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no string is worth cutting
if you could thread through the knot carefully
without dismantling both endings.

This is a short work that defies my previous poem "the untied knot". Centenarians who have managed to live and love in a lasting relationship left me a lesson that most people nowadays tend to give up easily. In the concept that when something is broken, it is now so easily replaced. People who truly love thread through things carefully, work through pain with grace. I'm not a veteran in these kind of things, but I think it's important to know that even in the tough times, pain teaches us to grow in adversity. However on the flip side, paradoxically, one should not allow themselves to forget their worth when they give their all. It's all a matter of moderation & balance. Here's something I'd like to impart:

moment of grace (n.)
the point where people are forced to make a decision that either enables them to transcend a circumstance or succumb to it.
Zywa Oct 2019
She judges the men,

unbuttoning, buttoning –

and she keeps looking.
Collection "Eyes lips chest and belly"
Sara Kellie Jun 2019
You won't change me
to suit your views.
It cannot be,
you'll always lose.

Your thoughts,
your chants.
For redefining,
I'll still repel
when I'm flat lining.
Life's a ******
Osiria Melody Mar 2019
Quite irritating and aggravating,
Hater tater tots come wailing
Prevailing in their scathing, vapid thoughts

Appreciating their own reflections,
To the likes of Narcissussss
Derailing your train of thought with their words:

Vile arpeggios of "you're mediocre" shift TO
crescendos of "you're incompetent" TO
diminuendos of "you can do it" in hopes of
making you feel better,
Although you know that bit of motivation from
them is a lie—a blatant lie

Quite condescending and stupefying,
Hater tater tots come to knock down your
door of confidence
Prevail in your defense of self-respect and
vow to protect your house of strength

Appreciating your own reflection,
To the likes of humility and empowerment
Derailing their doubts about you with your actions:

Victorious arpeggios of "I'll still write"
shift TO crescendos of "I'm better than my
past selves" TO diminuendos of "I know
I can do it" to stay afloat,
Although you know that the flaming
torch of criticism may burn you now
and then—blatant pain

Amid the tornado of public criticism that
your mind is rotating in,
Amid your deteriorating state of
Amid this negativity from
others that is pure B.S.

Bake the hater tater tots
Burn them with your self-confidence

Love your poems because you should appreciate your work the most.
ashley lingy Apr 2018
Encased in smooth defiance.
I am set in my ways, and I refuse to depart,
I refuse to learn, I refuse to be taught.
I'm cold,
closed off, shut down.

What better choice is there when people just
with indifference?

I won't open up,
from my hard earned shell.

For years, it is here that I've stood,
deep in my cool fortress, protected,
cloaked in neutrality.

My secret lies deep.
Here, I can't be cracked.

My weakness.

Here, I am safe.

My fear.

I wonder how long I can hide it?

What will be my demise?

That fragile spot, and
Lyvana Nyx Aug 2017
Not meant to be
Means nothing to me
I am unpersonified,
A bounty on every breath
I ceased to exist
At 5 months conceived
I was born a miscarriage,
A mistake, a not meant to be
Fate has no ties,
No threads to weave
Im a mess up in the
Fundamental tapestry
Even god seeks my death
To take back what's not mine
Defiant, deviant, I don't abide
My life is not forfeit
Unbound, unbalanced, unknown
I fight for the right to LIVE.
Alan S Bailey Aug 2015
Ahh...the smell of "sweet success,"

Dressed up in bundles of bows,
Point out all of your "faults" and drill the teeth, braces on for years,
It'll make the "biggest difference," you'll be what you're "meant to be,"
Shove these roll models in your face, it's all about these prudent fears,
We've gotta follow suit, be moulded, from day to day, months, years,
Follow the path well followed until you're the "best" at this old game,
It'll be such a sorry path if you choose eccentrics-what *you

**What a shame!
Martha O'Brien Jul 2015
Get under my skin,
pull at the nerves.
It has been a long time
since I let you in;
you haven’t got a key but you break down the door.
You can pack me up with a stamp
send me off, be rid,
but I’ll only end up on richer shores.
If you want to win the lottery
simply to watch me pick up pennies-
But don’t think I am less noise
less light
less space
because that is what you want.
Johnathan locke May 2015
You say I'm lazy, and that I'm ruining my life,
You want someone better, it's causing internal strife.
When you see the score on my head dropping,
To the execution, my head will be lopping.

That score on your head is everything,
Without it their blows aren't soft.
And to all that see me as a trophy,
I tell you now, *******!

I am a strong,independent person,
Despite what you think.
I'll do my best, just like the rest,
And I don't care if I sink.

I'll do it my own way,
So get the hell off my back.
There is nothing you can say,
To "put me back on track"
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