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2.1k · Oct 2018
SoVi Oct 2018
I sang
The words

I sang
The words

I sang
The words

I sang
The words
That I

I remember these words
Inside my throat
Clawing outward

I remember these words
Burns on my arms
Branding me
With names and numbers

Words that soothe
Yet still

I sang
The words
Blind you

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
1.2k · Dec 2021
SoVi Dec 2021
The misery
Ridding up my skin like a disease
The sympathy
Screeching up my ears, till I can't hear
The enemies
Following me but I can't seem to see

My energy
Displaced and diverted for survival
My happiness
Nonexistent since your appearance
My appearance
Don't matter cause I am the baddest batter

I swear
I'll never  be an angel or a saint
I promise
That you will forever rue this day
I expect
Everyone I see to be my enemy

© Sofia Villagrana 2021
Inspired by Enemies by Imagine Dragons featuring JID
1.2k · Sep 2018
Hanezeve Caradhina
SoVi Sep 2018
I know that this journey is treacherous
And we might lose our way
But remember
All the pain
All the suffering
That we endured

Our home is now long gone at this point
No reason to shed tears
So remember
All the prayers
All the blessings
Bestowed on us

The road ahead holds many blockades
But we will still march onwards
Just remember
All the promises
All the dreams
That we carry

Even if our bodies are broken down
We will fix each other
Please Remember
All the strength
All the wisdom
That we have crafted

The road underneath is mysterious
Filled with unthinkable questions
But I remember
All the truth
All the words
That you are here in my heart

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
My interpretation of the meaning of the words for the song Hanezeve Caradhina featuring Takeshi Saito which was featured in Made in Abyss.

For an amazing cover check out
1.1k · May 2018
Hades and Persephone
SoVi May 2018
Like a flower that blooms only in night
Like a small child with cascading tears from their eyes
I always wondered if it will be alright
If I tried to use my smile to hide sorrow

A small shower bathes the flowers in dew
And the smell of earth lulls me to you
Closing my eyes against the harshness of light
All I see are impressions  against my lids

Hoping to feel the summer breeze pass by
But all I felt were caresses of goodbye
Try as I might I never succeed and I cried
But someone heard my futile pleas
And that is how you came to me

You held my hand and lead me to wonders
A blush adorned my cheeks as you whispered my name
I wished to only adorned your head with buds
But I **** them with a single touch
Yet you still held my hands in yours

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
979 · May 2018
SoVi May 2018
Champagne bottles on the ground
Glitter splattered on walls
Tried to wash it all off
But it has stained the walls
Mascara on my face
Tried to clean the evidence of pain
But it hurts to confront it
I'll leave the wound to fester

Knocking on the door
Oh dear, Oh dear
Leave me alone
I won't come out, I won't come out
Might as well be hell

One more drink, One more drink
Don't watch me, Don't watch me
Close the door, Close the door
Seclude myself in the cold

Chandeliers swinging, half broken, lights flickering
And I am the one swinging
Trying to make the last chain break into pieces
But it keeps holding on
Why won't it break I just want to fall
Feel my face on the ground
The Chandelier continues to shine while I try to die

I am holding on to dear life
Won't try to save myself though
Might as well try to let go
Maybe the Chandelier will fall, I am not sure
Glasses crackle under the pressure of my hands
Feel bad that I am destroying it
But I need your demise so I can die

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
954 · Apr 2018
Smoldering Hearts
SoVi Apr 2018
In the past we were otherworldly

But when you get
I remember everything you have done.

Burning like embers concentrated.
Falling tinder yelling frustrations.
I consume everything you are.

Smoke rising up like pillars in the sky
Thought you were sleeping
Safe and sound, burning in my arms.

Instead, you were gone.

When I gave you shelter with my fire
Ended up suffocating all of my love
Left me smoldering with a broken heart.

Tendrils of smoke slowly dancing.
Ashes floating from deception.
You were nothing after all.

Now we are
After you broke this spell with all of your doubt.

