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SoVi Sep 2018
I always wonder why you were so brave.
I realize it is because you're afraid to die in pain.

Is that the reason why you left me behind?
Worried that saving me will end your life.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
SoVi Apr 2018
En la oscuridad claro estoy sola
Única luz que hay son memorias.

Mi cuerpo nomas sabe el frío
En el trinchera nomas hay muerte.
Pero todavía estoy viva
Con mi corazón moviendo lentamente.

La ocean se va y me separa de mis sueños
Dejándome en este cruel mundo.
Cuando quise recordar el pasado
Siento un dolor en mi cabeza que me hace llorar.

No más quiero saber como nadar
Y poder salvarme de estas tinieblas.
Porque se que nadie va venir a sacarme
Me pregunto si realmente alguna vez importé.

Pensamientos suicidas me deja hundir
Tocando el califa al fondo del mar.
Pero no me sofoca la agua
Mi convicción aguante el respiracion.

La superficie del mar esta arriba
Playas afuera de mi alcanzo.
Ni puedo estirar mi manos en esperanza
Se quiebran con el pression de mis errores.

El infierno del mar es el único calor
Abrazando me como un amor perdido.
Calentando me fuertemente
Haciendo me convertir en vidrio.

Pronto el océano me soltara y abandonar
Y criaturas vendrá alrededor de mí a comer.
Lo que me queda de mí se hizo harena
Lla no tengo esperanza a poder regresar al pasado.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Inspired by the anime and manga Houseki no Kuni. Part 2 of the collection Memorias Fragmentados.
SoVi Apr 2018
Sew all the holes in your heart
You smile, even though you might cry
You don’t feel empty anymore
Through life, you’ll experience pain
Just don’t lose that precious hope
Love surrounds you as you go.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Part 5 of Stages of Grief collection.
SoVi Feb 2020
Skin fade into nothingness
Like butterfly wings
On a sunny day

Our hearts and lungs
Break and decay
Withered away like snakes

My feet are broken
Like sycamore trees
That are uprooted

My eyes do not see
Like the horizon
When it meets the sea

All of me
No longer seems to knows
What it feels to be alive

© Sofia Villagrana 2020
SoVi Sep 2019
Amor que es tu prisa
Diga me la verdad
De todo mis amores
Tu eres la unica

Diga me porque te vas
De mi lado
Diga me porque
No me quieres

Amor te fuistes
Amor perdadero
Me dejastes solo
A qui estoy amando te

A qui estoy llorando
Voy gritando
Por la calle bailando
A qui estoy amando te

Amor te fuistes
Amor perdadero
Te quise amarte
Pero tu me dejastes

© Sofia Villagrana 2019
Inspired by the song ilomilo by Billie Eilish
SoVi Apr 2018
Shouting from down the halls
Where you are screaming out your lungs
Claiming nothing is right
Refused to listen to the truth
Someone to blame, either me or you
But stuff like this happens all the time.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Part 3 of Stages of Grief collection.
SoVi Oct 2019
Short shorts twenty-five
Crop tops ten percent off
Everything you wear
Has a high price

Luxury tax on butterflies
What a time to be alive
To have extra costs
Due to what's in your pants

© Sofia Villagrana 2019
SoVi May 2018
i remember all the days you left me outside
stranded on the doorstep dripping alcohol and sweat
bunched up clothes in my hand wanting for some comfort
open up and nuzzle me against your body as I’m not breathing.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Part of the Conflicted Conversations collection.
SoVi Nov 2018
you made up your mind
i was not worth your time
driving by while i wait here
clinging on to the bench seat

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Part of Conflicted Conversations
SoVi May 2018
Eating Ice cream on an afternoon
Spending my day with you
Sitting on a park bench
Trying to just destress
Watching the clouds float by
Birds fly around us so shy
You lay crumbs for them on the floor
Fly down to eat the lure
You smile at them as they move
Your laughter my own cure.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
SoVi Oct 2018
All I felt with you darling
Was a battlefield

Trapped in my mindscape
Trying to find an escape

None of your words soothe me
All I felt was apprehension consuming

These final words were meant to hurt
To act against all the pain you made

The time we have spent
Is now wasted

Laughter that echoed
Is now a hollow sound

How could we let this get this far?
Did we try to change this at all?

