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LN Jun 2019
things can be different
from different point of views.
the same sceneries can be dull
or they can be filled with hues.

the flickering flame can burn
or the flame can be warm.
the water can quench thirst
or the water can bring storm.

we don't have to think alike,
we don't have to be the same.
for some people my words could mean
and for some they could be lame.
I see a world where everyone bleed feelings into everything they do
you might see it as a labyrinth  of forgotten people.

if we are not different then, who are we?
LN Jul 2019
Sometimes I wish I was born as a boy
my late-night strolls wouldn't be seen as coy.
Sometimes I wish I was born as a boy
at least I wouldn't be reduced to a mere toy.

Sometimes I wish wasn't born as a female
my life story would have been a tellable tale.
Sometimes I wish I wasn't born as a female
my journey wouldn't have been filled with storms and hail.

Sometimes I wish I wasn't born at all
coz there nothing I hate more than being a life-size doll.
LN Dec 2018
I saw him in a K-Vibe store
His sight melted my ice-*******.
He saw me watching and smiled at me.
Walked the short distance, my heart filling with glee.
Our hands brushed,
We both blushed,
And then I noticed the thing that broke the love spell
He was wearing an EXO hoodie
And I a BTS sweat with koya smell
And hence we couldn't be together
for I am an ARMY and he an EXO-L

Lol its just for fun
No hard feelings for EXO-Ls

LN Jun 2019
my life was like a rope walk
a thin rope of sanity I walked on
and below was a thousand feet Valley of depression,
you miss a step ,you never come back.
struggling to balance myself ,
and then I met you .
the saviour ,
like the albatross
who came to save the ancient mariner.
you came into my life and with you came hope.
the rope beneath my feet widened ,
widened to become a plank.
and as you grew closer,
the plank became solid ground.
the valley started to disappear
and the fear melted down.
now I could risk missing steps,
enjoying the grass and the tiny falls.
it felt like never before ,
and there was no turning back.
but I realised, on the ground I wasn't alone .
not just mine,
but you had saved a zillion lives .
but that didn't matter now .
they all loved you and so did I .
so we all pledged :
to help you, to love you forever
and that anything that gets to you
have to first get through us .
we all are debtors of your love
and we will pay back by standing by you .
you are the nation of our happiness
and we are your A.R.M.Y.

saranghae BTS
thank you for being In our lives for 6 years .
BTS, not just a boyband to us ARMYs, but our inspiration ........our source of happiness

LN Apr 2019
Weaving words into crazy poems
I'm crafting a world of my own.
A world of wonders and mysteries.

A world where your hatered
Doesn't weaken me,
And nor does your love
Strengthen me.

A world where
I am who I am.

A world where promises count
And not just proofs.

Where it rains in winter
And freezes in summer.
A world where the fuel is imagination
And everything runs on it.

A world where eyes are truer
And dreams are real.
A world where hunger is the craving for joy
And thirst is all metaphoric.

A world away from this one.
A world of purity and poetry.

Wish i could step into the world in my head..... But, the sad truth is...... It stays in my head, its not real..... And the one that is indeed real is not liveable, there's no place for imaginations and wonders in this world
LN Mar 2019
Love hurts
It causes anger,
Why don't you love me back?

(its not original........)
BANGTAN is love, life, obsession.... Purple
LN Apr 2019
He was tortured for months
Lived worse than in hell.
Nd after all those tryings
When he finally broke free,
He couldn't bring himself
To peace again.

"you need to face your demons to fight them"

So he went back to the town
He was held captive in for months,
Not expecting to meet the demon of his nightmares
Again on the same road he first met him.

"I can't bring myself to hate you"
"you've made me like've made me to like this"

So he decided to give his captor
All the hell he went through.
Not because he wanted to wrong
The other,
But because he wanted to give
His forced unconcious feelings
A reason to be satisfied.

But for the demon
The hell was not really hell.
It gave birth to a heaven
In his heart.

They both knew it
They both loved it
They both loved each other.
I read a fanfiction and i was so moved that i decided to dedicate a poem to it.
It was too good to be put in simple sentences....... It was crazy.


Only if you can deal with kpop.
LN Oct 2018
I'just a paper doll with a crystal heart
Dont drop me down, I'll break apart
Nd the broken heart won't beat again

You'll have to melt me down, break me 'part nd tear me to peices

You'll have a new paper doll,
But this time with a molten heart
Nd the molten heart won't beat again
Nd the paper doll won't be the same

So don't let me go
Don't let me fall
Don't let me out of your sight

For I'm just so delicate,
so delicate,
That I might break with a touch
LN Mar 2019
We are like skew lines

We are not parallel

But we can't intersect as well
In three-dimensional geometry, skew lines are two lines that do not intersect and are not parallel, because they lie in different planes.
LN Apr 2019
We lose ourselves in poetry,
We find ourselves here too.