Guess we were human after all.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Inspired by the songs by the band LP.
940 · Sep 2018
Bella Noche
SoVi Sep 2018
Un deseo a cumplir
Realidad se cambio
Mi camino es diferente

Pero realise

Que en esta noche
Hay pura mentiras
Sobre de mis suenos

Cuando quise escapar
No habia puertas
Me dormi en la oscuridad

En la bella noche
Se me cai las lagrimas

En la bella noche
Se me va la esperanza

En la bella noche
Se me va la riza y la luz y compassion
Se me va la felicidad

En este mundo
No te quise decir
Que no existe maravillas

No te queria llenar de desepcion
Yo queria verte feliz

En la bella noche
Se me va las lagrimas

En la bella noche
Se me va la sonrisa

En la bella noche
Se me regresa el depression y angustia
Veine todo mal

En la bella noche
Se me va la fantasia

En la bella noche
Se me va los deseos

En la bella noche
Se va mi juventud y esperanza
No mas queda la realidad

El noche esta lleno de estrellas
Que llena el cielo con poquito de fe
Pero se que todo esto es una mentira
Para traparnos en una fantasia que no tiene nada de vida

Cuando quise escapar
Mis manos levantados
Listo para tumbar todos los paredes
No te quise lastimar
Pero esto es la unica manera
Para escapar de este mundo cruel
No te quise hazer dano
Pero ala mejor es mejor
Que no recuerdas la verdad
De este cruel mundo
Y como nos mentio
Llenando nos de mentiras

Que deseos si se cumple

La bella noche se va callendo
Y nosotros somos que lo tumbo
Con nuestras manos lo vamos a
Vamos ser nuestra realidad

En la bella noche
Vamos a garar fe

En la bella noche
Vamos comer las estrella

En la bella noche
Vamos ser la luz que brilla para el futuro
Y crear fantasias

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Inspired by the song Ice/Sis Puella Magi from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

The version of the song used specifically is:
SoVi Sep 2018
A desire to fulfill
Reality was changed
My path is different

But I realize

That on this night
There are only lies
About my dreams

When I wanted to escape
There were no doors
I slept in the darkness

In the beautiful night
I shed my tears

In the beautiful night
My hope left me

In the beautiful night
I lost the laughter, the light, and compassion
My happiness left me

In this world
I did not mean to tell you
That there are no wonders

I did not want to fill you with deception
I wanted to see you happy

In the beautiful night
My tears leave me

In the beautiful night
My smile evades me

In the beautiful night
Depression and anguish returns
Everything bad comes again

In the beautiful night
My fantasy is gone

In the beautiful night
My wishes leave me

In the beautiful night
My youth and hope are dead
Reality is all that's left

The night is full of stars
That fills the sky with little faith
But I know that all of this is a lie
To trap us in a fantasy that has nothing to of life left

When I wanted to escape
My hands raised
Ready to knock down all the walls
I did not want to hurt you
But this is the only way
To escape from this cruel world
I did not want to hurt you
But maybe this is for the best
That you do not remember the truth
From this cruel world
And how did they lied
Filling us with lies

That wishes do come true

The beautiful night is falling
And we are the cause of it
With our hands, we are going to
Shatter it
Burn it
Change it
We will  make our reality

In the beautiful night
We are going to gain faith

In the beautiful night
We'll consume the stars

In the beautiful night
We'll be the light that shines for the future
And create fantasies

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Inspired by the song Ice/Sis Puella Magi from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

The version of the song used specifically is:
908 · Apr 2018
Rabbit Trapped
SoVi Apr 2018
When you grabbed me too tightly
When you made me choke
Then you left me, darling
And with your back turned
I tried to reach your throat
I marked you like an animal
You caught me like a hunter
My head became friendly
With your favorite rope
Then you thought me a lesson
Now all I do is float.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
890 · Dec 2021
Call Me
SoVi Dec 2021
It's a turbulent life you have lived
Past is snipping at your heels
As you run past the pain
Remembering all the deceit

Call me when its time
To come home and hold you
Take my hand
And let me guide you

Call me when you know
How to care for yourself
Ease my mind
Take care of yourself

Call me when your memories
Are no longer a maelstrom
Of confusion and lights
But a kaleidoscope

Call Me, Call Me
Call Me when you remember
What you want from life
When you figure out
'Who am I?'

