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Äŧül Jun 17
It was KG,
I was very lazy.

Not instinctively so,
Because it was all so easy.

Suddenly I was in Class I!
I was very simply terrorized!

Enter mathematics class!
I was so confused!

Why the hell 1 and 1 became 2
Not 11???!!!

Then came calculus,
It was everywhere!!!

dy/dx, d^2y/dx^2 and d^3y/dx^3
Their integrations!!!

I chose science just for science
Not for mathematics!

However, a voice told me
Science can't exist without mathematics!

And I am a science lover.
My HP Poem #1858
©Atul Kaushal
Kai Feb 7
An idea that everything has an answer
defined by a set of numbers all together
letters and ideas mesh with them
creating all that is and will ever be
a solution to all even if it isn't found
the ability to make new variables
to make sense of all the nonsense
symbols that make up the connection
such comfort in knowing this now
that everything has a defined answer
no guesses and no wish wash maybes
a yes and a no a right and a wrong one
mathematics can solve all of it for us
math is everywhere and that is lovely
I'm not very good at math, but I thinks it's beautiful. The idea that everything in life has a defined straight forward answer. It's in chemistry, physics, medicine, statistics, and even in our language formats. It's nice to know there is something that will always have a right or wrong answer. There isn't any guessing or risks if you do it right.
Star BG Oct 2019
Human Journey
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Joy, Peace, Harmony
just a thought in this wandering mind
Algebrarian May 2019
Gwen Elison
Southern Utah University

Elliptic Parallel Postulate Haiku
I am a point P
I want a parallel please!
Oh, there’s none for me.

Hyperbolic Parallel Postulate Haiku
I am a point P
There so many parallels
At least 2 for me!

Euclidean Parallel Postulate
I am a point P
Elliptic? Hyperbolic?
No, just 1 for me!
Algebrarian May 2019
Joseph Argyle, Andrew Misseldine
Southern Utah University

Today we will be talking about advanced mathematics.
Let out your primal screams now.
It almost seems as if mathematics are a histamine to most people,
But mathematics is omnipresent in every interaction between two universes.
Mathematics is obscenity. We know it when we see it.

Mathematicians are the teenage girls in the back of a borrowed Toyota Camry
Demanding to know “what are we?”
Most people feel the tense shrug and the stiff arm of her companion.
Mathematicians feel the swagger of a braggart uncle at the watermelon-spitting contest.
Demanding more precision than everyone else at the party.
And at the same time they are the children standing up to the bully saying
“My dad can beat up your dad.”
And hoping their opponent doesn’t say “Prove it.”
They always say prove it.

There was a time where proofs were guarded in secrecy.
When braggart mathematicians,
the dogs of rival states who lusted after academic supremacy but not knowledge,
claimed they could prove things without proofs.
Where even a jot in the margins of a notebook done with enough pomp made you a god.
The mathematics eventually rebelled against loose proofs and found its true ecstasy,

Rigor is what separates mathematics from the beasts.
Science dictates the rules of our planet,
and daresay our entire dimension.
However, even scientists struggle with math.
Scientists view mathematicians as,
well, masochists is the wrong word.
I guess scientists acknowledge mathematicians the way most sports view cross country runners. Mathematicians relish doing the parts other scientists do as punishments.
But math is an obscenely illuminating and beautiful subject.

Mathematics needn’t be scary.

Mathematics is really the study of sets.
Sets are the piles of objects curated by the lonely.
The horde exhibits consistent rules.
Every object can be related and grouped with every other object
As can two people find some common ground.
These connections map to constellations across papers meaning more than the papers
And the time they take to construct
We are all connected.
Whether we join each other up or bend down to meet someone where they lay,
We are escaping the void of an empty set.
And the laws of mathematics steady with the same consistency all through whatever ordeal
The chef has challenged diners with today.

There are always rules, and the rules can be trusted.
In this set, joining and meeting are always the same.
They are Idempotent, meaning an operation sticks.
One and done.
Idempotency is the effective lesson which is learned exactly once and remembered forever,
Like the cat who jumps on the hot stove exactly once.

If the definition of insanity is the repetition of a single task over and over again
while expecting different results,
Idempotency is the opposite of insanity.

The human race is one huge set.
Idempotency is how we interact with other people.
It is meeting someone where they are.
We can all be a little better than we were before.
Idempotency is inviting them to raise each other up and join them in the journey.
Cláudia Cruz Apr 2019
is full of nonsense:

summing up my parts,
contradiction is the quotient
and the remainder is a hole
I fail to fill

my thoughts don’t add up;
questions make fractions
that multiply themselves
of their own will

regret is the exponent
when decision is the base
and even the best results
are some digits out of place
GloPoWriMo, Day 1
LN Mar 2019
We are like skew lines

We are not parallel

But we can't intersect as well
In three-dimensional geometry, skew lines are two lines that do not intersect and are not parallel, because they lie in different planes.
Juan Bot Feb 2019
They say 2+2 = 4.

But 2 +2 = 5 is also right.


What is 2?
Is two two? Or is it two?
Does two two have to equal 4?
or does two two can be two three?

Albert Einstien said otherwise.
Thats why he died.

****** said yes.
Thats why everyone hates him.
For Dr. J. J. Manukal IXVIX, my calculus professor At Brown's Plumbing School. He always inspired me to think and live beyond life's boundaries.
Chicken Feb 2019
We variations
Striations of the light

We still
seek each other

all of our might
all of our might

Til we collide

You and I
visible collision

No thing to measure

'Cause we're

You do the math :D
Asominate Feb 2019
The thought of death, it pushes me harder
Because overworked bodies don't last longer
This equation backfired because now I'm stronger
Now I'll have to experience the pain for much longer.
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