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kaehaniya Oct 2020
just know
that if you ever need me,

i’ll be there.
i’ll always be there.
Mitch Prax Sep 2020
Shakira on the radio,
a gin and tonic or maybe four.
The night is young, baby,
and we aren't
getting any older.
Marina Lambrini Diamandis
De Grecia
Try Everything
SoVi Sep 2018
Admire me
Or better take off
No more I wanted to see you
I did not know you had a bad mood

Look at me
Go around
In the darkness of the room
Against the current of the fan

Giving Circles Makes Me Marry
I almost want to throw up
But there is nothing inside

I give you
Pure pure blackmail
Pure pure shame
I want to see you suffer in my shadow

Pure pure teasing
Pure pure lies
And I see you in the corner
Wanting to win in life

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Poem inspired by the song Chantaje by Shakira
SoVi Sep 2018
O mejor largate
No mas te queria ver
No sabia que tenias mal humor

Darme vueltas
En la oscuridad del cuarto
Contra el corriente del abanico

Dando circulos me hace mariada
Casi me quiero vomitar
Pero no hay nada adentro

Te do
Puro puro chantaje
Puro puro verguenzas
Quiero verte sufrir en mi sombra

Puro puro burlas
Puro puro mentiras
Y te veo en esquina
Quiriendo ganar te la vida

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Poem inspired by the song Chantaje by Shakira
Invocation May 2014
Strong spices
Leave your scars

I'll send them below

Precious new memories will replace
Your unwelcome pain
Napkins and longboards
electronic haze
I don't watch Disney

I wish I
didn't know my parents
But I take this for granted again

Flannels before they were Cool
painting my room
two shades of black

I'll share my life
If you will pretend I'm awake enough
To absorb yours

Can we become closer?
I found a new soul

— The End —