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Be my mistake
Let everything be at stake
Girl, let's cheat
Everyone has a sin

Don't listen to them
For this is true
Theirs unsure
Be my mistake

For in this room
We are free
A prison of love
Baby you are my sweetest
- taste of sin

And when we reached the end
Baby don't let go
You are my life
My heroine
My favorite mistake
danny Aug 2017
Blonde hair, tight tanned body
Not usually my type but
You stir something in me down there.

You smile shyly,
Girl, you are going to get us into more trouble.
You don't seem to need much coaxing.

Down slides the red cocktail dress,
Your toned body freed.
Black lace ******* shielding heaven.

Soft lips on mine, feels so good
Supple ******* in the palm of my hand,
Pinching ***** *******, a specialty of mine.

Feeling you tremble underneath me
Floods my cup,
I cannot wait to taste you.

I feel your fingers slide
between my thighs,
As our tongues do ballet.

Going to gain our membership
to the sisterhood now.
Wet knuckle status.

We are top to toe,
Better access.
I am starving for you.

It wont take us long to reach Nirvana,
I get it now,
I would have burnt my bra if I ever wore one.

Your ****** and my mouth are a perfect match
I do not usually swing this way
but am honored to dip my toe in your pool.

Crying out you pull away.
That's not how I work,
You will leave complete or not at all
Lyla from my previous one night stand trilogy, my first one in a series of ****** poetry, I decided to continue doing more, Feed back is welcome
Hayleigh May 2017
I held her in my arms
Watched the sunrise in her eyes.
axr Mar 2016
Who knew our late night conversations would turn into confessions?
Kisses in the parking lot,
Hands intertwined,
the ink on our body fading,
I think I see the stars reflected in your eyes.
We laughed when we saw your demons drown
We could run away in just a ball gown.

They think it's just a phase
They call us insane
but they don't need to know anything.
They think we are sins
but they don't know what goes on within
They think that we are upto something.

We've been driving for 13 miles now
Who knows if they ever find out?
All I need is your everything.
this was going to be another boy loves girl and admires her poem till I decided to add a twist. It's about a same *** couple. My first ever piece on the LGBTQ
Manic Brilliance Oct 2015
mackelmore got it focused, and eminem did too,
if hip hop can have a tolerance, then why can't you?
you say you're against abortion, but what if your child turned out ***?
would you change your story? or would you try to drug the love away?
pro-life's is what you preach but against *** marriage from a book's depiction?
no wonder we are lost, when we think in contradiction...
this isn't only a hit to Christianity, it's aimed towards religion, insanity comes to definition when a book make your decisions.
we try to preach peace, but peace still hides, when every hateful slur comes with a demon surprise.
so many wars over **** like this,
when we should all stand up and fight against it.
some say it's on oil, but see the bigger picture,
internal wars fueled by hatred written in scripture.
the essence of the soul is trapped within a cast,
maybe we are already in hell but our soul stands center mass,
trying to escape with reason by which you just ignore,
when you speak without though or a pulse within your core.
why does it matter if someone has a lover of the same ***?
just because you were raised that way, you have to continue this hex?
ink written on paper, by the hands of man,
over thousands of years, translated again and again.
but you're so set in stone on what you believe,
that if Jesus himself appeared and proved you wrong, he would get the third degree.
set you human thoughts aside for the sake of humanity,
and fill your heart will love, respect, and a sense of humility.
I'm not anti-Christian, pro-life, or pro-choice.
but I am pro-Humanity, Pro-change, and pro-voice.
Joel Lazú Sep 2015
People are all equal,
is it completely true?
remain marginalized.
They are normal
they want to
have normal lives.

Children are in foster cares.
Homosexual couples
would love to have kids,
but it is still illegal.
We all need a family
that teach

couples value having
bring them
education, and
the happiness of
Alice Morris Jun 2015
I never thought it as being wrong,

after all inside I heard the love song,

it started as soon as I looked into your eyes,

it soothed me like a lullaby.

So now let them stand and stare,

Whilst we go start a love affair.

— The End —