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⚠️Trigger Warning: the following poem contains subject matter pertaining to suicide and death⚠️

When a person dies
of a physical illness,
you mourn them.

When a person commits suicide,
you assassinate their character
and call them

because their death is a result
of a self-inflicted action.

Because they chose to die,

Because they not only chose  
to destroy themselves,
but the lives of their family and friends,

just as a physical illness
turns the cells against the body,

a mental illness
turns the mind against
convinces it that
is the only option.

What you don't understand
is that the person isn't our

depression is.
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Leigh Jacobson Nov 2018
If only parents behaved the way they expect their children to act.
This has frustrated me all my life. I still see it happening. Parents yelling at their kids when frustrated... for the child who yells out when frustrated. ....and it still does today.
SoVi Apr 2018
Drifting across currents
From oceans to oceans
Remnants of war.

Drunk on Confession
High on Calamity
Make yourself immortal.

Poison the clouds, poison the water
Watch people collapsing
From metal dragons in the sky.

Flushed from Blazes
Deaf from Explosions
You’re the cause of war.

Low on empathy
Empty on repentance
Deception built on misconception.

In a world full of peace they’ll come and hunt you
But during catastrophe, you’ll be our hero.
You're a man of war.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Kyla Sargent Nov 2017
I never wanted to be pretty.
But I've wanted to be loved.
I never wanted to be ****.
But I've wanted to be important.
I never wanted to be hot.
But I've wanted to be happy.
I never asked to be beautiful.
But I remember asking to be smart.
I never asked to be a female.
But I remember asking for respect.
I never asked for stranger’s opinions.
But I have asked for equality.
I never asked for ******* pictures.
But I have asked for understanding.
I never knew my gender meant ‘object’.
But I know what it feels like to be objectified.
I never knew that being female made me weak.
But I know I was always told I “hit like a man.”
I never knew ** somehow meant stupid.
But I know that ‘gender role’ for me, means submit.
I never liked not being heard by the guys when debating.
But I know how it feels to rarely be taken seriously.
I never enjoyed getting razor burn when shaving.
But I know what it's like to wear pants during summer.
I never wanted to hear what you'd do to my body.
But I remember my ex ignoring me when I said it hurt.
I never wanted to be sexualized.
But I remember being told I wasn't **** enough to be confident.
I never wanted to be a man’s property.
But I know I never wanted to change my last name.
I never wanted to be treated like I'm not worth basic rights.
Honestly, I only ever wanted to be treated like I'm human.
My piece on inequality with genders
Marles Oct 2016
have heart.
just not too much,
they say.

you must be gentle,
because you are woman.
but not too gentle-
fragility equals weakness.

be kind,
but so not be naive,
lest you allow people to walk
all over you.

be independent, do not rely on man
for survival-
but be careful that you not be too independent that you challenge his masculinity.

do not let anyone tell you what to do, you are equal to any man and able to make your own decisions-
but you must have children or be marked as a failure of a woman.

do not cheat, for infidelity is the most cowardice, selfish act possible,
but forgive the man who slept with another woman because it's just 'what they do', he 'couldn't help it' and you were on a weekend trip-it didn't mean anything.

cry, because it is good for you
but don't you dare let another soul hear you
or they will know you are weak.

be soft and strong and gentle and firm-
be all you can be as long as it is less than the man standing next to you.

be what you want,
do what you please-
you deserve to be worshipped dear,
you could bring the world to its knees

my darling,
as long as you do not surpass the man
**you can be a queen.
(being woman in a mans world)
Scarlet McCall Jul 2016
We are divided, they say--but it isn’t true.
The way I judge right v. wrong is no different from you.
Let’s not confuse acts from a few
with what most people think or what most people do.
Most people wouldn’t strangle a helpless man.
A psychopath did it because he knows, “I can.”
Most people wouldn’t shoot unless in harm’s way.
A cop pulls the trigger because he knows he won’t pay.

