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vera Jan 21
I have left my soul unfed
I stare at 1's and 0's all alone
I live within my phone.

I have no words but empty ones.
I speak the same script as everyone.

Who sees me?
If I don't speak.
Who loves me?
If I am not here.

Everything is fine.
Is what I say all the time.

When cliff sides erode
it is nature changing, becoming new.
What will happen as I lose myself, bit by bit.
What is hiding behind my soul?
Together we prosper
Alone we survive
Together we triumph
Together we thrive

So let’s work together
Each day we’re alive
And follow the adage
Together we thrive

Rejoice in the bounty
That seems to arrive
When we stand united
Together we thrive

Our planet we’ll care for
Our soil we’ll revive
Let’s focus our purpose
Together we’ll thrive
This is Prosperity Poem 135 at and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background (copy and paste the link below).
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This poem was inspired by President Nelson's talk about what we have learned from the pandemic.

At about 7 minutes is when he talks about how we need each other!

We can accomplish SO much more together than we can alone.  This is true - let's work together.

i keep on thinking of words—
to unite, to collide;
but in everything that i do,
memories of you and i,
sweep me off of my feet—
with such delight.
hope y'all are doing fine!
Yashika Oct 2020
Right in the middle of an ordinary life
Love gave us a fairy tale
When we both met each other
No one else I really bothered….

You came like a bright star
And became my superstar
You took me to the dreamland
Promising to be my best friend

My goal was to marry you
Build memories and grow old with you
Overwhelmed when you dropped to one knee
Palms sweating and secluded bubble moment finally happens to me

Tying nuptial knot was the beginning
We decided to write our own happy ending
Walking hands in hands together in the sand
Kissing in rain in the roads we stand….

We have spent few years together
Many more to go
Accept my flaws and forgive mistakes
My love for you cannot be replaced
Benjamin Aug 2020
Differences are beautiful,
They make us all unique,
Without differences between us,
There'd be no reason to speak,
The cultures that divide us,
Are the same ones that unite,
The people that helped make us,
Are the reason that we fight
A short poem on why differences are what the make the world go round.
Kara Shirlene Aug 2020
A word that floats in the back of my mind
As emotions ebb and flow.

When everything feels so unknown;
When seasons come and go.

A feeling in my belly,
Like the flutter of a butterfly.

The promise for a new tomorrow.
The steadfast love between you and I.

When there's nothing left to do,
But surrender.

The piece of puzzle in life that will help us
Make it through this time together.

More than just a word or flutter;
The only thing I can cling to now.

A gentle and sweet reminder,
We'll make it through somehow.

For today and for tomorrow,
And just for right now.


©KSS 4/2020
Fall danced away, winter melted away, spring came in and here i 'am still waiting for you.
I been waiting, you been waiting, for us to touch.
I remember the good times when i'd be by the airport watching all the aerospace flying by and day dreaming for the day to come, when our hearts would finally sync in touch with the love of our first kiss.
Midnight stars twinkled bright, while the moon shined into our lives to show us that we're not alone.
One look at the moon for me and you remind me that if we can both gaze up into this ball of light, we will be together far apart but in heart.
I hope soon we can see each other, each day for things to get better.
Shows to go that time goes by so quick beyond our seems and all of a sudden we get splashed with a biohazardess material that intoxicates all of our lives to the point of no return.
Now our world has gone to darkness, but we still have each other because the moon still stands strong and doesn't die without a fight.
Michael Jun 2020
At hand, we die to the white man.
Call it like it is.
See it from my eye.
“I don’t see color”
You don’t see color!!!
What madness do you speak?
The fact that you don’t see color
Means you don’t see me!
Because I am a person of color,
You’ve gotta see my color to see me.

You would rather make sure your dog eats
While my dawg got's to hustle and tussle for bone and scrap.
You would rather help stray dog
Than help a dawg gone astray.
A black life is a human life.

At hand, we die to our own.
Call it like I see it.
A lot of my brothers and sisters
See me from a dove’s eye view,
Killed by my own hands.
Brothers and sisters
Yet we **** each other like
Slave and oppressor.

The oppressor has become,
Me, who undermines my brother because
He don’t got the qualifications like the Caucasian.
Me who undermines my sister so much so
She now finds love in selling her love.
Help a n** out!!!

Land of the free,
For the skin that’s never been slaved.
Bring back the land
That was rightfully mine.
Do manners only apply when I'm wrong?
Gimme my land, freedom, rights and dreams
And ill give you your car back?
As a father I did what I had to for my kids.

Africa, your mother, cries
Day in and day out.
Her own children die
Not only at the hands of the free, but also at the hands of her children.
Sacrificed, a lot, to keep her children fed,
She’s been a mother to the world,
Its time we, her children, look after our mother and
Each other.
You can't be neutral to the situation at hand. It's not a situation. They just found a more subtle way of going about it.
Dave Robertson May 2020
Splinter and divide,
time after time,
bluster and misdirect,
point to the workshy or foreigners,
twist the knife in vulnerable hearts
and fan the fear

We’re here because at some point past
we agreed this land should last
that it stands for goodness and right
and all heads shared the thought
so the idea

Our disgust and indignance
threatens a retreat
so the squeakiest wheel triumphs
through attrition

Your mission,
should you choose to accept it,
is this:

Call out the heartless, the bleak,
the self self self serving,
the thoughtless, the blinkered
the unthinkers

Every breath, every day
our grit and mettle can save us
and an idea worth saving
Mansi Apr 2020
Why are humans
Divided in race, ethnicity,
****** orientation, or gender?

Why can't we be united
In our brokenness?
Every single one of us is broken
Not in the same way or from
But still broken

This quality should unite us,
But why does this
Always draw a wedge
Between us
This is the time to stand united not divided
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