Words inspire lives
LN Apr 2019
It's a difficult love
I adore you,
Love you,
Care for you,
Fight the whole world for you,
And you don't even know that I exist.
I can even tell you about the number of moles on your face..... The ones that you might have not even noticed, but you can't even tell that a girl in a far away country exist to whome you mean the world.

I'm a fangirl.
LN Apr 2019
Once again I'll see you
Staring deep in my eyes
Telling me to love myself,
To Speak myself.

Once again I'll fight
All the haters
That curse at you.

Once again I'll be the
Voice cheering for you.

Once again I'll be
One of those thousand
Hearts that beat for you.

And once again
You'll not know
Who I am.
You don't know me, but i do

I'm a fangirl
LN Jun 2019
Filled with sorrows were the eyes,
Written with blood were some lies.
And I painted a picture with tears and cries,
Cries so deep that the bravest soul dies.
Now lax and loveless my corpse lies,
Farewell, my dear myself
From a world that was never wise.
LN Oct 2018
I remember when you were my friend,
Our talks would never seem to end.
We'd laugh together, we'd cry together,
We'd mourn all the losses together.
You were the sunshine of my Sundays
And my best mate on the life's way.
But, guess the road ended abrupt,
And I didn't see that you were so corrupt.
You left me on the broken road,
The burden we shared was now all my load.
It as painful without you by my side,
It wasn't fun even in the joyous ride.
And guess I learned to live with the pain,
Hiding my tears in the falling rain .
Now the memory is dull and the pain is numb,
And I wonder how could I be so dumb!
That I never saw you leave my side ,
And how you disappeared with time and tide.
But I promise to have you in my heart .
You and your friendship like crust and ****,
Sweet at the top and hard at the base,
And Oh! how could I forget your lovely face .
And this is how our story ends,
'Cause we both are no more friends.
you said "you can count on me"
but, when I  did , you weren't there
LN Oct 2018
I would see him every day
And I wish I could be more like him
I believe everything they say
That he is so full of goodness ,full to  the brim
He laughs with me , he cries with me,
He laughs at me and fights with me
He say he hates me but hugs me everyday
'cause we both know that we love each other anyway
He is not my best friend I count on to nor is he my lover
He is the reason why I ask my parents
"Why do I even have a brother?"
Its for my brother I say I hate but, I love him actually and he know that very well
To all the brothers out there who love their sisters and can't imagine a life without them
LN Mar 2019
If heartbreaks really broke the heart,
Hospital would have been earning ten folds
Heart doesn't break, the feelings do.
LN Jun 2019
...If you like me or not
Your liking won't change me this time.

I've been changed once.
I won't change again
To commit the same crime of loving you
(edit: note added to the poem)
LN Sep 2019
Happy moments
And Crazy lives ,
Cheerful days
And never ending nights,
Glittery eyes
And painted skies.

I hold onto them as strong as I can
I hold onto the skies and the friends and the man
For I know when I'll no longer see the dark
This all will fade away
Nd there won't even be a mark.
Dreams and fantasies make me a different person...... And when they break...... I come back to my bruised self to cry.
LN Feb 2021
Yet again, I find myself at a place I loathe to be
The place where I always ache
A place where I am always questioned
And oh how truly I want to break free of this place
Which suffocates me,
Makes me smaller,
Makes me miserable.

If only freedom came without a price
If only I had a chance to undo the past
If only I were not so weak
If only...

And I come back to square one
The first page
The first question
"Will I ever be able to leave?"
LN Apr 2019
Isn't it weird
She never gave you a second look
And you are running after her like crazy,
And I, who've always been by your side,
You don't care about what I feel for you.
Guess life is teaching you a lesson.
LN May 2019
And they don't even get views to get the revolution started

And **** like this might actually trend

LN Apr 2019
I've loved before
But back then it wasn't me who loved,
It was my anima.

The fake love
Was just my body and someone else's soul.
So then my shadows
Showed me my darkness.

My introspection
Showed me myself.
So I grew to love myself
And love as myself
No more fake love.

So here I am,
Loving all over again
But it feel like never before
I know it has happened
But this time feels like first time

Coz this time
Its not my anima in love
Its my persona in love.
Love yourself Her: anima
Love yourself Tear: shadow
Love yourself Answer : self
Map of soul : persona
LN Dec 2018
He called and asked me not to worry
It didn't strike at first.