© Sofia Villagrana 2021
Inspired by "Call me Call me" in Cowboy Bebop (episode 24).
773 · Jun 2018
Forbidden Colours
SoVi Jun 2018
Everyday we will smile and play
Windows will shatter across our platters
The morning will come and bid us hello
As you can imagine everyday was fantastic

All of a sudden the world came crashing
Rivers overturn and tress were falling
Echoing around me where sounds of animals screeching
The colors slowly fadding

Light cried goodbye, Night rose awake
Now these forbidden colors washed into grays
I try to tell everyone but no one listened
blinded by their own injustice
Green has been replaced by death
and i try to bring them back to life
all i have are ashes

The world grows form the tinniest of seeds
And blossoms into the flowers that captivates our sights
We pull form the ground and we stop its life

And for what?
To see it die in a glass container in our house

Forbidden colours of a field in full bloom
But not anymore
Greys have blocked the sky's light from reaching them

The world is slowly coming to a screeching halt
Winters are longer and summers are hotter
I wonder if we will survive

Forbidden colours
Of ice in the north and south that are melting away
Into the blues of oceans that are heating

The rush of water that is filling our land into a swamp
People try to fight against something they cannot control
People will like to blame anything at all
But themselves

All of these colours
fade away as we destroy their homes
And become extinct
Have filled the world with ash
Dark and thick like ink

Forbidden colours
Of the ocean blue
Magentas and purples of coral reefs
Red of the uncut redwood forest

Forbidden colours
Of white mountain tops
And cerulean of shining lakes
With underground forest vibrating viridian

Forbidden colours
Meadows that flow of fushia and lavender
Or fields of golden corn
With the rich brown of dirt

Forbidden colours
Of our pink lungs not filled with industrial vile

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Inspired by the Songs Forbidden Colors by Ryuichi Sakamoto.
749 · Mar 2020
Dissolve Into Nothing
SoVi Mar 2020
Should we dissolve this?
This game we are playing
Jumping these hurdles
It can be exhausting.

Rocking the boat
Tipping me over the edge
Wanting to see me
Succumb to the waves.

Relationship dissipating
Easygoing on temptation
Dissolving my feelings
No surprises at all.

Easy come easy go
No more favors for you
Closing these doors
And ending this chapter.

© Sofia Villagrana 2020
736 · Dec 2021
See You Later . . .
SoVi Dec 2021
I walk down this unknown road
But I am not afraid
Of the dark or silence that follows
So I keep walking forward
Arms swinging by my side.

With my head turned
Turned up towards the sky
As I welcome the sun's rays
And the rain that falls
Bathing me in its life.

I've traveled far and wide
But never by myself
This is a new experience
It's a little bit scary and new
But I am not afraid.

The stars twinkle brightly
I remember your eyes
Reflecting back on the memories
Happiness and sadness
I'll hold them in my heart.

Whistling the songs
That you sang during dawn
As we eat breakfast and laughed
Such vivid noises and sights
That I will dream as I travel.

I know this may seem unexpected
But I need to leave the past
So don't be afraid
This is not a goodbye forever
I promise I'll see you later.

© Sofia Villagrana 2021
Inspired by Wo Qui Non Coin in episode 24 of Cowboy Bebop (
672 · Oct 2018
Bad Relationship
SoVi Oct 2018
All I felt with you darling
Was a battlefield

Trapped in my mindscape
Trying to find an escape

None of your words soothe me
All I felt was apprehension consuming

These final words were meant to hurt
To act against all the pain you made

The time we have spent
Is now wasted

Laughter that echoed
Is now a hollow sound

How could we let this get this far?
Did we try to change this at all?