It’s about how we don’t do what we must--
we don’t hold accountable those we entrust
with a badge and a gun. They **** with impunity.
To end this we must act with unity:
Some must be indicted and go to prison,
or we’ll have more deaths for no good reason.
So sick and tired of ******* by politicians and the media...this isn't about racial divides. It's about how the police have no accountability and we are moving towards a Police State.
Michael Joseph Jun 2016
Fred has to be a male,
so, he must be masculine,
a muscle man, an alpha bag,
with a core made of ego.

Fred as a noun is something known,
He must be working with his hands,
not with his mind, no thinking.
He must be strong, and fit and sporty,
not a kid who is gay for not lifting
- a kid is a gay if his not sporty.

Fred is a guy so he must smoke,
adore the feeling of the coke,
Drink his beer and get a toast,
he must be **** smelling dope.

Fred is a man so he must have pride,
Never cry, never try to apologize,
and he must think he is always right;
like the way fathers, brothers,
often won an argument,
as punches and fists were persuasive.

Fred is a male so he must love women,
women as in **** ladies in bikinis,
**** ladies as in ****, making love,
so he must love ***, love as in having fun,
having fun as in playing with everyone,
and he is macho for doing that.

Fred is a name who is always feared,
of his tounge and cursing,
acting tough, controlling,
like a god, he is supreme,
his words ****** every being,
with hurt, and dissappointment.

Fred is a dude so he must be a champ,
he must be the first in every rank,
he is the strongest and toughest guy,
and he must be vain for looking tough,
looking at the mirror, self-adoring,
“Who’s the fairest of them all?”

Fred is a man, so he must always be mad,
mad as in angry, always ready to fight,
his enemies were himself if his outsmarted,
her girl if she’s disobedient,
her wife if he thinks she’s unfaithful,
the gays for they are sinners but cowardly;
and all his anger is a real strong punch,
or a slap, or a curse, or a high-sounding insult,
or the smoking of a pack of coke or puff.

He is a guy, so he must fail to express himself.
Giraluna Gil Jun 2016
I am my lover's *****. 
I am not the object of his affection 
but rather a tangible stable entity 
he sometimes chases after. 
Much like a dog 
craving his favorite chew toy. 
Playfully rolling in a puddle of mud 
which coincidentally is exactly
what he thinks of me.
A property, only his to be owned
Even when he throws me away, 
I should never dare to dethrone him
from the place he still thinks he owns.
To him I am unclean,
forgetting that his own hands 
have soiled my soul more than 
the ones before him. 
He wraps his unkind words
around my neck, 
ruthless knots I can't forget. 
He speaks of growing old 
while he eagerly counts down
the years to my death.
Not knowing that with every breath
I now die a little less.
Because when he leaves,
the noose around my neck loosens
a volcanic anger flows from within me
full of realisation that he can no longer have me, 
because I now come at an expense
he can no longer afford.
to an abusive relationship full of double standards
Maddie Apr 2016
As the last few heartbeats ticked away
The world stopped turning
Everyone stood still
Skyscrapers turned purple
Purple waterfalls
Purple skies
Purple tears
Across the globe
People congregated dancing to the beats
Of a fallen warrior
And people hung their heads low
Filled with sorrow
Over the death of a legend
Younger generations exposed to the music
That shaped their parents
A whole world stopped
From the loss of a single man
All around the world
Everything stopped
When all around the world
People are being killed and tortured
When all around the world
Children are being left to die
When all around the world
People are dying on the streets
When all around the world
People are killing themselves
What will it take for the whole world to stop
Just because I died?
Florelie Aug 2014
All my ladies please do understand
Intrinsically you bring beauty to this land
Put your body out there in the public eye
And you will get attention that you can't defy

Pictures of you all over there nettisphere
Fun, vivacious, seductive and suggestive
But fugly buggers better type nothing rude
You only welcome it from those attractive to you!

So you want to please and tease with your naked pics
Now you're furious for getting comments from freaks
This is why our whole world is troubled
When righteous hypocrites' standards are doubled
Seek attention? Easy to find. When you get it from all over the place, do not complain!
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