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you are secretive
like night; but brilliant stars,
your eyes, speak amour!
Uta Jun 2018
Cold night,

swift breeze,

she was shining like a bright diamond beneath the moonlight sky,

her skin was pale and soft,

Her eyes blue, secretive and true,

an elf she was,

fairest, wisest and most powerful of all beings that walk the Earth,

and yet a creature so beautiful and so wise,

fell in love,

with a man,

a mortal,

of which was a shocking decision for others,

but a right one for her.
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A very short loving tale between a she-elf and a man.
Robin Carretti Jun 2018
Secretly?Tall=Tower-fee lucky
777 "I'm Free"-Flowery + $$$

Being Oz-wizardly
Toto lucky bite red slipper
((Cowardly)) Lionly
-Whoa_ She got that Geisha Irony
This is Tokyo
Not the flower shop of Soho

(( Japan Chefs Black Panthers))
Shout box

Unique flowers of
Too outfox

One Geisha Flowery room
Twilight-places lightly bloom

Sunflower showering
Going nowhere
Her body heat
Is always

Over flowered the rainbow
magic women
romantically spritz and spray
Love me love me not
I am waiting today

Flowered over one
Her Fortune-beds
The Geishas fine ink
Never pink
The best time to arrive
See her lucky red
((Geisha Flowery))
*        *        *        *
Happy go lucky
Not the back rub

The gift of gab
Time feast Rolex
her index finger
Webs of flower cut

Was the cover-up
The best of the last
defeat of her
She Petals faster
The  zipper-movie cut
Go zip
Irish spring shower

Boysenberry, Cherry, Power
Geisha dance flowery-trick
The vanilla-bean sky quick
The yogurt Greece fly
Her tablecloths
He finger
points cactus sharp points

The climate tells the
clues can you handle tricks
Softly silk skirt steak
Missed a few buds
((Geisha Flowery funds))
Tantalizing tiara pull
Off gave it  to the
flower girl china doll

The music
Black Magic
Her sheer blouse
loosely fit his fancy

Playing Santana
Sitting with her
tea tiger lily
Felt so lonely

The champagne
The whole Monet
of Gucci

She's perked me
up Pucci *******
Danger me dandelions
The next recruit
black rose pin
pursuit hungry like
Duran Duran

The discovery of
custard flan
The Geisha flowery
New York State
Who snitched out
her spouse
Flowers divinity Godly lands

I gotcha
Right in the palm
of my hands
This is the playful side of my taste in a Geisha uniquely written poem all colorful but intense darkness the lovers try to get out of her heat but the beat still flowers them
Bridgette Apr 2018
How do i convey these words i wanna say
There's something different about the way i stare at you
Compared to the way i glance and glare at others.
Every little thing about you, makes want to be true to you
Like the way your eyes widen in shock when i give you a hug
Or the way you know exactly what to say, when im down.
You know the little things about me, that no one else knows
Someday ill figure out how to tell you....
That i love you with all of my poor beaten heart
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
It is time you faced that abomination.

You don't need to be secretive about it;
You falter on the mere embrace of shame.

The frightening realisation that was brought forth
When you stumbled on the playground of greed.

The pestering of hands that point and eyes that stare
Bridled to your chest with **** for the meek.

On the edge of time you stood, floudering in a haze
To cope with the piercing daze of vertigo

Thus I ask to abolish that hurt
To call your empty heart and let go.

embrace empty frightening hurt **** playground secretive shame time vertigo
In a place by the lake stood a tall willow tree
It's roots stretching down far beyond where I could see
At first glance I admire its elegant beauty
But there's more than meets the eye, I learned fool-heartedly
Its melancholy dance in the cool summer breeze
Mesmerizes my senses and is enough to please
Then the reflection in the lake made it all too clear
The willow is my love but there's no need to fear
Behind her dark eyes is a cloudy sky
A girl living in fear who's dying to cry
I can see you hiding behind that brave face
Exhausted from a journey you thought was going no place
The tears I see fall are like rain from the sky
Or the branches of the willow that keep this place dry
The leaves that drape down are protecting you so
Concealing the emotions that you don't want to show
The path you traveled is something you thought you'd never surpass
Like walking down a road of rusty nails and broken glass
Like a broken heart, your feet have been torn
Yet you go on beaten and continue to mourn
But the road you walk knows another poor soul
I've been down it too, and I've paid my toll
And the secrets you kept hidden from plain sight
Are now exposed to me in the mystic moonlight
And when you weep like the willow, please know this to be true
I'll love you forever, even when the skies ahead aren't blue

Jane Oct 2017
She's there again.

I color my insides green with jealousy.
My outside is fairytale pink.

Watch my recklessness.
See my body, *****.
Laugh at my jokes.
Peek at my past.

But god forbid,
you look into my eyes.

For my recklessness is always calculated,
For my body is not my vulnerability,
For my jokes are merely masks,
For my past is my present,

please, look into my eyes.
Nite Mar 2016
My heart is telling me
That this feeling isn't meant to be
That we can't be together
As it will only end in displeasure

My head wants to tell you 
A secret that has been eating me inside 
A secret that I know you will brush aside
As it's something I know I shouldn't pursue

My arms want to embrace you
Every time you look sad or blue
Even when you're happy and beaming
But I know I'm just a dreaming

My lips want to kiss you 
Tell you words that I don't think you want to hear
Tell you things that I've kept dear
Kiss you with passion that I know is true

My eyes want to keep looking at you all day long
Endlessly wishing that every moment we spend together I can prolong
Wishing you could see what I see when I look at you
A perfect angel with a light that shines true

Alas! I can only hope and dream
That someday I'll be able to tell you
That my whole being is all askew
That someday I'll be able to scream

I'm in love with you!
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