It is better if we just leave this alone
Lets not repair a broken soul

I want to thank you for the time given
Now it's time to say goodbye

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
644 · Feb 2020
In the Back Room
SoVi Feb 2020
Take me to the
Back row
Back room
Back door

Touch me
Where I said no
Pretend and act
Like you don't know

That these
Are from you

© Sofia Villagrana 2020
616 · May 2018
Pais de Ladrones
SoVi May 2018
Viví en un país de ladrones
Motivados por corazones y pasiones
Robando affection de amores
Dejando parejas quebradas
Pero tu me pedistes mi amor
En ese momento me enamore

De verdad pensasteis que te dejare
Cuando el me ofreció riquezas?
Tu eres todo que he querido
Tengo miedo qe tu te arrepientas

Si lo vas a pensar otra vez
Por favor no me digas
No quiero saber tu epifanía
Dejame vivir en la ignorancia

Cómo viví en en un país de ladrones?
Con gente que ni saben que ellos quieren
Robando todo en su vista
Dejando corazones rotos
Tu me enseñastes que todavía hay bueno
Me dado el regalo de compassion

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
588 · Apr 2018
SoVi Apr 2018
You wish to turn back time
So you can live a little longer
With the ones you love
But the ache will be stronger
And they will still be gone
So don’t beg for the impossible.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Part 2 of Stages of Grief Collection.
584 · Jun 2018
(ENGLISH) Supernova
SoVi Jun 2018
I never want to be
Alone in space
Closed or open eyes
Half alive or dead
I do not know what I want
Take away life
Cover my mouth
Hands on my heart
Squeeze stronger
Do not be afraid of the present
Certainly you hands
I do not want to hurt you
Some are cutting me
Little by little, sacred
Skin pink to white
Doing me in nothing
Floating in the galaxy
Body is frigid
Skin breaking down
Eyes are not shining
My dead body
Converting into comet
I explode into time

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
578 · Apr 2018
The Morning After
SoVi Apr 2018
Calling your name so softly, camly
Sleeping on a hospital bed
Barely able to breath.
Wonder how I ended up here?
All I know is that you’re gone.

All around me are faces full of pity.
I got tired of not understanding why.
Why do they all look like they want to cry?
Tears stains on my face with no cause.

Darling, I don’t know why you’re not here but I’ll find you.
Walk into the cold breeze looking for your warmth.
Dancing on top of ledges hoping that you’ll catch me
But I don’t feel your arms wrap around me tightly.

Please don’t shed any tears I’ll be alright
So just smile and pretend we are dancing like when we were young.

You don’t have to wait for me anymore because I am not here
But that’s alright cause I live in your memories.

All right so just, smile please
Smile and hide your tears behind a facade.

And I’ll wait for you
My Forever True Love.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Inspired by Drama by Dawny.
SoVi May 2018
The past is just a lie
Your words will not surmise
To be or not to be
I wish it was that easy

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
558 · Jan 2022
Fly Away
SoVi Jan 2022
Eyes ahead
Foward and dead
I am unsure of the path I am taking

Hands up high
Reaching towards the sky
Fingertips brushing the morning light

Frizzy hair
Dew on the edges
Blocking my perception of the world

***** feet
From walking on the street
Guided by the cement sidewalk cracks

Mouth agape
Words suffocate
Uneasiness building inside my chest

Fly away
Run before its too late
Better to be hurt than to be caged

© Sofia Villagrana 2021
555 · May 2018
Beginning of the Story
SoVi May 2018
Whistling in the dark
Hoping you won't
Bump into nightmares.

Hush little darling
Don't say a word
Don't want to be heard.

You lie frozen on a meadow of rye
Beyond the horizon, you see a light.

So warm you can't ignore
You try to walk
But stay motionless.

Don't stop walking today
Have to find a way
Out of this purgatory haze.

Your body just can't stay wide awake
So why is this world stuck on days?

Here in the tainted dreams
Monsters of memories
Haunt you as you heal.

Rush into the dusk
Try to find your mom
But she's probably gone.

Snow clouds rise from the sky in armies
You are bleeding from gunshot wounds.

Unsure of who you are
Descending into misery
With conflicted spirits.

You will escape the moment
Realize it's not your fault
Accepting your inner soul.

Know its  hard to ignore all the fury
Want to blame somebody for your hurting.