It is better if we just leave this alone
Lets not repair a broken soul

I want to thank you for the time given
Now it's time to say goodbye

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
SoVi Apr 2018
You wish to turn back time
So you can live a little longer
With the ones you love
But the ache will be stronger
And they will still be gone
So don’t beg for the impossible.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Part 2 of Stages of Grief Collection.
SoVi Feb 2020
Snow that falls
Breaths that cease
Hands that freeze
Eyes don't see

Can you move?

From the world
As they wrap
Their hands
On your throat

Can you scream?

For mercy
Salvation and
For your dreams

Can you fight?

With your hands
Holding a blade
Aimed straight
Pointing at them

Or will you die?

Final exhale
A sigh goodbye
Hand outstretch
Towards the sky

© Sofia Villagrana 2020
Inspiration: Prelude in E Minor by Audiomachine
SoVi Nov 2018
Underneath Covers
Reading Stories of Lovers
Red Cheeks with Trails
Sniffles and Sneezes
Emotions Prevail

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
SoVi May 2018
Whistling in the dark
Hoping you won't
Bump into nightmares.

Hush little darling
Don't say a word
Don't want to be heard.

You lie frozen on a meadow of rye
Beyond the horizon, you see a light.

So warm you can't ignore
You try to walk
But stay motionless.

Don't stop walking today
Have to find a way
Out of this purgatory haze.

Your body just can't stay wide awake
So why is this world stuck on days?

Here in the tainted dreams
Monsters of memories
Haunt you as you heal.

Rush into the dusk
Try to find your mom
But she's probably gone.

Snow clouds rise from the sky in armies
You are bleeding from gunshot wounds.

Unsure of who you are
Descending into misery
With conflicted spirits.

You will escape the moment
Realize it's not your fault
Accepting your inner soul.

Know its  hard to ignore all the fury
Want to blame somebody for your hurting.

But you need to wake up my darling
Don't let yourself become a story.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Part of Labyrinth of Dreams. Inspired by Forever For now by LP
SoVi Sep 2018
Un deseo a cumplir
Realidad se cambio
Mi camino es diferente

Pero realise

Que en esta noche
Hay pura mentiras
Sobre de mis suenos

Cuando quise escapar
No habia puertas
Me dormi en la oscuridad

En la bella noche
Se me cai las lagrimas

En la bella noche
Se me va la esperanza

En la bella noche
Se me va la riza y la luz y compassion
Se me va la felicidad

En este mundo
No te quise decir
Que no existe maravillas

No te queria llenar de desepcion
Yo queria verte feliz

En la bella noche
Se me va las lagrimas

En la bella noche
Se me va la sonrisa

En la bella noche
Se me regresa el depression y angustia
Veine todo mal

En la bella noche
Se me va la fantasia

En la bella noche
Se me va los deseos

En la bella noche
Se va mi juventud y esperanza
No mas queda la realidad

El noche esta lleno de estrellas
Que llena el cielo con poquito de fe
Pero se que todo esto es una mentira
Para traparnos en una fantasia que no tiene nada de vida

Cuando quise escapar
Mis manos levantados
Listo para tumbar todos los paredes
No te quise lastimar
Pero esto es la unica manera
Para escapar de este mundo cruel
No te quise hazer dano
Pero ala mejor es mejor
Que no recuerdas la verdad
De este cruel mundo
Y como nos mentio
Llenando nos de mentiras

Que deseos si se cumple

La bella noche se va callendo
Y nosotros somos que lo tumbo
Con nuestras manos lo vamos a
Vamos ser nuestra realidad

En la bella noche
Vamos a garar fe

En la bella noche
Vamos comer las estrella

En la bella noche
Vamos ser la luz que brilla para el futuro
Y crear fantasias

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Inspired by the song Ice/Sis Puella Magi from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

The version of the song used specifically is:
SoVi Jun 2018
Cushioned against the river bank
Mud caking my bruised face
Try to push myself up on my knees
My arms buckle under the weight
And I let out a pained whimper

Checked my arms and legs for cracks
No pieces missing, just bleeding scabs
Tried to find my fractured friends
Instead found lily pads floating
And bubbles popping in the river

A figure breaks through the water
Her hair flowing around her
On hands and knees, I crawled away
Her fingers outstretched to reach
Brushing locks from my eyes

Mystified I made my way to her
A smile blossomed from her cheeks
A voice with mystified powers
Lulled me to a sense of security
Broken when she drowned me

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Poem for Labyrinth of Dreams
SoVi May 2018
A secret rises to the surface
And this crimson sweetness that
It has submerged in

Your memories will fester in your mind
Nurture them or they’ll rot away
Leaving an aftertaste inside your head

