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Alice Morris Jan 2016
Rest, Earth's your blanket now child.
this is a kind of six word story
Alice Morris Nov 2015
Devastation struck

a place of love and romance

let's relight their hearts

nations all join, become one

let's show them they haven't won.
Just a small piece following the devastation in Paris
Alice Morris Nov 2015
I wish there was still time,

So I could make you mine,

But now that will never be.

With that final glance,

I should of taken a chance,

Then you'd still be here with me.
Alice Morris Aug 2015
Half existence until we meet again.
This is a six word story
Alice Morris Jul 2015
Painted the scene you wanted seen,

hiding the scars of what had been.

Scene ends, you return to the night,

where demons haunt your lonely mind,

You continue to try and find,

the answers to make the wrongs right,

but so many lies have been told,

Your hopes are starting to dissolve,

fearing there is no end in sight.
Alice Morris Jun 2015
My world's full of darkness,

but I'll not let it consume me.

Each day I bask in the sun's warmth,

and allow the light to flow through me.

I think the gods are watching over me,

Giving me the strengh to carry on,

And whilst I continue to see the light,

I know not all hope has gone.
Alice Morris Jun 2015
As I lay watching you sleep,

our hearts beat to the same beat,

I gently place a kiss on your cheek,

you stir and our eyes meet.

Your eyes undress me,

your fingers caress me,

our bodies entwine together,

I hope this love last forever.

Disturbed by the morning sunrise,

we kiss and say our goodbyes,

you leave giving me a wink and smile,

Knowing it was all worth while.
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