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  Feb 2022 SoVi
Some feelings can never be expressed
but only experienced.
  Feb 2022 SoVi
I crave intimacy
Not the type that subconsciously comes to mind -
The connection
Between one soul,
To another  
Bleeding pure, genuine
I crave fidelity
An enduring exchange
I don't want to be physically touched;
I want to feel my internal organs
I want to embrace it  
Savoring every moment
Whatever pronoun relates to you
  Feb 2022 SoVi
Rama Krsna
let’s elope
you and i
to the snow capped alps
where amidst a soft white blanket
we make love
in all one hundred and eight poses
making the tantric texts of yore proud

© 2022
  Feb 2022 SoVi
This one is different
I promise
He said he thinks about
Long term

This one is different
I swear
You’d be surprised
The romantic way
He treats me
Like a human being

This one is different
I know I’ve said that before
But please
This time
You’ll listen right
This one is different
SoVi Feb 2022
I'll rather be alone again
I know what they say 'bout loneliness
But I'll take the chance

I'll rather die alone again
Stick n' Stones break my words
But your actions left me hopeless

I'll rather walk this road again
Uncertainties leave me restless
I'll want to know what's up ahead

My heart burns and aches like fire
Ashes are just bones on the pyre
Liar, that's what I call you a liar

You better heed my advice
Your life will ignite with my lighter
Liar, that's what you deserve you liar

I'll rather get revenge 'my friend'
Prove to you once again, I'm not worthless
I'll rather watch you burn up in flames

© Sofia Villagrana 2022
SoVi Jan 2022
Hey, it's been a long *** day
Wondering if you're okay
Feeling fuzzy in my brain

Hey, I know I said some things
That made you wanna walk away
Pick up, I got a lot to say

© Sofia Villagrana 2022
fighting relationships complicated
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