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Valerie Dec 2018
i keep trying to break up
with poetry
but he keeps calling me back.

this is the first time i've picked up.
poem sort of explains it all!
luminary Sanhedrin
of California
Valley with
the mouth
of Big
Sur that
made island
their oasis
where Levites
Scholars bade
them Jerusalem
and where
Mormons would
praise Ottoman
and imperial
permitters mostly
left woebegone
a wrong of rights
Kelly Jun 2018
The drapes were closing
The sun was setting

As the moon came into view
The place that offered them freedom is now filled with rue

The drapes are closing, it's the end of a scene
The drapes are closing,
It's not the end of the play
Vikshipta Aug 2017
How have you been lately?
The poo of the pooh'
Don't you just give me
an 'okay' or a 'Fine'
For I wonder..
Are we even ever das ?
Fine as the chiffon-cotton *****..
gliding through the blues.
Or like the waves somersaulting over the shores.
Or like these...
tinkling rythms..
Oh! The ether hasnot stopped pouring
for days and days now
and You might have abhored the moon so far..
but | DON'T |

Oh ! Ruler of the sad sad sea.
Calmest of them all.
Don’t be sorry.
Don’t you be sad.
you are nowhere near the blameworthy .
Oh ! Guiltless listener .
Sweet sinner.
You should nowhere be near this cyclone :
such abrupt but obvious..
This self-forge crater.

That is why
An enforced hiatus is must

Shifting random mind positions
Carving steps out of de' labyrinth.
Away and away
Must I
Oh! Dark matter
I must .
JG Fletcher May 2017
Has it been this long
I feel like I'm rusty
Out of practice
Out of shape

It's time to get back into
The thick of things
To return to the limelight
I hope I succeed
Written on a peaceful late May morning, next to my sleeping beauty.
Ayu Prameswari Aug 2016
Like a fetus
Asleep in ******
A living dormancy
Awaits for its democracy

A spirit of a lotus
Resides in a hiatus
A divine treaty
Delivers an eternity

Ovi-Odiete Aug 2016
I May not write too much for now
I fell and my neck and body hurts
If I made a promise to write you a poem
Especially Kishane and Some other Poet Friends here.
I can't post it for now
Please bear with me
And pray for me
I need some days to recuperate
Thank you poet friends
I hope you understand
Thanks Kishane and all Poet Friends.
sweet ridicule Jun 2015
breathing down my neck
smelling like axe and testosterone
a mixture of callouses on my
baby doll hands
and the sun's reflections through dusty windows
on a winter day
I know that my actions are erroneous
stained with reluctance
the windows in my old church
scream at me for the reluctance

I stopped believing in god when I realized it spells dog backwards.  or was it when I was 13 and realized I would make 75 cents to every dollar.

my unfounded reasoning for running
substantiated only by my astrological sign which I reluctantly believe on days where I need a hiatus from the dirt in between my toes

it plays hard to get

but astrology spells dog backwards too
I should've said yes to the axe smelling boy
live and learn
Endless Horizon Feb 2015
No more than a confused human being.
I feel like I have lost my way.
And it's as if I can't retrace my footsteps.

Feel so horrible inside.
The past few years, harboring a secret
Deep down inside
Keeping it locked in a safe.

Can't feel guilty anymore.
I've changed,
Or, at least, I hoped so.

Am a confused human being
Still making my choices.
And I hope when this is all said and done
I won't be confused
My alter ego has spoken once again. Shoutout to Intern, Winter Silk and Blackness because reasons.
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