Don’t listen to the screaming behind your eyes
Or they will chase you down inside your dreamscape

Blood Red Moonshining in the sky
Calling us awake and into the dark

But our solitude will keep us fortitude
From all these dreams and fears
That perpetuate our lives

Pray by your bedside that the night will end
And you’ll finally see the blue.
Hopefully, it’s not an illusion.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
SoVi Jun 2018
Floating aimlessly in the water
Hair branching off from my head
Eyes clouded by my tears
Cheeks puffed out to breath
Blouse flowing around me

Clenched eyes are forced open
All around me, goldfish swim
Scales reflect refracted light
Moving around my hair
Using it as if it were seaweed

Colors flow into existence
Oranges and yellow open into view
No longer just black or blue
But warm colors that suffocate
With the blood flowing from me

She tries to drag me to the bottom
Smother and hide me against rocks
but I struggle against her confines
And as the fish scatter to take refuge
I open my mouth for a gasp of freedom.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Poem for Labyrinth of Dreams
SoVi Oct 2019
Opened like a door
Letting strange people through

Closed the door when it was me
Had me standing feeling so blue

Decided to knock and wait
Shadow of me waiting for a blue moon

Did not hear you sneaking
Under the moon, through the back door

Why did I go to this party?
Knowing you were going to appear

Why did it have to be you?
On the dance floor under the blue light

Realizing I have no right to cry
The reason this pain stays is me

Easier to blame you
For something I allowed to hurt

Decided to leave out of the blue
Since I am just so done feeling sorry

© Sofia Villagrana 2019
SoVi Nov 2018
Broken Heart and Broken Mind
Trying Hard to Fight Against Time
Sagging, Fading, then Dying all at Once

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
SoVi Mar 2020
Heartbeats that sing
Songs of admiration
Eyes that wander
Up and down your face

For once I wish
This wasn't a mistake

I take a breath of air
Let it exhale outwards
My hands begin to shake
Twisting my hair into knots

I want to say words
But they do not escape

Palms are sweating
As I recount
The many things
That I love about you.

© Sofia Villagrana 2020
Inspired by the song Boy by Instupendo.
SoVi Dec 2021
It's a turbulent life you have lived
Past is snipping at your heels
As you run past the pain
Remembering all the deceit

Call me when its time
To come home and hold you
Take my hand
And let me guide you

Call me when you know
How to care for yourself
Ease my mind
Take care of yourself

Call me when your memories
Are no longer a maelstrom
Of confusion and lights
But a kaleidoscope

Call Me, Call Me
Call Me when you remember
What you want from life
When you figure out
'Who am I?'

© Sofia Villagrana 2021
Inspired by "Call me Call me" in Cowboy Bebop (episode 24).
SoVi Dec 2021
I whisper words to you at night
Telling you, I know your white lies
I wonder if I am going to cry
Seeing you on the floor unalive

© Sofia Villagrana 2021
SoVi Apr 2018
Body just a reminder of our physical existence
Our mind a creation of simple electrics
Bodies become a barrier for mental fortification
Escape it and we’ll achieve God as a creation not imagination
If we stay locked we will become ghosts in shells
Surpass that and you won’t experience mundanity hell
Crossing wire connects our minds not bodies
It’s time to reevaluate our conception of what is humanity.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Inspired by the anime Serial Experiments Lain and Ghost in the Shell.
SoVi May 2018
Champagne bottles on the ground
Glitter splattered on walls
Tried to wash it all off
But it has stained the walls
Mascara on my face
Tried to clean the evidence of pain
But it hurts to confront it
I'll leave the wound to fester

Knocking on the door
Oh dear, Oh dear
Leave me alone
I won't come out, I won't come out
Might as well be hell

One more drink, One more drink
Don't watch me, Don't watch me
Close the door, Close the door
Seclude myself in the cold

Chandeliers swinging, half broken, lights flickering
And I am the one swinging
Trying to make the last chain break into pieces
But it keeps holding on
Why won't it break I just want to fall
Feel my face on the ground
The Chandelier continues to shine while I try to die

I am holding on to dear life
Won't try to save myself though
Might as well try to let go
Maybe the Chandelier will fall, I am not sure
Glasses crackle under the pressure of my hands
Feel bad that I am destroying it
But I need your demise so I can die

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
SoVi Sep 2018
Baby, I don't understand this
Is it worth it?

Baby, I don't understand this
Is it worth it?

I don't understand this
Is it worth it?

