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Bagoflemon Nov 23
I was so tired and frayed.
    I wondered what moon you saw from that distant planet.
    Outer space caused a great famine
    Did you allow your lungs to love
    An ounce of it if any, love.

Define our love in a sentimental mood.
A gravitational pull that holds my hand.
    Exceptions where we let go to kiss the sun. We fall down around 12 to 1.
    Coming back, warm in our commotion of fantasies. We spoke our mind telepathically.

  You were so tired and frayed.
    You wondered what moon I saw from that distant planet.
    Outer space caused a great famine
    Did I allow my lungs to love
    An ounce of it if any, love?

Remember high tides in October?  dressed up lovers, bittersweet contour? two mirrors colliding.  
    We became a downward spiral till we couldn’t call ‘us’ anymore.
    No matter how much I see it, it’s just you and me but not the way it used to be.

We were so tired and frayed.
    We wondered what moon we saw from that distant planet of ours.
    Outer space caused a great famine in thought..
    ..The in-between which we could not meet made it hard.
    We loved with every crevice of our body but with the last drop there was nothing to breathe from.
An ounce of it if any.
This was based on past experience. It was through codependency and the miserable lack of communication , I could get a better understanding of what bittersweet viper bites feel like when it comes to love someone and let them go. For both of your betterment.
(we are adjusting and growing and learning together)
i’m the man who’s gonna wake up next to you

slipping away, a non-starter, her leg crosses over mine,
a right sided shakedown shackle, adhesion flesh as
tough as old yellowed scotch tape sticking stuck

no escaping, a known 6:00am risk when you sleep with
a pre-advertised holy roller, twist and turner woman,
making you into an unofficial woe-man (too)

left hand grabs the lamenting instrument, the beat up iPad,
to record your enslavement, a distraction from the bladder’s
faint morn winking at you with a Cheshire grin, muffling a
chuckle, at a predicament wonderful familiar, but unresolvable

this situation, a category of life’s small measure of annoyances,
invokes the wordy title, and a write-down list of pluses and minuses,
which I’ll spare which o’witch be the longer list

poems are where you find them, under your nose,
looking out a city bus window, but sometimes like flypaper,
they just come unasked and stick to you, the separating of the skin,
like a too tight bandaid, ain’t worth the pain and freedom gained

later, share this missive and her suggestion, she will prepare an
NDA (a non-disclosure agreement)  or adopt other strategies like
pushing me out of the bed without warning when i am typing ,
to witch and to wit, reply,
another poem commissioned, and

perhaps, name change too, needed,
making love in the morning

Aleena Dec 2019
“Poems are stupid”
“They do not even make sense”
“Only nerds like poetry”

Well then,
I guess I’m just a stupid nerd
That doesn’t make sense

Maybe that’s why I have to write about all the things I just don’t get
sunshine Sep 2019
it's an odd feeling to watch your best friend

get on a plane and fly off to another world

its three years but I'm keeping my Monday tradition
it ***** when you
lose someone but
they're not actually gone

You ****** me over one too many times...

I still care, but

I'm done waiting for something that's not gonna happen.
I can't do this anymore...
LN Apr 2019
Isn't it weird
She never gave you a second look
And you are running after her like crazy,
And I, who've always been by your side,
You don't care about what I feel for you.
Guess life is teaching you a lesson.
Evie Mar 2019
this **** wild
no kidding
mvssbecvming Jun 2018
"I hate you now as much as I will ever hate you."
Our fingers laced with strained prose and my blooming heart.
There's only so many ways to tell you this without us both realizing we might have not yet learned our lesson.

The truth is, there's no way for me to know how much this really hurts. I've cast myself numb to the touches of future lovers and to be honest I've said too many times that I would cast this out of my mind but, baby, if you loved me, would you leave me?
Could we bury this romance in a candlelight processional and a chorus of holy reverence, how long could we hold each other till our arms crumbled to dust under the six feet of people we once were?
Would our kisses turn to ash so close to new flames we might light?... could either of us stand the flames?
We'll be okay, I know in time this too shall fade but once, I had high hopes. Once I was left confused crying to a plane window and you couldn't tell me anything to ease the chaos in my mind. Why would you offer yourself to me like that if you didn't want me too?
I'm so stressed, pressing on for answers but, maybe there's nothing to find.
I'll move forward.
One day.
I couldn't 'hate' you more.
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