Damaged seeks damage
And misery loves company
I think that's why we're best friends,
We understand each other's melancholy.
I realized out of the blue
That I've never written anything for you
And that's just ridiculous, you know,
You're the best friend I've ever had
You're angry, and I'm sad
But deep down inside it's the same broken path
I destroy myself for the hell of it
And you watch with open arms,
You stick around.
Thank you for that.
It's three thousand miles of pure bullshit
But at the end of it all there is nothing more sincere
Than the way we can laugh with each other
After so many long years.
This is pretty messy, this is pretty dull
But I wanted to write something that hadn't been said yet
About something that hasn't grown old.
Our bond is irreplaceable,
Thank you for showing me unconditionality
And thank you for being around for refusing to forget.
See January 23rd, 2019
Is gonna either make or break me
I will fly my way across this torn land
I will stay by your side.
And when the clock strikes midnight,
January 24th, 2019
Will break it's way through the clouds to greet you.
A world without you would break my heart
Every day that came.
And in the time we spend apart
I learn the spaces between your name.
This one is yours, for you to keep
Please remember me, when you turn 23.
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for hannah
13lueCLOUD Dec 2016

Memories of you and I remain
In times of insanity and when sane
Both parties are responsible–to be blamed!
Today’s portrait is what has become the outcome

Our laughing roars filled the room
Everyone’s expression said, “We’re doomed!”
Denying is futile–the whole place went boom!
But reminiscing now invites Cloud of Gloom

Orange and pink blanketed the sky
Cue: another is about to pass by
To the train we’d greet, “Hi~!”
The usual spots, yours and mine,
Shrieked while we were on high
Chat goes on ‘til the other said bye

The next? No exemption!
Pair of feet exercise in assumption
Kinetic hands trap them in adoration
Cloud 9 waltz in successive repetition

Orange and pink blanketed the sky
Cue: another is about to pass by
To the train we’d greet, “Hi~!”
The usual spot, mine,
Am no longer able to occupy
Only to find stranger’s beam so sly

Thanks to her personality, voice like chime
You and her turn buddies in no time
While I stay on your side like a mime;
That felt as if losing a dime

That night insomnia attacked
Your voices echoing made me whacked–
A virus marched into the brain via hack
Caused the insides to curse “Fuck!”
These insecurities plan no turning back

Reality presented my fear:
Your orbs wiggle while I am here
When you did a scan for her
Out crying one thing clear
I’ve been replaced, my dear.

An incomplete poem which expressed the persona’s loneliness as she reminisce the past relationship she had (may it be a pal or a lover). The story was supposed to end on the third day with the persona’s friend no longer noticing her presence as soon as she spots her new found buddy. This act leads the persona to move a step back, thus unboarding the train before it dashes to its destination.
Singhji Aug 2016

Dear reader
You are the most precious
Person in my life.
For this moment
I offer you my heart
I hope for your dreams
and mourn your losses
I stand before you
With my sacred oath,
That for this fleeting moment
Unspoiled for eternity
My heart is in your palms
And you beat within my chest.
As the world mires  
In Greed and Ego,
Manipulation and Hate
Dear Friend
For a moment,
We changed this World.

Maybe when I
confided in you
Through the screen
of my phone
At 2 AM
That I thought
I'd never
Fall in love again
I should've
Kept my word
Instead of making
An exception
Out of you
Because now
I'll have to find
Someone else
To tell all of this to

Jemoh Mar 2016

Constant arguments and disagreement
Is the order of the day
Why can't we find the calm
Within our hearts is a burning desire
Why can't we become
We stop to breath when heart beat stops

Life is journey
It's full of rhythm and melody to dance to
We must learn to dance to the beat of life
Our success rests on the ability to keep to the beat

We must embrace the symphony
The majestic orchestra
Love dwells in those who intently heed it
The intense and meticulous preparation
Joyous chanting to the beat of life
Utterly consumed to eternal bliss
Love and life, entwined is our desire to love and be loved

The heart bleeds mistake repeated. When do we learn to overcome our minds noise. To learn to calm ourselves and bathe in love and universal friendship. Hatred conquered, brotherhood and sisterhood strengthened.
Babylyn Berina Mar 2016

If we became friends
I'll help you hide the body
Then we'll have some beer

That's what friends are for, right?
Phim Jan 2016

Pink puppies and yellow cats don't really match
But sometimes you find that in the right space in time
They can bond
Just from playing in the lawn
It all happens so fast
Still it feels like it will last
Because pink puppies love to cuddle and snuggle
And yellow cats are adventurous and can teach them how to juggle
So they warm each other in the night and plan adventures in the light
Pink puppy loved this arrangement
But the yellow cat wanted something with more sentiment
So they hurt each other
With their claws and their teeth
Because while a pink puppy and yellow cat can love each other
They don't communicate
One of them is straight
So eventually they desert each other
There's no more warmth in the night or plans of adventure in the light
Just an awkward space when their eyes meet across the market place
And they know they didn't want the same things
But still their regrets ring and ring
Because pink puppies and yellow cats do love each other just not in the same way
So they go for the remote but they don't have opposable thumbs to press replay

Um yeah
PoorLionNotKing Dec 2015

When left alone
we’re afraid
but I guess that’s just
how we were made.

Do you remember
where you were
when everything begins to burn.
at the fall of our December?

I’m like a Christmas breeze
running to the American dream
all the people sleeping
What are you seeing?

No one left to learn the lies
that follows up a moment’s death
causes you lose after all your tries.
underwater without a chance.

Frank Ruland Jul 2015

Damned if I do; damned if I don't
Give it all I got, but I'm losing hope
Just a dead end after The Long Road
Wish I woulda listened to what I was told;
all that glitters is not not made of gold
Shoulda known I can't change the world

Oh, I was so busy fighting destiny;
I lost sight of what's best for me
Now, history is doomed to repeat
Bound for lovelessness, and I hate it  
No reciprocity, yet I find myself jaded
Love you just to lose you; it was fated

I can see my night in this sixteen ounce glass;
past that I don't know how long I'll last
She walks in; takes the stool just beside
Says she just wanted to stop and drop by
Glimpse of my fleeting future in her eyes;
I know before she speaks, this is


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