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Man Aug 2023
Who the ****, and why.
The owner of the eye
Can answer my question,
Whoever it is that's watching;
Stop wasting your time
A M Ryder Jun 2023
This kindness?
I don't trust it
Like a purple sky
Before a storm
Beautiful; but
Do you realize
The birds are
Agitated and
The ants are
Marching in circles?
My gal's got a way of talkin' so sweetly
Of talkin' so sweetly to me
It brings me the mornin' to hear her
Voice sweetly
To hear her
Kind words just for me

She talks of forever and ever just with me
She talks like she's writin' a poem
She talks like a liar
Eyes glint like a tiger
I see it,
And know that I'm *****

My gal's got me wrapped all up on her finger
Caught up in her hair
Curls like irons.
But me I don't worry
That she'd ever harm me
I'm just as disarming
As she

I know by the taste of her tongue
It is silver
I know cause it matches my own
And though we both talk of such aery ideas
When we are together I'm home
This poem accompanies an original american-irish folk song written also by me.
Marilina Sep 2021
It felt like a trick
But there was no evidence
Just a feeling

I guess I always expect the worst
Or maybe I’m blind
to the last detail
you know my psyche
you never fail

Perfect behaviour
suspicious to say the least
Witness of your beauty
unaware of you as a beast
His5Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people.
StormriderIX Apr 2020


of course



Of course
I start
with pencil!



I'll sketch
a person,
of course.



It's a
on the run.

Sketchy indeed.
Suspicious enough.
I'm a bit of a jack of all trades in art. Writing, both fiction and poetry, and sketching.
Ilya Krivonosov Mar 2019
The President closed the post in Vologda.
There's one phone in the whole city.
On the big doors of the clinic
Boards are stuck in the fifties.

From the open windows of the hotel
The birthday girl screams.
In the shops near the station
Run by the Turks with the Vietnamese.

The traffic light hasn't worked for a while.
On him gloves clap.
Passing horse and cart.
The machine gun is under the birch.

Whether festive, or everyday,
I made my way between them.
Antifreeze, tangerine
The lantern was green and crimson.
A Simillacrum Sep 2018
A Windsor knot
binds my
fickle neck
to my dour
Plastic ties
elegant wrists
in pair.

One question:
Head up or down?

I lied.

Another question.
Atop a question.

Am I

headed up or down?
Give me redemption
or else,
how can I ignore it?

One bedroom.
An eager clock,
from my set,
or expected
The End,
leaves me to my

One question:
Head up or down?

I lied.

Another question.
Atop a question.

Am I

headed up or down?
Give me freedom
or else,
how can I ignore it?

Can I really be who I want?
Can I really be what I mean?

Will I ever solidify?
Will I ever come to?

And who will come?

(. . .)
A Simillacrum Jun 2018
if a bitter wind blows

if a liar arrives

on my patio
hard heart
with the

pressed on the razor's edge
(grinning ear to ear as if I wanted it)

when what was once the worst
(grinning ear to ear as if I wanted it)

returns to a placid place

a new threat may
A Simillacrum May 2018
The battery mostly empty sends less power through
the act. The art of you. The heart of you.
I've heard the drums since I was a child.
Music sent from my futures unseen,
to touch me young with destiny.
Lowest now I've ever been in the pit,
the place to which ashes descend,
I know the movie must play to the end,
but I'll send back honesty and a meager providence
sealed with well wishes and love hidden in the frames.
Best believe in watching me I know your names.
Cyber ink is always bleeding through the screen,
writing me a list of beautiful, infinite minds.
Reading it back aloud recharges my mystic energies.
I take a deep breath before my return to form
then open my lungs for the dive.
If I drown in you, let it come.
I'll stretch it out though,
as I want to cherish the heights of
beauty lacking in me that I see for the future in you.
When the moment comes I'll show the tribunal
the heart of rebellion as I learned it through
the audience in their seats.
The spider shall rest for the weaving
as the suspicious oracle returns.
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