But you need to wake up my darling
Don't let yourself become a story.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Part of Labyrinth of Dreams. Inspired by Forever For now by LP
503 · Apr 2018
SoVi Apr 2018
Shouting from down the halls
Where you are screaming out your lungs
Claiming nothing is right
Refused to listen to the truth
Someone to blame, either me or you
But stuff like this happens all the time.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Part 3 of Stages of Grief collection.
486 · Nov 2018
SoVi Nov 2018
               Keep your heart together
       Don't let them know you're alone
       Put the gun in the drawer, lock it up
                 Take that knife and throw it away
         Lies through clenched teeth
         Burn all your things together
                 Fight and fly to forget
          Hide your body so they'll forget
          It's never going to be that

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
444 · Mar 2020
SoVi Mar 2020
I don't want to die young
Disappear into obscurity.

Stretched thin like nylon
Something that you see as pretty.

Rubbed raw by a cat's claw
Watch me as I keep bleeding.

Feelings like a jigsaw
Don't know if I can keep going.

© Sofia Villagrana 2020
430 · Feb 2020
No Hay Tiempo Paro Morir
SoVi Feb 2020
Deberia saber
Que me dejaras

No mas para que ves
Te la estas buscando

Hacimos pareja
Pero te vi alla

Mucho para aguantar
Tu eras mi vida
Pero  la vida no es justo

Era estupida para amar te?
Era tonta ayudar te?
Era ovio a todo lo de mas?

Me calli por tu mentira
Tu nunca me querias

Engañame una y doz veces
Voy a morir en un paradiso

Tu nunca me vas a ver llorar
No hay tiempo a morir

Lo deje quemar
Tu no eres mi preocupacion

Fantasmas de mi pasado regresan
Otro leccion para aprender

Tu nunca me vas a ver llorar
No hay tiempo a morir

© Sofia Villagrana 2020
Song inspired by Billie Eilish 'No Time to Die'
429 · Mar 2020
Yearning for You
SoVi Mar 2020
Hanging 'round your place
Days keep passing.
Sitting here for weeks
But don't worry.

Wanted some closure
Where are you going?

Hope you'll come back
Yearning for you.
Please, just stop and listen
Before the sun sets.

Needed some closure
Where are you going?

Can't you see I'm hurting
Just make me happy.
You don't care about me
Waiting here for you.

Give me some closure
Where are you going?

© Sofia Villagrana 2020
424 · Apr 2018
No Peace on Planet Earth
SoVi Apr 2018
Drifting across currents
From oceans to oceans
Remnants of war.

Drunk on Confession
High on Calamity
Make yourself immortal.

Poison the clouds, poison the water
Watch people collapsing
From metal dragons in the sky.

Flushed from Blazes
Deaf from Explosions
You’re the cause of war.

Low on empathy
Empty on repentance
Deception built on misconception.

In a world full of peace they’ll come and hunt you
But during catastrophe, you’ll be our hero.
You're a man of war.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
410 · Nov 2018
SoVi Nov 2018
You want to run
Just hear my voice
Shouting out loud
Hearing me out
You're doing great
Until you fall

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
SoVi Apr 2018
Winter, Summer, creating together

When the cold comes, it covers the world
Create an illusion of peace in the background
The world is silent, trapped in silence
Heartbeats are much stronger

When she crawls from mountain halls
She brings a wind of heat warming with her love

She is everything that is good and cheerful
Everything that dies has hope
Everything that is revived has hope
From the passions of the mountains

Winter, Summer, converging together

When the winter leaves she cries
Rain of ice to feel his embrace
When he is not seen she creates flowers
White color to imagine that he is here

He lets himself die so she can live a calm life
He lets himself be consumed by hatred so that she has love
Loves that you never see, but feel the compassion and faith

When everything is done, they hide in the mountains
In vivid images, memory fading
Untouchable entities without limits, but weak spirits
The world develops from them but they leave it separated