Nd by the time it did
He was declared "brought dead"
LN Mar 2019
Its beautiful at midnight
Unlike the day,
When its blinding bright.
I look up at the sky
Colored in shades of black,
Dotted with stars up high.
I look at the beauty of the moon,
Making me forget
That the day will be starting soon.
They say the sunrise is ecstatic,
I say, ponder into night life
It's beauty is magnetic.
A certain darkness is needed to see the stars.
And to be honest, darkness can be very beautiful indeed.
LN Oct 2018
In this world full of blues
I've found my red.
It's so hard out there,
You'r like my comfy bed.
'nd I'll stick along
As if sticked with glue.
Cause there's this one thing I wanna say is
LN Dec 2018
"You good? "
She asked
And I thought to myself
"wish I was,
A good face to look at
A good daughter to give a shoulder pat
A good dancer to admire
A good singer to hire
A good student to praise
A good racer to chase
A good girl to marry"
These are the thoughts I carry
And once again I hid them behind my tears
And nodded.
A friend thought out loud her wishes in front of me
LN Jan 2021
Weaving sorrows into poetry
so the words could stitch me up,
for the memories are broken
and wisdom is all ****** up,

Drenching inked papers
in the hues of anguish,
listening to the thunder of words
that makes me want to vanish,

My knuckles are ******
from punching the walls,
for I can't scream back without breaking
to their ignominious calls,

I sit here with tears,
writing poetry out of trauma,
waiting for justice to show up
in a force called karma.
the people we love the most, hurt us the most....they often make fun of our biggest insecurity, make us try to hate ourselves such that we can fit in moulds they want to see us in, say those unknown triggers that tick the self-hate bomb inside us, that push us back into the dark we try so desperately to come out of ....and yet we go on loving them for we are so much because of them..... broken, traumatized, wise, poets....all becasue of them
LN Oct 2018
When a poet is in love with you
You'll have an experience of which you had no clue

They'll notice how your hair fall on your tiny shoulder
Nd how your eyes get lost into nothingness when you wonder

how the big diamond fit itself into the hollow of your collar bones
Nd how your eyes gleem on hearing their name like gemstones

They will notice how you bite you lip everytime you are shy
Nd how your lips swells nd nose turn red when you cry

They will see you through their own as well as the world's eyes
Nd they will kiss your tears away telling you some unbeliveable lies

They'll speak of you as a godess they pray to
Nd write down all they see nd feel just for you.
LN May 2019
Dear mom,
Thank you for not taking my decisions for me
Or else I wouldn't have known how to learn from my mistakes.

Thank you for not buying me every last toy in the store
Or else rejection would have been unbearable for me.

Thank you for not leaving me to the babysitter
Or I wouldn't have learned to be independent.

Thank you for scolding me everytime I misbehaved
Or I wouldn't have known the difference between right and wrong.

Thank you for punishing me everytime I wronged someone
Or I wouldn't have know that mistakes come with consequences.

Thank you for being strict
Or I would have ended up spoilt.

Thank you for not helping me in my fights with the society kids
Or the high school bullies would have been to much to deal with.

And thank you for always loving me and reminding me that you are always there
Or those little heartbreaks would have left me with nothing to hold on to.

Thank you ma, for everything.
LN Feb 2019
He taught me all the colors of love
And none of them was
TaeTae..... I purple you..... To the moon and back
But still, i purple my bunny more,
Bunny..... I purple you...... To the saturn and back(coz that's the farthest we've reached
LN Jul 2019
crazy as it may sound
but I can still feel you around.

pineapples still remind me of your smell
making me wonder whether you went to heaven or hell...
it must be hell.
for we've been partners in crime
and love criminals don't deserve to die prime.

oceans still mind me of your eyes
which were the same color as the morning skies,
the skies we used to stare at for hours,
the skies you live in now as one of the zillion stars,

and now there are just memories I hold on to
and a void in my life that can be filled by only you.
you left this world,
you left me behind,
and now I have one less friend
who was one of a kind.
a friend lost is no less than losing a piece of one's soul
LN Oct 2018
A tear trickled down her cheek
It fall on my heart and i saw it seep
The plant that grew there was gentle and week
And for love it had its roots going deep.
The hardship winds were the nature's grant
Felling huge trees and leaving a mark
But couldn't uproot the growing plant
Of all the big small things in the park.
Giving it strength to live through the worst
Now the weak plant was a warrior
With warship glory a new flower burst
And on the flower came a carrier .
Picking up love withe the pollen grains
Showering it ,flying all far and wide.
Her tears falling on my heart like rains
Of love and care that she can not hide
LN Mar 2019
"I'll never leave your side"
He had said.
So, I'm still waiting for him to return.
No, i'm not heart broken, it's just the thought crossed my mind.
LN Dec 2018
I saw you by the window, thought you were crying alone.
I reached out to you and held your hand
It was wet with red liquid gushing out of the broken wrist
'nd I realised you were dying alone
LN Feb 2019
Just spread your arms a bit wider

Love is simple, yet very complicated

— The End —