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SoVi Apr 2018
I know,
That the world is really incredible
With colors that shine in the sky
That change vibrancy and frequency.

I can see,
That the world changes its surface
From flowers to pure white
Transform the land to valleys and mountains.

I understand,
That nothing will stay forever
The world goes turns and turns
Movement that changes the scene.

But understand,
That nothing really ends
I become land and create new life
We continue with smiles that the world will see.

You know,
Are you afraid of no longer being human
But do not see it as the end but a beginning
To be part of something more incredible.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Inspired by Dearest from the anime Guilty Crown piano cover by Animenz. English version of the Spanish Poem Earth's Ballad.
SoVi Apr 2018
Winter, Summer, creating together

When the cold comes, it covers the world
Create an illusion of peace in the background
The world is silent, trapped in silence
Heartbeats are much stronger

When she crawls from mountain halls
She brings a wind of heat warming with her love

She is everything that is good and cheerful
Everything that dies has hope
Everything that is revived has hope
From the passions of the mountains

Winter, Summer, converging together

When the winter leaves she cries
Rain of ice to feel his embrace
When he is not seen she creates flowers
White color to imagine that he is here

He lets himself die so she can live a calm life
He lets himself be consumed by hatred so that she has love
Loves that you never see, but feel the compassion and faith

When everything is done, they hide in the mountains
In vivid images, memory fading
Untouchable entities without limits, but weak spirits
The world develops from them but they leave it separated

Winter, Summer, diverging

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Inspired by the anime Zankyou no Terror's insert song Von by Arnor Dan. English version of Lamento del Naturaleza.
SoVi Apr 2018
Who am I besides spent sand?
Without a course floating without a purpose.
I only remember the ocean and all its pain.
I do not know how I look anymore.

The tides recede from their place
And it leaves me exposed to sunlight.
Lovely rocks stranded on the shore of the coast
Shining, they group up and join me.

Streams of memories rush to my mind
Feeding the water of my soul.
Breaking the dam that holds all my emotions
Making me feel my humanity.

Dragging myself with half-formed body
I feel a pain that filters from my bones.
But I do not reject it with tears
Instead, I accept it with a watery smile.

The ocean wants to stop me
Hide me in the depths of my despair.
******* the heat of all my joy
Removing my will to live.

But the moon retains the ocean with its force
Protecting myself from the darkness of my mind.
Instead of being excluded from my sins
The moon loves me for my faults.

The universe opens its arms to give me a home
Giving me a sanctuary to escape all the pain.
Although I want to get lost in the nothingness of space
I must live in the world in which the past me fell in love with.

Stars and galaxies that shine in the dark
They give me a reason to continue living in this cruel world.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Inspired by the anime and manga Houseki no Kuni. Part 3 (and last part) of the collection Memorias Fragmentados.
SoVi Apr 2018
In the clear darkness, I'm alone
Only light there is are my memories.

My body only knows the coldness
In the trench, there is only death.
But I'm still alive
With my heart moving slowly.

The ocean goes away and separates me from my dreams
Leaving me in this cruel world.
When I wanted to remember the past
I feel a pain in my head that makes me cry.

I only want to know how to swim
And be able to save myself from this darkness.
Because I know nobody is going to come and get me
I wonder if I ever really mattered.

Suicidal thoughts let me sink
Touching the caliph at the bottom of the sea.
But the water does not suffocate me
My conviction holds my breath.

The surface of the sea is above me
Beaches outside of my reach.
I can not even stretch my hands in hope
They break with the pressure of my mistakes.

The hell of the sea is the only heat
Embracing me like a lost love.
Warming me up strongly
Making me turn into glass.

Soon the ocean will release and leave me
And creatures will come around me to eat.
What I have left of me became sand
I have no hope of being able to return to the past.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Inspired by the anime and manga Houseki no Kuni. Part 2 of the collection Memorias Fragmentados or Fragmented Memories.
SoVi Mar 2018
I felt the heat of the body
I felt my suffering in my arms.
I did not want to continue lying
Knowing the truth.

The rain falls like teardrops
Wanting to wash me of my despair.
I look for a container to keep
All the dew and mist that I still lack.

The rain falls trying to make me drown
Of emotions overflowing,
Crawling along the bottom of the sea
Suffocating me with my depression.

Taking my eyes off the coral.
The brook embraces me closely
Taking me to the abyss of the sea.
And like the light, I will soon forget you.

The rain will take me from this cruel world
But escape from me between my fingers.
Kisses in the form of drops saying goodbye
Reminding me that pieces of me are in the stream.

In the darkness, I saw a color shining
Far from me, on the surface of the sea.
But when I went to reach for it
It shattered into fragments of crystal.

Thousands of precious stones crashed in the sea
Developing with no owner and I its cruel women.
I sinking against the pressure
Of sins and virtues of past lives.

Memories that break and change shape
They are the only things that connect me to this place.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Inspired by the anime and manga Houseki no Kuni. Part 1 of the poem collection called Memorias Fragmentados or Fragmented Memories.

— The End —