You're making it hard to see

Making it hard to see

If I still want to be

Baby, I don't understand this
Is it worth it?

If you leave me behind will I live on

I don't see it
In the future
My heart beating

I don't understand
It isn't worth it
To keep living

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
SoVi Apr 2018
I said it before, I’ll say it again
Hope we can move past these chain of events that keep us trapped.
Light up the room, light it again
Hope we can talk freely like children on school nights, miles apart.
Smile like before, smile again
Haven’t meet up for months, maybe it’s a sign that this is the end.

Maybe we shouldn’t play pretend.
Play dates are over now there are only days.
We’ve outgrown our toys, we’ve outgrown ourselves.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
SoVi Oct 2018
I remember the days that I still love you
I remember the days were I adore you
I remember the days that I didn't **** you

I remember the days when I was alive
I remember the days when I could think
I remember the days I didn't repeat this line

I remember the days when I was breathing
I remember the days when I was living
I remember the days when I was singing
I remember the days when I was running

I remember the days when I feared you
I remember the days when you feared me
I remember the days when I screamed
I remember the day you captured me

Now finally we are closer
Closer to feel each other
Another side we don't see

Closer to you
Closer to me
Closer to each other
Closer to no one else

I remember the days when I was lonely
I remember the days without in them
I remember the days when I was crying

I only remember you moving closely

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Inspired by the song Closer by Nuages.
SoVi Apr 2018
Quien soy yo además de areana gastada?
Sin rumbo flotando sin un propósito.
No mas recuerdo el océano y todo su dolor.
Ni se como me miro llo.

Las mareas retroceden de su lugar
Y me deja expuesto al luz del sol.
Rocas preciosas varados en la orilla de la costa
Brillando se rejunta y se unen conmigo.

Corrientes de recuerdos se apresuran a mi mente
Alimentando el agua de mi alma.
Rompiendo la presa que retiene todas mis emociones
Haciendo sentir todo la humanidad.

Arrastrandome con la mitad del miembro formado
Siento un dolor que filtra desde mis huesos.
Pero no lo rechazó con lágrimas
En cambio, lo acepto con una sonrisa acuosa.

El océano quiere detenerme
Escóndeme en las profundidades de mi desesperación.
Chupando el calor de toda mi alegría
Quitando mi voluntad de vivir.

Pero la luna retiene el océano con su fuerza
Protegiéndome de la oscuridad de mi mente.
En lugar de excluirse por mis pecados
Me ama por mis defectos.

El universo abre sus brazos para darme un hogar
Dando me un santuario para escapar todo el dolor.
Aunque quiero perderme en la nada del espacio
Debo vivir en el mundo en el que pasado se enamoró.

Estrellas y galaxias que brillan en la oscuridad
Me dan razon para seguir viviendo en este cruel mundo.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Inspired by the anime and manga Houseki no Kuni. Part 3 (and last part) of the collection Memorias Fragmentados.
SoVi Nov 2018
twirling and dancing in the room
following you to end up in your arms
but i can not compete with him or her
sadly i am just slow dancing in the dark

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Part of Conflicted Conversations
SoVi Sep 2018
Take my heart off fire and dwell in insanity
Tying my throat tight with a noose
Sensation of burning is what I like
Keep my eyes open to see your life
Feeling your emotion as they run rapid
Identity created by changed all the same
Meaning escapes me as I lose my mind

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
SoVi Feb 2020
Bubbles are forming
As my breath leaves me,
Ripples on the Surface
As I go underneath.

Deep in the Sea

The sand glitters
Pears glistening
Hidden wonders sparkle
Running through my hands.

Deep in the Sea

Blue is no longer blue
Shades of black and purple
Begin to seep through
And confuse my vision.

Deep in the Sea

Calls from creatures
Songs from sirens
Rushing of water
Reverberate inside me.

Deep in the Sea

I lose sense of me
Becoming nothing
Yet still something
As I float aimlessly.

© Sofia Villagrana 2020
SoVi Apr 2018
You played with all your toys
Smiled and talked to her
Putting up a good show
But it’s time to realize
No one is waiting at home
So don’t shake your head no.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Part 1 of Stages of Grief collection.
SoVi Oct 2019
I count the petals that fall from the sky
Walking on leaves that are making sound
Humming a song between you and me
Submerged in wine, it is hard to breathe

Yellow paper tulips I leave behind
Storybooks you crafted by your hands
Mother's red dress found in pieces
Shredded up papers of your words

I wish for once you will listen
See that I am imperfect
Hear me as I start to scream
Save me before I drown in wine

You hate yourself for what you did
I know you felt the pain of my death
Just know that even after all of this
I will choose to be your daughter again

© Sofia Villagrana 2019
Inspired by Red Candle game Devotion
SoVi Mar 2020
Should we dissolve this?
This game we are playing
Jumping these hurdles
It can be exhausting.

