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SoVi Apr 2018
Winter, Summer, creating together

When the cold comes, it covers the world
Create an illusion of peace in the background
The world is silent, trapped in silence
Heartbeats are much stronger

When she crawls from mountain halls
She brings a wind of heat warming with her love

She is everything that is good and cheerful
Everything that dies has hope
Everything that is revived has hope
From the passions of the mountains

Winter, Summer, converging together

When the winter leaves she cries
Rain of ice to feel his embrace
When he is not seen she creates flowers
White color to imagine that he is here

He lets himself die so she can live a calm life
He lets himself be consumed by hatred so that she has love
Loves that you never see, but feel the compassion and faith

When everything is done, they hide in the mountains
In vivid images, memory fading
Untouchable entities without limits, but weak spirits
The world develops from them but they leave it separated

Winter, Summer, diverging

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Inspired by the anime Zankyou no Terror's insert song Von by Arnor Dan. English version of Lamento del Naturaleza.

— The End —