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LN Mar 2019
We are like skew lines

We are not parallel

But we can't intersect as well
In three-dimensional geometry, skew lines are two lines that do not intersect and are not parallel, because they lie in different planes.
Eric Babsy Oct 2018
My vision was of a 3D puzzle
Open your eyes it is a surprise

Reflecting a ghost on the wall
Shifting glances a death to us all

The one that was supposed to help
To be my friend turned their back

Because they could care less
A gift I would lack

How do we get sent to death
When all I know could care less

I guess to them I am second best
Can you help me find the answer

Because who is in charge
They also spread the cancer

What time are you leaving
Because of this I am grieving

Because what happened was not my fault
Just got paid the answer you are not what ought
Meandering Mind Aug 2020
looking at words
on a page
or a screen

there's some mysterious interplay
between the two-dimensionality
of words on a flat plane
and the three-dimensionality
underlying it all

visually deceiving
as if the space
behind the words
is both
an infinite abyss
an undetectable, immeasurable void
a flat formless surface

it's both
it's neither

and somehow
typing on a flat-(ish) keyboard
but pushing buttons
into a third dimension
makes the words
appearing on the screen
seem almost 3D themselves
in a connected sort of way
into the white void
of the blank screen

the keystrokes feel deeper
than i think they really are
especially when i stare at the screen
and let the fingers fly

what sort of illusion is this?!

or are the words
the missing link
that let us peek
to the hidden dimensions
we desperately seek?

looking at words
on a page
or a screen

i can't help
but wonder these things
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
A terrible thing once  tried
Objectifying life
With a language simplified
Strokes for different memories
Dynamics of  life

Illusion of equation
Hidden figures
Mystic world
Spotlight, keeps it glow
Chase all directions, to and fro  
Syncronized collage of time
Speaking of love, impulse and life
Some silence, some smile, some cry
Tincture of madness to know,
Shape of water
Smell of words
Song of trail
In search of dimension that exists

Karma, a circle never ends
What goes around, comes around
In form, life is liquid in shape
No arguments, no more bet.
My perception of life. We all are not, what our name is. We are, a vibration of everyone with whom we collide.
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections. 2018.
Hayley Aug 2016
Everything feels fake
While I try to reintegrate
I'm so expanded and 3D is so contracted
I'm not even turned on, I'm not even attracted
The way people live, the way people see
3D thinking is a waste of my energy
I'm unenthused by the boredom of this plane
Everyone wants to be in control, everyone wants to stake claim
Stick with profound, stay away from profane
Chill like a tree, step away from the propane
Don't set fire to yourself and your path
Give people room to breathe, no one cares about your wrath
People are so preoccupied with looking like they're cool
But in reality they're nothing but a tool
Now don't get it confused
With something you can use
It's someone that will abuse
They don't care about your views
They only care for what they choose
Which is something where they win and you lose
What is this place with billions of minds
With trillions of thoughts that will be our demise
Self loathing, hatred spewing from one mouth to the next
There's rarely anything spiritual about modern day ***
There's no making love, just hurry up and ***
There's no facing problems, just drink beer and ***
How did I get here, is this really what I have to see
I know what my purpose is, to show people how to be
Not like a preacher, just hand them the key
I know the truth and I live by example
Come see me and I'll give you a sample
Some fall in love when they get a taste
The rest run away in all their haste
Thinking that they're better and smarter and cool
But running from truth just makes them a fool
There's a place and time for what I have to say
But it's not for everyone and it's not everyday
People who hear me are the ones who are supposed to receive
They have a greater purpose if they're able to believe
Knowing there's so much more than what we can see
Go beyond the physical, peak into 5D
Miss Clofullia Jul 2016
Tried counting normal sheep.
It didn’t work.
None of them seem to have that je ne sais quoi
that Eastern - European sleep sheep have.

Tried counting good and bad memories. On an invisible flip chart.
Just like in my youth corporation.
I presented the situation to my inner Earth, waiting for feedback and good vibes.
All I got was a mosquito in my left ear.

Tried counting all the nights when I couldn’t sleep but
I was never good with imaginary numbers.

Then.. I started counting all the “I’m sorry”s,
“I love thee”s
and “It wasn’t me to pull the trigger, your honor!”s,
slowly falling in a pit full of
alligator dreams, just waiting
to bite on my neck.

Sleep made me weak.
Sleep made me spill all the meds on the wooden floor and
suddenly, I started seeing the truth through a pair
of 3D cardboard glasses.

Then I started to feel blue and it all happened so fast, officer!
Sy Lilang Jun 2014
Fifteen inches LCD
Electronic mouse
And bunch of scratches of sheets.

There were roof lines
Valleys and ridges
Encircling the overlapping layers
Some are frozen, some are hidden.

Estimation and calculation
Uttering numbers
With various actions.

3D walls
Inserting commands
Subtracting openings
Including doors and windows.

The formula was easy
To multiply and subdivide
Real aesthetical features
Future renovation
For firm edification.

(6/30/14 @xirlleelang)
Ben Ditmars May 2014
3D print me into
something real, impulsive
and distinguished.

successive layers
built around a
pulse and backbone.

fused electrons hardwired
to my brain like therapy.

we are broken and
the sum of our spare parts.

©Ben Ditmars 2014

— The End —