Rocking the boat
Tipping me over the edge
Wanting to see me
Succumb to the waves.

Relationship dissipating
Easygoing on temptation
Dissolving my feelings
No surprises at all.

Easy come easy go
No more favors for you
Closing these doors
And ending this chapter.

© Sofia Villagrana 2020
SoVi Oct 2019
Look at all the pictures
Photos that surround me

Look at all the smiles
Grines that suffocate me

Look at all the people
Strangers that embrace me

Look at all the colors
Hues that cover my body

Look at me know
Just a shadow of myself

Is it not sad
How everything bad

Was once a gift
A present to have

© Sofia Villagrana 2019
SoVi Oct 2019
Sentando aqui
Siento algo alli
O es mi mente

Chicle en mi boca
Pistola en mi mano
Que peligroso

Mis amigos estan cerca
Adentro de mi caro
Que misterioso

Preguntame a mi
Estan muertos o vivos?
Llo nunca digo

© Sofia Villagrana 2019
SoVi Mar 2020
                Reminding you
                Surrounding you
Don't crawl
                Following you

Perfect house  
                Blinding you
Polarising pictures
                Mesmerizing you
Pieces of a lie
                Trapping you

© Sofia Villagrana 2020
SoVi Oct 2018
And I'll be wearing black and blue
It's my new favorite color
To hide all the bruises
From my ex-lover

I don't like this dress
It's too tight for me
So I do nothing all day
Just sit down and cry

No, it is not because of him
No, this is not blood
I just love to curl up in a ball
Keeps me safe and warm

I love me some white dresses
Red seeping through
Making lace into a fright
Dripping trails in the night

White becomes pink
Stains on my porcelain skin
Painting my room a crime
Washed away with tears

I will wear a black dress
Makes my sickness stick out
Matches my old stab wounds
Now I don't pretend anymore

Cradle by old oak
Chorus and strings echo around
Sending on my way
Into a place where there are no dresses

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
SoVi Mar 2018
I want to go to the "Land of All"
But oceans keep us apart
On a Petrol-stained sailboat
I'll make my journey to reach you

"Believe in Flashing Stars;
A new horizon in the limelight"
Makes me want to go explore!
Trapped: I can't go home.

Rivers: overflowing dreams.
Cast my line to catch my fame
Hook, Line, Sinker
I became the bait.

If I am going to drown
Might as well go up in flames.
Rivers cast me off,
Now I am a cast-away.

Close my eyes tight
Hide from flickering lights.
The tide recedes
No longer blind.

Stuck on my wooden shore,
Arms outstretched, grasping dreams
Ocean rise, lights floating.
Deadbeats slowly sinking.

Bubbles floating to the top
Before freedom, they pop.
Tried to find the "Land of All".
But they denied me entry.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Inspired by the screenplays Fences and Death of a Salesman.
SoVi Apr 2018
Yo se,
Que el mundo está bien increible
Con colores que brillan en el cielo
Cambian de vibración y frecuencia.

Puedo ver,
Que el mundo cambia su superficie
De flores a pura blanquesa
Transforme la tierra a valles y montañas.

Yo entiendo,
Que nada se va quedar para siempre
El mundo se da muchas vueltas
Movimiento que cambia la escena.

Pero entiende,
Que nada de verdad termina
Me convierta en tierra y crea nueva vida
Continuamos con sonrisas que el munda va ver.

Tu sabes,
Qué tienes miedo de ya no ser humano
Pero no lo ve como el fin pero un comienzo
Para ser parte de algo más increíble.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Inspired by Dearest from the anime Guilty Crown piano cover by Animenz.
SoVi Nov 2018
               Keep your heart together
       Don't let them know you're alone
       Put the gun in the drawer, lock it up
                 Take that knife and throw it away
         Lies through clenched teeth
         Burn all your things together
                 Fight and fly to forget
          Hide your body so they'll forget
          It's never going to be that

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
SoVi Nov 2018
Your pride won't let you down
Too afraid you won't get up