Winter, Summer, diverging

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Inspired by the anime Zankyou no Terror's insert song Von by Arnor Dan. English version of Lamento del Naturaleza.
SoVi Apr 2018
friends conversing around us with lifelines
their phones hiding their discomfort and anxiety
tapping your shoulder, beaming up at you so friendly
the whole time your talking i drone out your voice with music.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Part of Conflicted Conversations collection.
375 · Apr 2018
Case Study
SoVi Apr 2018
Body just a reminder of our physical existence
Our mind a creation of simple electrics
Bodies become a barrier for mental fortification
Escape it and we’ll achieve God as a creation not imagination
If we stay locked we will become ghosts in shells
Surpass that and you won’t experience mundanity hell
Crossing wire connects our minds not bodies
It’s time to reevaluate our conception of what is humanity.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Inspired by the anime Serial Experiments Lain and Ghost in the Shell.
367 · Dec 2021
SoVi Dec 2021
You walk away
For a day
For a month
For a year

You say it's okay
It's a faze
It's just for a day
It'll go away

Then you realize
In a moment
In a blur

That you have forgotten
Abandon and ignored
The words you've penned
The poems you've cared for

Now you have returned
To a familiar place
With a different face
The time has come
To end the hiatus

© Sofia Villagrana 2021
It's been a long year. My passion for poetry was nonexistent due to COVID and school. But it has returned (even though I am busier than ever LOL). I don't think I'll have the same drive for poetry as I did before. But I'll still be writing.
360 · Apr 2018
The Universe’s Nomad
SoVi Apr 2018
Take a train to Mars
Want to escape all earth’s traffic
Bumpy rides are just the best
When there’s only yourself complaining.

Taking a detour to Saturn
So the gases can lull me to sleep
All night no one sees me dreaming
Turning to the motion of these rings.

Boat ride to Venus
Want to feel my skin melt off
From the carcass, a new me emerges
And tans from the beams of light.

Heading over to Mercury
To actually see the sun
Without all the rocks in the way
Now I feel more alive.

Flew myself to Pluto
To share the excitement of my life
No one answered my knocking
Maybe they also fled this sight.

Bike ride to Uranus
Wasn’t that far away
But everyone is too distant
Big heads, acting kinda insane.

I booked it over to Jupiter
But everything just felt too big
Spent most of my time looking
At the neighbors spinning by.

Vacation in Neptune
Wanted to get ready to head back
Chill-off from self-inflicted pain
Applying ice to my travel wounds.

Walked myself back to Earth
Head held high but still a hitchhiker
But no one picks me up
Wonder if they know what I been through.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Inspired by the show Wander over Yonder.
357 · Mar 2018
Slight Moment of Hysteria
SoVi Mar 2018
I always wondered how long I could hold your breath
Hands wrapped like ribbons on your neck
No signs of forced entry since I let myself in gently

I always wondered how my feet will feel on tile flooring
Stained red when you didn’t stop me
Just wanted to write down some notes and your arms were so appealing

I always wondered how I’ll look bathed in blood in the moonlight
Will it look blue with the night hue?
Pity you didn’t let me try, your cries made me lose my appetite

I always wondered how it’ll taste, human flesh from your face
Only the most honorable will be selected
The rest thrown to dogs since they didn’t fit my palate

But of course, I only wondered
I am only hysteric not psychotic your Honor.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Inspired by the show Hannibal.
351 · Apr 2018
One-sided Trust
SoVi Apr 2018
I believe
I believe
I believe in you
If I say it enough I’ll know it’s true
Like the sight of the morning hue
Or the sounds of people in the afternoon
Something you know it’s always there without further proof

But then you started talking
Your tongue told me lies in my mouth, I believed everything it was saying
I cried by your words creating rivers that you denied fueling the flooding
Your smile left a nasty cut so sharp that I could feel your lies bleeding
Believed you’re beside me, feeling you in the dark, hoping you won’t be moving

I believe
I believe
I believe in you
You say to me but I know it’s not true

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
350 · Nov 2018
SoVi Nov 2018
Your pride won't let you down
Too afraid you won't get up

Trying to give you some space
But you won't let me try

Delighted to give it a try
But eventually, I come down

Reality crashing on me
As I try to be better

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
342 · Apr 2018
Childhood Toys
SoVi Apr 2018
I said it before, I’ll say it again
Hope we can move past these chain of events that keep us trapped.
Light up the room, light it again
Hope we can talk freely like children on school nights, miles apart.
Smile like before, smile again
Haven’t meet up for months, maybe it’s a sign that this is the end.

