar 2015
I'm sorry I didn't get to say goodbye,

but nobody told me, I still ask why.

Not everybody agreed with us you see,

but I wish they could of just let us be,

I was still very young,

I didn't realise what I had done.

By falling in love with you,

I managed to hurt a few.

So I listened to what people said,

instead of what was going on in my head.

Now I know it was wrong,

but it's to late you are already gone,

the moments we spent together,

I will remember for ever.

Cause you were the one,

that taught me a relationship should be fun,

if I could reverse the hours,

I would do everything within my powers,

to have seen you that one last time,

whispered to you that you should have be mine,

that didn't get to be,

cause nobody told me.

Now I have a family of my own,

but sometimes when I'm alone,

I think of how you might of felt,

if  I had gotten to tell you how you made my heart melt.

Together again one day we will be

god will make it happen, just you wait and see.
Lossing someone you love is hard especially when that love was forbidden by others, then finding out years later that love had died, makes you wish you had done things different.
626 · Nov 2015
If only
Alice Morris Nov 2015
I wish there was still time,

So I could make you mine,

But now that will never be.

With that final glance,

I should of taken a chance,

Then you'd still be here with me.
624 · Jan 2016
Alice Morris Jan 2016
Rest, Earth's your blanket now child.
this is a kind of six word story
608 · Jun 2015
There is alway hope
Alice Morris Jun 2015
My world's full of darkness,

but I'll not let it consume me.

Each day I bask in the sun's warmth,

and allow the light to flow through me.

I think the gods are watching over me,

Giving me the strengh to carry on,

And whilst I continue to see the light,

I know not all hope has gone.
601 · Apr 2015
passion rises
Alice Morris Apr 2015
The scorching heat rose
Reaching the height of passion
New life starts to grow
Haiku or senryu depending how you read it  ;)
576 · Feb 2015
The storm (nove otto)
Alice Morris Feb 2015
The sky was awoken tonight

Claps of thunder, flashes of light.

Gentle rain turning to a pour.

Animals run to find cover,

young child screams for her mother.

The ground can not take any more,

puddles are starting to be formed.

By daylight life will have been mourned,

The force of the storm at my door.
563 · Apr 2015
Losing my soul mate
Alice Morris Apr 2015
Walking up to the old gravel path,

The wind's whistling, sounds like laughs.

Howls of the wolves,  under the moon,

The owl hoots, like a warning something is going to happen soon.

I grab the gate trying to be silent

but the squeaking sounds so violent

The owl takes off with a fright,

wait!! is that eyes I see in the forest of moonlight.

I'm mesmerised by these golden eyes,

begging me to go and spy.

Before I know it, I'm in too deep, trying to see,

What is this magic, that has a hold of me?

The eyes have been replaced by a hypnotic sound,

taking me further along the forest ground.

I come to a halt at a beautiful steam,

Those golden eyes are in the water causing a light, to be seen.

I lower my head for a closer look,

sudden a hand grabs me, and into the water I'm took.

The eyes no longer golden but black and dull,

this creature was ******* away my soul.

Then just like that, I was back at the squeaking gate,

but now I'm just an empty shell, without my soul mate.
557 · Jul 2015
Painted scene (nove otto)
Alice Morris Jul 2015
Painted the scene you wanted seen,

hiding the scars of what had been.

Scene ends, you return to the night,

where demons haunt your lonely mind,

You continue to try and find,

the answers to make the wrongs right,

but so many lies have been told,

Your hopes are starting to dissolve,

fearing there is no end in sight.
546 · May 2015
Twin buzz
Alice Morris May 2015
Twin buzz pass my ears
Flying on the wings of love
Nature at is best
Today for the first time ever I see two bumble bees, one flying on the back of the other I presume they were mating flying through the sky
538 · Jun 2015
Alice Morris Jun 2015
You entice me in,
with your whispers in the wind,
Canopy of love.
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