Trying to give you some space
But you won't let me try

Delighted to give it a try
But eventually, I come down

Reality crashing on me
As I try to be better

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
SoVi Sep 2018
I don't like
the end credits

they take
too long to finish their trip

I want to finish this ****

I want to leave this room
the black room that suffocates me

I don't like end credits
many names with no importance

many people
working hard to make it

I wish they win

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Inspired by the song End Credits by dné.
SoVi Dec 2021
The misery
Ridding up my skin like a disease
The sympathy
Screeching up my ears, till I can't hear
The enemies
Following me but I can't seem to see

My energy
Displaced and diverted for survival
My happiness
Nonexistent since your appearance
My appearance
Don't matter cause I am the baddest batter

I swear
I'll never  be an angel or a saint
I promise
That you will forever rue this day
I expect
Everyone I see to be my enemy

© Sofia Villagrana 2021
Inspired by Enemies by Imagine Dragons featuring JID
SoVi Sep 2018
Admire me
Or better take off
No more I wanted to see you
I did not know you had a bad mood

Look at me
Go around
In the darkness of the room
Against the current of the fan

Giving Circles Makes Me Marry
I almost want to throw up
But there is nothing inside

I give you
Pure pure blackmail
Pure pure shame
I want to see you suffer in my shadow

Pure pure teasing
Pure pure lies
And I see you in the corner
Wanting to win in life

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Poem inspired by the song Chantaje by Shakira
SoVi Jun 2018
I never want to be
Alone in space
Closed or open eyes
Half alive or dead
I do not know what I want
Take away life
Cover my mouth
Hands on my heart
Squeeze stronger
Do not be afraid of the present
Certainly you hands
I do not want to hurt you
Some are cutting me
Little by little, sacred
Skin pink to white
Doing me in nothing
Floating in the galaxy
Body is frigid
Skin breaking down
Eyes are not shining
My dead body
Converting into comet
I explode into time

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
SoVi Apr 2018
In the clear darkness, I'm alone
Only light there is are my memories.

My body only knows the coldness
In the trench, there is only death.
But I'm still alive
With my heart moving slowly.

The ocean goes away and separates me from my dreams
Leaving me in this cruel world.
When I wanted to remember the past
I feel a pain in my head that makes me cry.

I only want to know how to swim
And be able to save myself from this darkness.
Because I know nobody is going to come and get me
I wonder if I ever really mattered.

Suicidal thoughts let me sink
Touching the caliph at the bottom of the sea.
But the water does not suffocate me
My conviction holds my breath.

The surface of the sea is above me
Beaches outside of my reach.
I can not even stretch my hands in hope
They break with the pressure of my mistakes.

The hell of the sea is the only heat
Embracing me like a lost love.
Warming me up strongly
Making me turn into glass.

Soon the ocean will release and leave me
And creatures will come around me to eat.
What I have left of me became sand
I have no hope of being able to return to the past.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Inspired by the anime and manga Houseki no Kuni. Part 2 of the collection Memorias Fragmentados or Fragmented Memories.
SoVi Sep 2018
A desire to fulfill
Reality was changed
My path is different

But I realize

That on this night
There are only lies
About my dreams

When I wanted to escape
There were no doors
I slept in the darkness

In the beautiful night
I shed my tears

In the beautiful night
My hope left me

In the beautiful night
I lost the laughter, the light, and compassion
My happiness left me

In this world
I did not mean to tell you
That there are no wonders

I did not want to fill you with deception
I wanted to see you happy

In the beautiful night
My tears leave me

In the beautiful night
My smile evades me

In the beautiful night
Depression and anguish returns
Everything bad comes again

In the beautiful night
My fantasy is gone

In the beautiful night
My wishes leave me

In the beautiful night
My youth and hope are dead
Reality is all that's left

The night is full of stars
That fills the sky with little faith
But I know that all of this is a lie
To trap us in a fantasy that has nothing to of life left

When I wanted to escape
My hands raised
Ready to knock down all the walls
I did not want to hurt you
But this is the only way
To escape from this cruel world
I did not want to hurt you
But maybe this is for the best
That you do not remember the truth
From this cruel world
And how did they lied
Filling us with lies

That wishes do come true

The beautiful night is falling
And we are the cause of it
With our hands, we are going to
Shatter it
Burn it
Change it
We will  make our reality

In the beautiful night
We are going to gain faith

In the beautiful night
We'll consume the stars

In the beautiful night
We'll be the light that shines for the future
And create fantasies

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Inspired by the song Ice/Sis Puella Magi from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

The version of the song used specifically is:
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