Maybe we shouldn’t play pretend.
Play dates are over now there are only days.
We’ve outgrown our toys, we’ve outgrown ourselves.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
328 · Sep 2018
Lla no te voy a ser caso
SoVi Sep 2018
O mejor largate
No mas te queria ver
No sabia que tenias mal humor

Darme vueltas
En la oscuridad del cuarto
Contra el corriente del abanico

Dando circulos me hace mariada
Casi me quiero vomitar
Pero no hay nada adentro

Te do
Puro puro chantaje
Puro puro verguenzas
Quiero verte sufrir en mi sombra

Puro puro burlas
Puro puro mentiras
Y te veo en esquina
Quiriendo ganar te la vida

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Poem inspired by the song Chantaje by Shakira
SoVi May 2018
struggling to fill my collapsed lungs
i will suffocate and choke on the coal ash
darkness eclipses all of these unknown uncertainties
of me slowly fading, letting beauty melt away into ink

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
321 · May 2018
My Song to My Beloved
SoVi May 2018
The taste of your poisoned tongue
Filled me with unadulterated lust
Tried to spit out the bile
But you made me swallow it whole

Suspicious, Suppression
Goes hand in hand
Suspicious, Suppression
Sinful life of lust

Avoid this degradation
Dissolution of simple romance
Just wanted to hold my hand
But you defiled me instead

Suspicious, Admission
Just leave me be
Suspicious, Admission
We could have talked

The day has come to an end
Fairytale ending has passed
No point in prolonging demise
Here, let me help you 'friend'

Suspicious, Liberation
I am on the edge
Suspicious, Liberation
Jumping to my death

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
SoVi Mar 2018
I felt the heat of the body
I felt my suffering in my arms.
I did not want to continue lying
Knowing the truth.

The rain falls like teardrops
Wanting to wash me of my despair.
I look for a container to keep
All the dew and mist that I still lack.

The rain falls trying to make me drown
Of emotions overflowing,
Crawling along the bottom of the sea
Suffocating me with my depression.

Taking my eyes off the coral.
The brook embraces me closely
Taking me to the abyss of the sea.
And like the light, I will soon forget you.

The rain will take me from this cruel world
But escape from me between my fingers.
Kisses in the form of drops saying goodbye
Reminding me that pieces of me are in the stream.

In the darkness, I saw a color shining
Far from me, on the surface of the sea.
But when I went to reach for it
It shattered into fragments of crystal.

Thousands of precious stones crashed in the sea
Developing with no owner and I its cruel women.
I sinking against the pressure
Of sins and virtues of past lives.

Memories that break and change shape
They are the only things that connect me to this place.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Inspired by the anime and manga Houseki no Kuni. Part 1 of the poem collection called Memorias Fragmentados or Fragmented Memories.
SoVi May 2018
sitting at an empty seat in an empty row
aisles away from you, ignoring your hellos
trying to satisfy your own needs by checking up on me
i feel bad that i’m wasting your time so i turned away crying.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Part of the Conflicted Conversations collection.
301 · May 2018
The Girl Who Chased Clouds
SoVi May 2018
Running after clouds as they rush by
But I don't turn back
They are now waterfalls
When I try to look beyond the horizon
I am meeting with an endless ocean of thoughts
Scared of delving deep
Don’t want to lose my sight
People wave and call me
I don’t have any time to halting
Shoes are gone my feet are bare
Feel the broken asphalt biting
But now it's more like a comfort

When I

I can hear my heart
Beating so loud
Pulse in my throat is jumping

When I started running
Blisters were forming on toes
Hands scrapped cause I kept on falling
Wasn’t use to doing things on my own
Behind everyone’s bikes
But now I am ahead of them

When I breath
A deep breath







Look onward
Don’t stop running
When you are amazed
Keep running alongside these clouds
And maybe you’ll catch one in your hands
Don’t stop and take a breath cause only one road
It's getting destroyed so stay on the path don’t fall down

Every day there was puddles and thunder
And you fell down a hole once in a while
Broke your arm
Scrapped your legs
Missing shoes
Bleeding knees
Scratched face
Fragile wrists
Dry mouth
Shaking limbs
Vibrant eyes

What else is there for me?
Do I run and try to be free?
Why was I running in the first place?
I don’t remember I think?
Or was that the whole plan?

