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SophiaAtlas Aug 2023
Hey, I'm backkkkk

It's been a while.
I haven't done anything on here for like a year almost. Really miss this.
Malia Jun 2023
Hi, I’m back and well…it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. I won’t be as active but I will be here.
Amelia Robin Jun 2023
Thinking about you between meetings,
Between meals, between showers,
Between random scrolling on the internet,
Makes me giddy and profoundly safe.

Lately may have been hectic,
Crowded of thoughts and uncertainties.
Thinking about you solely,
Does not ease any of it truthfully
But choosing you among those things, does.

Remembering why we even started
How you make me feel enough and heard
How I can still picture vividly the first time you kissed me and how it smells
In hopes that the feelings and memories
won’t be slowly slipping away.

Those full infinitives
In the future are not what I am after all
From then on ‘til now
That’s what really matters.
After n years of not writing.. posted something again.

Thank you, J.
SoVi Dec 2021
You walk away
For a day
For a month
For a year

You say it's okay
It's a faze
It's just for a day
It'll go away

Then you realize
In a moment
In a blur

That you have forgotten
Abandon and ignored
The words you've penned
The poems you've cared for

Now you have returned
To a familiar place
With a different face
The time has come
To end the hiatus

© Sofia Villagrana 2021
It's been a long year. My passion for poetry was nonexistent due to COVID and school. But it has returned (even though I am busier than ever LOL). I don't think I'll have the same drive for poetry as I did before. But I'll still be writing.
Hales Nov 2020
To the
Of loving from a
Never knew I was being missed after a long time

that the voices inside my head decided to greet me every night lately.
It's been a while since I wrote something here, but things have been so hectic lately, and I just felt like coming back with my thoughts for the past few missing months and years. :)

archived Feb 2018
Hales Mar 2020
With eyes of blue and sea foam too,

There’s not a moment in time that
Is for Andy
forestfaith Feb 2020
weakness is my strength.
Because God said
his power is made perfect in weakness.

He can make my darkest nights
into fires to warm other people's hearts.

He can make my wounds into
reminders of how beautiful
life can be.

He can make my broken moons into
to realise their all
made to make someone else
realise the truth.

He can make my stormy seas
into gentle whispers of
understanding and a
bridge of love.

He is my God.
And im not ashamed to say so.

Bash me,
bruise me,
mock me
say i should be sorry,
tear apart my heart into two
and say im wicked,
pull out my eyes and
mock them too.
mock how i see things.

continue to break my moons
continue to show me i am weak
continue to point out my darkest nights

continue to remind me of God
continue to remind me of my
sheer mortality.
remind me of the lies some can say.

remind me.

remind me how powerful God can be.
share with me open doors by which
prayers can be sent through,
and allow me to
seek and
question my faith.

what is faith without doubt
what is growth without a painful season of pruning
what is the value of life without
knowing the suffering of my deadly ways.

who am i without God?

so go ahead and
make my journey more painful.
so go ahead
to test my patience and
reveal my inner workings

to see if i do love
see how i can improve
see how i can crack, break

to mend another heart.

weakness is my strength.
night skies are just as bright as the sun.
my most painful moments can be beautiful.

in God i am strong.
in God i am loved
in God you are strong
in God you are loved.

my Child.
heyy everyone its been a while hhaa..took a long on poetizer now, my username is "truthfully" with a verse as my profile pic. its like a blue sky thing. But right, hope everyone is doing okay and keeping everyone in my prayers!!
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