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Kirsty Taylor Apr 25
As you sit to look at your calendar,
Something once overflowing,
Is now becoming more and more
Tauntingly blank.

In a place between the end of something
And the start of the next thing
Stuck in what feels like a hiatus

As you sit to look at your calendar,
Something once overflowing,
Is now becoming more and more
Tauntingly blank.

In a place between the end of something
And the start of the next thing
Stuck in what feels like a hiatus

Bit by bit,
Your calendar starts to fill again
This time it fills with things for you
You and only you

Your calendar,
It has more white than before
But now the white looks like snow
Instead of the ice from before.
Jammit Janet Apr 15
I've been gone,
Focusing on my goals,
Savoring every minute,
In the present,
Being whole,

Disconnecting from distractions,
Discovering new attractions,
That move me to the next level,
That make me feel confident,

I am stronger than the devil,
Or anyone who cares to defy me,
For I am the light,
That burns so bright,
To educate and revive thee,

From the pain,
Of the mundane,
Lack of wonder,
Abysmal plane,

That is life,
Without dreams,
kolsmusing Mar 20
took a break
in writing down my thoughts

took a rest
in spilling my words

took a while
in pouring down
all my heart and soul
Naveen Malhotra Sep 2020
Vibrations near unison
Result in resonance
Bridges come crumbling down
Creating hiatus on the ravines
Waves beyond the range of sound
Are called ultrasound
To make diagnosis profound
Cure may still not be around
Human relations work around
Similar fashion
As vibrations and ultrasound
Jueria Shaik Jun 2020
Quivering lip under my teeth,
wide eyed I stared into the blank.
It lured me a moment earlier
now it just disappeared.
So I peeked into my subconscious
unbounded by the passing time
Waiting to be struck by that perfect rhyme.
I let the rain fall upon my shoulders.
It is cold,
yet welcoming somehow.

I taste the salty sadness
as it runs in lines
down my face,
and drips off my chin.

After months of the emotional hiatus,
this storm has ended it all.

I feel the electricity welling inside me.
I wait for the lightning to strike,
before the deafening boom of thunder.

And I am awake.

For the first time in months,
I feel everything instead of nothing.
I am somber.
I am impassioned.
I am free;
to feel
and to let the feelings take me in their arms
and throw me until I can’t move.

This monsoon
is long overdue
and the numbness of emotion beats
the paralysis of feeling nothing.
Carlo C Gomez Jun 2020
Between the envelope and gondola I'm lighter-than-air. Montgolfier-style? Not really. I ascend as a prayer with his eyes wide shut, timid in the feel for heaven. Speaking of heaven, some say it's no longer a gated community, but the association fees have doubled. Really I float like a Yost, flaming onboard for the photo shoot. The morning pass is for the kids with spending power. The noon move, and media darling, catches the Comic-Con crowd just stumbling out of a parent's basement. The night drift, drink in hand, mimics the trigger man who got his days confused from too much killjoy. Laissez-passer both giveth and taketh away -- there is no immunity in the sky, no amnesty to assign my crimes to. I'm just your smiley actor on the Netflix trail. You love me for a season or until my balloon gets popped. Whichever comes first.
Adina Alvarez Apr 2020
i lack inspiration,
the key concept of my heart's anticipation,
the longing of my soul,
has become my lifelong goal.

it wasn't that easy,
finding an inspiration where you can learn deeply,
the bad side of it was you're hurting badly,
so that you can produce something appropriately.

if finding an inspiration is no easy task,
learn to love yourself, present, future and past,
don't depend on others,
for they will not last.

be your own story,
your walking diary and dictionary,
snippets of different life events,
given a twist of melody.

as I learn to find inspiration,
not only poems are my composition,
songs has been put into action,
driven by the heart.

given with my own timeline,
i can say hiatus has been worthwhile.
Adina Alvarez Apr 2020
hiatus hit me hard,
as if my passion was restrained,
at the end i have no gain,
because what i loved to do began to fade away.
and it's time to come back
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