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Tint May 19
It is crawling
into my conscious
feeling; skin curls
flooded my brain
of useless anxiety
from pure-

The willow tree
screamed: toxicity!
and I sat under it
cooling my head
into 'calm' pieces,
this funny situations
of pure,
mad idiocy
Hot summer, brain all slushy
Pyrrha Feb 2019
I think asking for a soulmate is too much
Perhaps I should seek instead a kindred spirit
I'll find one along my journey across the sea
A fellow traveler, wanderer, foreigner
Someone else who sees the beauty in the little things
Who finds their passions in what others deem to be lesser
They will be like a sunflower in a rose bush;
A willow tree in a forest of redwoods

My moth amongst butterflies
Duckling- Jan 2016
The ache will feel like a willow tree creaking in a windstorm.
Persistent and powerful
Sometimes the wind wins
But never doubt the strength of roots buried deep.
Even with branches missing
The willow will grow to be whole again.
Dear willow tree
How you enchant me
You provide a place to hide
From all inquiring eyes
You are my secret place
My great escape
Wrap me in your leafy arms
Keep me safe from harm

My mother's tree
You were thee
With all your meloncholy beauty
You mean so much to me
Your leaves hang off your limbs like vines
A perfect place to hide
I wonder if they admire hour beauty like I

Oh the things you must have seen
To make you seem so meloncholy
I want you to know with all your sorrow
You're still beautiful to me

You stand tall and proud
Away from the crowd
You are a cherished sight
Eminating might
You're so graceful as you sway
the wind begins to play
You always beg it to stay
But one day all things go away

But I want you to know
You will always be sacred to me
My dear willow tree
Alice Morris May 2015
Weeping Willow cries,
this drought has lasted for months,
he's dying from thirst.
Silver Lining Sep 2014
willow tree standing proud and strong  branches flowing in the wind as if dancing to nature's song.

it's serene to watch, listen and truly see. we are but a small part, you and me.

oceans formed over days, weeks, years. their deepest points holding your darkest fears.

willow cracks and salty water lulling me to sleep. hush hush little baby, not even a peep.

— The End —