But clouds keep on calling me
So I listen and ignore my soul
The world is turning
And I feel the motion underneath my feet as I move

Until I suddenly stop
There's no more path
I am panting though
At the edge of a cliff
Feet half on
The Ledge

Do I jump, knowing there's no way back to myself?

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Inspired by Breakaway by Cicada
293 · Dec 2021
Calm of the Night
SoVi Dec 2021
I whisper words to you at night
Telling you, I know your white lies
I wonder if I am going to cry
Seeing you on the floor unalive

© Sofia Villagrana 2021
SoVi May 2018
I lived in a country of thieves
Motivated by hearts and passions
Stealing love affection
Leaving broken pairs
But you asked me for my love
At that time I fell in love

You really thought I'll leave you
When he offered me riches?
You are everything that I have wanted
I'm afraid that you'll regret

If you are going to think again
Please do not tell me
I do not want to know your epiphany
Let me live in ignorance

How did I live in a country of thieves?
With people who do not even know they want
Stealing everything in your sight
Leaving broken hearts
You taught me that there is still good
I was given the gift of compassion

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
276 · Feb 2020
Last First Lover
SoVi Feb 2020
Gave everything you had
To a love you thought would last.

You wanted to be there
By their side till the end of time.

Favors they asked of you
Stretched you thin like paper.

Your calls and messages
Were left on read, unanswered.

You waited for them
As the sun rose and fell asleep.

When you walked away
They decided to plea and beg.

You decided this was it
This will be your last first lover.

You said goodbye
To the person that made you suffer.

© Sofia Villagrana 2020
275 · Mar 2018
Océano de mi Pasado
SoVi Mar 2018
Yo sentí el calor del cuerpo
Sentí en mis brazos mi sufrimiento
No me quise seguir mintiendo
Sabiendo la verdad.

La lluvia se cae como gotas de lagrimas
Queriendo lavarme me de mi desesperación.
Yo busco un recipiente para guardar
Todo el rocío y neblina que aun me falta.

La lluvia se cae queriendo hacerme ahogar
De emociones rebosante,
Arrastrándome por el fondo del mar
Sufocando me con mi depression

Quitándome la vista del coral.
El arroyo me abrazan estrechamente
Llevándome al abismo del mar
Y como la luz pronto te olvidare.

La lluvia me llevara de este cruel mundo
Pero escapa de mi entre mis dedos.
Besos en forma de gotas diciendo me despedidas
Recordando me que pedazos de mi hay en el corriente.

En la oscuridad vi que un color brillaba
Lejos de mi, por la superficie del mar.
Pero cuando lo quise alcanzar
Destrozo en fragmentos de cristal.

Miles de piedras preciosas estrellados en el mar
Desarrollándose sin dueño y yo su cruel mujer.
Yo hundiendo contrar la presión
Pecados y virtudes de vidas pasadas.

Memories que quiebran y cambian de forma
Son las únicas cosas que me conectan a esta lugar.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Inspired by the anime and manga Houseki no Kuni. Part 1 of the poem collection called Memorias Fragmentados.
SoVi Sep 2018
Admire me
Or better take off
No more I wanted to see you
I did not know you had a bad mood

Look at me
Go around
In the darkness of the room
Against the current of the fan

Giving Circles Makes Me Marry
I almost want to throw up
But there is nothing inside

I give you
Pure pure blackmail
Pure pure shame
I want to see you suffer in my shadow

Pure pure teasing
Pure pure lies
And I see you in the corner
Wanting to win in life

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Poem inspired by the song Chantaje by Shakira
SoVi Nov 2018
you made up your mind
i was not worth your time
driving by while i wait here
clinging on to the bench seat

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Part of Conflicted Conversations
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