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Gabriella Dec 2017
I wish I could write things with meaning
With piercing words and breathtaking diction.
I wish that I could give all that I was thinking through words and art,
But everything I want to express is cut short
Broken down or unclean.
I want people to feel things when they read,
When they live I want my thoughts
In the back of their heads
Influencing their own ideas.
I want those feelings to inspire others
To express themselves through my words.
It's always been a dream.
And a far-fetched one at that.
Zero Nine Oct 2017
the acid talk really put me onto you
the specifics did it. precision cement.
the way you fill the silence, violently
**** victim defender. defender of what?
if you stuck to one version of your rules
you'd hear your disgusting tongue, you
would taste what you say and purge

you were in so many places at once
you touched the stars. drank in bars.
according to your true story account
the child soldier. soldiered psych wards.
for all that i know, i know no more truth
i know, i know, i know i let you in but i
can't truly know such an obvious liar
nor believe it in my core that you're a friend

what do you want from me?
the steel trap that memorized my paychecks
what do you want from me?
the cancer factory that steals all my class A's
what do you want from me?
what do you want?

your verse your version
infects my art

never have i ever been so tempted to spend
money over the internet

much too much too
everyone knows one
i made a bad habit out of knowing too many
elizabeth Jan 2017
Reading through your beautiful words,
My tears begin to fall.
Sloppy, wet, all over my desk;
I'd never let anyone see me this way.
Because when I'm like this,
There isn't anything you can do.
I'm feeling too much at this point,
And you may as well just leave me alone.

Reading your lovely words,
My tears are now streaming.
Drenched, sopping, my shirt is soaked;
I'd never let anyone see me this way.
Because when I'm like this,
Even I can't do anything.
I'm overwhelmed at this point,
And I may as well not even try to stop.

Reading your sweet words,
My tears are pouring down.
Flooded, sloshing, my room is filled.
I'd never let anyone see me this way.
Because when I'm like this,
I can't breathe, and my head spins.
I'm falling in love with every word,
And I may as well keep reading.
December 31, 2016.
I've fallen in love with every single one of your poems. Please never stop writing, Star.
Vida Crow Nov 2016
Oh no*
He thinks
as the
screams begin.

He forgot
to wash
the blood
off his

Pep Jul 2016
I don’t remember how many cups of red wine I took in.
It's like a fruit, deliciously exploring my mouth and throat.
It made me cool for only a second, but my belly is warm with need.
A need  for you to explore my mouth with that tongue of yours.
Is your tongue long, warm, or cool?
I wonder if your tongue would fight mine for dominance.
I want your sloppy kiss, your aggressive kiss, your sweet kiss, but I really want your possessive kiss.
Dominate and claim me with that kiss.
Can you even kiss?

I don’t know, but I would really like to find out.
before she left him
5. La Loba
Alice Morris Jun 2015
I look into your hazel eyes,
hoping never to say goodbye.
The love you've brought to me
I crave it endlessly.
So let's go inside and close the door,
where we can make sweet l'amour.
flustered Mar 2015
i want to hold your hand
but the mere thought
of our fingers brushing
leaves my palms sweating
and chest pounding
i want to see you
but that requires you seeing me
and it makes me want to fold myself in,
all the parts of me i'm not proud of
there are too many
because to you i am only a fleeting star like all the rest in the sky
but to me you are long-lived galaxies taking up my headspace, lasting, lingering
even after the last star burns out.
what i'm saying is you were never mine, but you'll still haunt me long after all of this is over
b for short Oct 2014
I’m not religious,
but you've got a tongue that can
make me see Jesus.
© Bitsy Sanders, October 2014
i Jun 2014
she lost control again,
just like in any situation
where she's helpless and
anxious, and she needs
someone to calm her down
with sloppy kisses and
tight hugs, but there's
no one to give her what
she wants and needs.
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