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ashley lingy Apr 2018
Encased in smooth defiance.
I am set in my ways, and I refuse to depart,
I refuse to learn, I refuse to be taught.
I'm cold,
closed off, shut down.

What better choice is there when people just
with indifference?

I won't open up,
from my hard earned shell.

For years, it is here that I've stood,
deep in my cool fortress, protected,
cloaked in neutrality.

My secret lies deep.
Here, I can't be cracked.

My weakness.

Here, I am safe.

My fear.

I wonder how long I can hide it?

What will be my demise?

That fragile spot, and
ashley lingy Jan 2018
She stands alone in a snowstorm.
Hours ago, the people of her town ran for cover,
but this is a woman who defies the norm.
She follows a feeling, the desire to discover.

The snow is vicious and swarms,
swirling around and above her.
Her hair lifts and spirals in free form.
Her arms rise; in the howling wind they hover.
Fear is absent, she feels only power.
Lyvana Nyx Aug 2017
Not meant to be
Means nothing to me
I am unpersonified,
A bounty on every breath
I ceased to exist
At 5 months conceived
I was born a miscarriage,
A mistake, a not meant to be
Fate has no ties,
No threads to weave
Im a mess up in the
Fundamental tapestry
Even god seeks my death
To take back what's not mine
Defiant, deviant, I don't abide
My life is not forfeit
Unbound, unbalanced, unknown
I fight for the right to LIVE.
Alan S Bailey Aug 2015
Ahh...the smell of "sweet success,"

Dressed up in bundles of bows,
Point out all of your "faults" and drill the teeth, braces on for years,
It'll make the "biggest difference," you'll be what you're "meant to be,"
Shove these roll models in your face, it's all about these prudent fears,
We've gotta follow suit, be moulded, from day to day, months, years,
Follow the path well followed until you're the "best" at this old game,
It'll be such a sorry path if you choose eccentrics-what *you

**What a shame!
Martha O'Brien Jul 2015
Get under my skin,
pull at the nerves.
It has been a long time
since I let you in;
you haven’t got a key but you break down the door.
You can pack me up with a stamp
send me off, be rid,
but I’ll only end up on richer shores.
If you want to win the lottery
simply to watch me pick up pennies-
But don’t think I am less noise
less light
less space
because that is what you want.
Johnathan locke May 2015
You say I'm lazy, and that I'm ruining my life,
You want someone better, it's causing internal strife.
When you see the score on my head dropping,
To the execution, my head will be lopping.

That score on your head is everything,
Without it their blows aren't soft.
And to all that see me as a trophy,
I tell you now, *******!

I am a strong,independent person,
Despite what you think.
I'll do my best, just like the rest,
And I don't care if I sink.

I'll do it my own way,
So get the **** off my back.
There is nothing you can say,
To "put me back on track"
T'yana Thomas Nov 2014
Rapes. Abandonment. Drugs. Guns. Kidnapping. Abuse. Race Issues. Prostitution. Fighting. Thefts.

What's wrong people??

Victims or Perpetrator why aren't we content about life itself.

Yes we will go through trails. No life isn't always fair. But; learning to love thy neighbor and help other people  can make a huge change in Today's Society. If we learned to care for one another ALL OF THEE ABOVE ACTS wouldn't happen.

To my victims Please dont live with suffering in your heart and allow that person who caused you harm power over you. Take your life back forgive them for your self healing!!!

We Need Change

Todays Society
Frustrated Poet Aug 2014
i feel like i am groping the wind
all i can see is pitch black
still i continue to walk
maybe i'll fall or stumble
but still i'll carry on.

i dont know what chance im grasping for
bu i continue to do it.
i discard the reason to stop
i know someday it'll make sense

people try to beat some sense in me
telling me its not going to work
but i feel there's something in there.
something great waiting to be unraveled

i'm still defiant
i am stubborn, yes
this is life.
not a game, nor a quest.

there's nothing pointless in loving.
the word futile is not acceptable.
James Jarrett Apr 2014
It was the free speech zone
That crossed the line
That corral set up for us
To voice our grievances
Unto the King
But we are free men
Not cattle
And you don't give us our rights
We are Americans
We don't get into pens
Or boxcars,
For the record.
You cannot
Pen our thoughts or hearts
Like beasts
Waiting for the slaughter
You cannot imprison freedom
Within fences
That you *****
No matter how hard you try
We will fight and die if we must
Glady, we will fall
Before we will ever enter
Your free speech zone
We will leave our wives and children
To cry
And mourn our cold bodies
That will become headstones
In the desert
Telling all our story
Of men who lived
And died free

Dedicated to the brave men and women who chose to stand with Cliven Bundy against the power and might of the Federal government in the Nevada desert.

— The End —