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Raven Feels May 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, sometimes strangers can become the holders of our deepest secrets:>

awaited so long so vast to confess a blurt out a must say

that my hopes came to the ultimate settle to the unspoken overwhelm of this May

hurdled in my lap like a shiny relief anticipation

hidden doors under that rag to a whole new brilliant creation

never have I ever came to express to redeem a share

in a chaotic crowd in a room for that daemon monster flare

bare me the tears

been shed been dear on the angel

on that blanket that saint of the painful

don't get this wrong it was a cry of surreal

of a friendship that I dreamt of a cherish

for those pure souls to come to an emotional peel

Carmelita Jun 2020
I don’t know when it first stated,
When our friendship parted,
I never thought this would happen between you and me,
I don’t know if you hate me,
But I guess this is our star crossed fate,
On that podium only one could it accommodate.

I have known you for eleven years,
We’ve been best friends for seven,
I always thought that our lives were a reflection,
Because we were of the same collection.

Both of our families weren’t rich,
But that never diminish the lives we cherished,
The hope for a brighter future and so we ventured,
We strived hard to achieve our dreams
And we both came out supreme.

But I don’t understand the afterhand,
One minute we were happy graduates,
The next we were no longer teammates,
You never returned my text,
You never tried to call.
I couldn’t tell if it was my fault.

Have I ever wronged you?
I don’t remember ever hurting you,
But if I did I ask of you to forgive,
I want you to know you were my closest friend,
And it did hurt when our friendship came to an end,
I want you to know, I wish you the best,
Because it is what you deserve, I pray that you will always preserve.

In times like these, my heart bleeds,
These are the words that forever would be left unsaid,
These are the answers that forever lay beset,
I don’t blame you, I don’t blame me,
From now on, our hearts flame will never walk the same lane.
Mar Orellana Mar 2019
I know you won’t read this
and I know you won’t care
but I will tell you what it was like.

It was blurry.
it was slow
but time was running fast.
It was dusty feet
and dusty souls.
It was feeling nothing
and then all at once.
It was hating you
to drown the urge of hugging you.
It was writing a poem
and post it
wishing you will relate to it.

But who cares,
you don’t.
May 2017.
I wrote this instead of telling you, even though you were there, dancing next to me. And we were made out of poison, finding new ways to hurt each other.
Esther L Krenzin Jan 2019
Through sunlit paths
and raging storms
Arms linked together
in uniform
Jocose laughter
warm smiles
Golden moments
made worthwhile
As the clock ticks
through silken air
Precious seconds slip
to who knows where
Spent with souls
of softened steel
Condensed in flesh
within concealed
Standing together
as harsh winds blow
Hand in hand
strong roots below
Though years may pass
in a blurry haze
We stay together
-Esther L. Krenzin-
To my friends who never leave my side, who support me when its hard, and smile with me when its easy. You are worth more than you know.
Love you.
Raven Woodfort Dec 2018
This morning I spotted Dawn
in his human disguise
walking by my window.
He had a bucket of gold
paint in his hands
and the rays of the sun
following his feet
and when I waved at him
he sparkled me a smile back
as if
we knew.
Tati Sep 2018
It tastes like cinnamon
Like the little honey bees flirting with the flowers in the morning and giving them their morning kiss
The innocence of the child as she holds her teddy bear close, because she believes he’ll protect her from all harm
The arms of the man I love, which feel like velvet and chamomile
The song I hum, professing my eternal devotion to him
But what is this feeling?
The one that makes us prance around under the moonlight and cover our bodies in lace and vanilla for?
Amare è vivere
To love is to live
To move the sky and the oceans and everything in between just to see that person smile
To trust that person so much you take off your silk dress and reveal all your body and secrets to them
It’s something so intense you become blinded
A fool
But I don’t care
I’d rather be a fool then be without you for even a fraction of a millisecond
Your absence causes such a decrease in my oxygen I’d die without it
I don’t care if people say it’s foolish
To be distraught over a man
I’d give my entire being to have his love forever, and would do the unthinkable to obtain it
I would die without him
When people ask me what love is, my mind instantly thinks of this
And they tell me
It seems more like an addiction then true love
Amanda Kay Burke Jun 2018
Every time I get to see your bright smile
It makes my heart glow with hundreds of happy lights
I wish I was able to spend more time in your presence
Sometimes miss your laugh on quiet nights

And even when we have not talked in weeks
I do not feel distressed, down, or blue
The warming touch of memory
Brings back all the things I love about you
For Brittney
SoVi Apr 2018
I said it before, I’ll say it again
Hope we can move past these chain of events that keep us trapped.
Light up the room, light it again
Hope we can talk freely like children on school nights, miles apart.
Smile like before, smile again
Haven’t meet up for months, maybe it’s a sign that this is the end.

Maybe we shouldn’t play pretend.
Play dates are over now there are only days.
We’ve outgrown our toys, we’ve outgrown ourselves.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Haley Tyler Feb 2018
I found myself
driving down the road
with the wind blowing
cigarette smoke in my face

I found myself
in the passenger seat of her car
with the bass kicking louder
than the lyrics we screamed

I found myself
in the reflections of windows we passed
blurred by the downpour of rain
but not completely erased

I found myself
in her laughter and
my name passing through her lips
as if it were her song

I found myself
her name floating through my mind
wondering where the hell it went wrong
—She was my best friend, now she’s just a stranger whose name I already know | h.t
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