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Michael R Burch Jan 2023
The Drawer of Mermaids
by Michael R. Burch

This poem is dedicated to Alina Karimova, who was born with severely deformed legs and five fingers missing. Alina loves to draw mermaids and believes her fingers will eventually grow out.

Although I am only four years old,
they say that I have an old soul.
I must have been born long, long ago,
here, where the eerie mountains glow
at night, in the Urals.

A madman named Geiger has cursed these slopes;
now, shut in at night, the emphatic ticking
fills us with dread.
(Still, my momma hopes
that I will soon walk with my new legs.)

It’s not so much legs as the fingers I miss,
drawing the mermaids under the ledges.
(Observing, Papa will kiss me
in all his distracted joy;
but why does he cry?)

And there is a boy
who whispers my name.
Then I am not lame;
for I leap, and I follow.
(G’amma brings a wiseman who says

our infirmities are ours, not God’s,
that someday a beautiful Child
will return from the stars,
and then my new fingers will grow
if only I trust Him; and so

I am preparing to meet Him, to go,
should He care to receive me.)

Keywords/Tags: mermaid, mermaids, child, children, childhood, Urals, Ural Mountains, soul, soulmate, radiation
Khoisan Jun 2022
She is
the water
immersing the shore
motion moving entities
shadows of the lore
sirens call on rising tides
men of flesh flock
falling as they fly
within her mystical whiles.
Grace Jan 2021
I used to be happy
Ignore the heavy things.
Tread and tread and pretend that nothing was below me.

But there are things that lurk.
Monsters and darkness.
While I sank, I sung out about how well I could swim.

And then she was sinking
And I learned how to swim
But I never taught her.

Just keep swimming
I tell her.
soon enough the mermaids will scare them away
I hope she believes me.
I hope she is strong enough to withstand the wretched currents.
I love you. I hope that is enough.
Please keep swimming because soon enough the mermaids WILL come.
Ariana Solo Oct 2020
I held the shell to the ear with a hand

I listened to the breath of Posidon

And the laughter of mermaids

As I sat on the cold Winter sand

Bri Stokes Sep 2020
In the highest barricades
of Millennia
and wilted fields of Lavender,
I might’ve loved you.

I might’ve taken your hand
and let you lead me
through ghoulish night.
I might’ve held you

with the fervor
of endless,

in holy concaves
of majesty
and infatuation,

by opal irises
and kisses of
California summer.
I would’ve made you mine,

had I known then
what the Sirens now sing to me,
the secrets of Infinity

laid bare,
like iridescent
oil spills
in an empty lot

with weeds between cracks.
In another life,
I’ll call you back to me.

I’ll draw you back again
with a wrathful, raging love:
wild enough to wake gods,
fierce enough to tame odious tide,

deep enough
to drown aeonic suffering.
And not even Adam
or Eve

might undo the knots
of Fate
I’ll lace

between You
and I, then.
And I’ll grant you passage
to a second world

with a key that unlocks such
sacred Regret.
And I’ll point out all
the stars named after us,

as they swirl in
clouds of Violet,
storms of Indigo,
seas of twinkling,

And I’ll set a dagger
on your heart,

and you to mine,
and we’ll die together,

of destined

travelling far enough
to be drawn together
This is a story of regret.
Diana Aug 2020
And so the prince swims to land
And embraces the chilling spell at hand
His tail disappears, and is replaced by two
Human legs, both soft and new

Wobbling a bit, he slowly stands
And brushes away the water stained sands
And there he awaits, hopefully
The maiden who fell into the sea

When she comes, she comes gracefully
And he kneels before the shine of she
The maiden, her heart kind and bestowed
Welcomes the prince to her humble abode

And the next few months they go to and fro
And through this time the prince knows
Should the marriage of the maiden to another resolve
The dawn of the next day, the prince will dissolve

The maiden didn’t mind that the prince was mute
For it wasn’t his voice that’s his impute
But what a pity, for all the maiden knows
Is his beautiful voice singing his woes

On the day the prince will declare his love
The maiden tells him then thereof
That there is only one who her heart is for
And it’s the fisher who she believes saved her

And so the maiden, in kindness and laughter
Finds the man and declares her love after
Their wedding will happen at that midnight
To celebrate dawn’s coming light
Diana Jun 2020
And now this story shall tell of two
Entirely different, through and through
One a maiden, who sails with the breeze
The other, prince of the untamed seas

And this is how the story starts
When from the land, the maiden departs
For she loved sailing the unknown realm
Gazing alone from behind the helm

She has beauty and kind words she may say
But lucks not on her side today
For the wind picks up, and the waves grow
Currents sweep faster, and howling winds blow

At the helm she searches frantically around
Looking for a place of safe ground
But everywhere there’s rage and there’s storms
And around the boat the ocean deforms

The boat rocks and turns and sways
Under a sky of blacks and grays
And suddenly she is thrown overboard
As the wind blowed and the rain poured

And on the side, watching with glee
Is the demon witch of the dark sea
She chuckles as she finishes her spell
And to the maiden she waves farewell
Jtlbl May 2020
Swimming in circles hed eventually drown
In essance a king with a  crown
Waves broke anything he had ever planned
Sinking he needed land he need a hand
last breath
Feeling death
Feminine devinity smiled
Upon him life infinity
A mermaid in presence
A savour he saw no menace
Men lay dead around her See,-bed
Nothing mere about this man
perusue her oceans lengths where she led
His existence she would know "I am"
feel the words before he spoke them
Her voice a sirens call to home
A catch of a lifetime aim to net alone
A connection unspoken healed broken
Upon a thrown announced His Queen.
More valuable than the Oceans lost treasure and gold
A pure chance endeavor
Jypsys cards yester years for told
Do mermaid's tears givre live forever.
Gain was nothing ever wanted
Her tears to never see the ocean-floor.
A chance was the only thing form her he wanted granted
The sea was mysterious
He remained curious
She got away or so they say
I heard he never left that spot
Fishing endlessly
A Tamaltuious quest he lost
The sweet siren of her voice
The feeling of freshly layed snow within her eye's
Ice blue I wonder in time will she even remember September
His memory was fading it was May
2 hours from shore
To hand
She had changed everything
Without even touching his hand
One day the tide took him too
They say
hes at rest now with me his brother
his other
one in the same
one man 2 names
gratful for even that short window
for on those days the sunsn warmth
touched the deepest part of the sea bed
brought warmth if thats all hew can claim
Changed tides ppl forgot
he was different now hes not
Ocean shores guides
#mrquid #Johnnyquid #mermaind
2020 Mr quid
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