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LGY Dec 2019
A time where there is snow,
where santa goes ** ** **.
Many died in frost,
enveloped under sheets of snow.
Goodbye world.
And here I am forever alone.
Sienna Sep 2019
shut up! i have more friends than you!
and we always get along.
i just sprinkle some sugar and watch from my window
and hear them sing their songs!

now they don’t stay very long,
but it's a small price to pay.
real friends sacrifice, plus
their hearts would burst if they stayed.

but it's okay, really!
i could never let them die.
they say distance makes the heart grow fonder,
and i know they’d never lie.

they just love me so much…
what?! i’m not alone, what do you mean?
i have more than i could ever want! in fact,
they say that i’m their queen.
LN Mar 2019
We are like skew lines

We are not parallel

But we can't intersect as well
In three-dimensional geometry, skew lines are two lines that do not intersect and are not parallel, because they lie in different planes.
Geanna Jun 2018
No one is here

It's empty, she said
It's cold, she whispered
It's dark, she thought

"Forever alone" they laughed
"Forever alone" she cried

She's a viral joke yet to be said
She's a mystery yet to be solved
She's a safe yet to be discoverd

She is Jane Doe
~ G.P.O
La Tristesse May 2018
You are drifting, for you have given up on swimming.
There is nothing tied to you, although the red-string maidens are weaving.

You sang with your heart, but there was no one to hear your frequency.
And such is the fate of the loneliest whale of the sea.

And they will never understand the glory of your surrender,
For in their eyes, one is always destined for another.

The acceptance of your fate, they call it misery,
But to you, 'tis only pure, sweet liberty.
Journal Entry #7

I have a beautiful one year old, harlequin, Great Dane and she's huge.  
I'm use to people staring but I was not prepared for today.

So they we were, walking in the snow.
I had my headphones on.
Music blasting.
Minding my own **** business and these two very attractive guys pull over and yell, "hey" loudly at me.
I stop and turn and they say to me,
"what's your baby's name?"

(Mind you, I am awkward as **** when it comes to interacting with men in anyway, and this entire interaction caught me completely off guard.)

So I smiled awkwardly and replied, "Sawyer."
They both smiled widely at me and the driver leaned forward and yelled "Hiiiiii Sawyer."
All I could do was laugh because to me this was just hilarious.
Still smiling at me, both the driver and the guy in the passenger seat finally wave and say bye and all I could come up with at the time was the words,

Which brings me to the conclusion that if you're dog is getting more attention than you I should just assume the title forever alone.
Sawyer is currently single and accepting boyfriend applications.
Please inquire within.
Julia Aug 2017
Sadness is like sipping sea drops drowning down the trench
Sadness is the stain of rain glazed moonbeams on a bench

Sadness is my soulmate; sadness she's my willing *****
Softly singing spirits sleep when sorrows are all spent
Learning to love myself through pain
Mikaail Jun 2017
I woke up
Today (so tired)
And I’m…
Not sure what
I’m doing (so very tired)
But I think,
I am thinking?

Am I thinking?
What’s my name?
Who am I?
What’s the point?
Why am I here?
Can I leave now?

Hours till escape

Not rest
A necklace of rope
Too many down the hatch
Too easy

Sometimes it’s
To be kept
In the dark
Safer and Quieter
Safer but Colder
Safer but Alone

Somewhere where
Doesn’t shine
Doesn’t reveal
Doesn’t destroy
Can I go to sleep now?

A path of words
Thoughts, Choices
Millions and Millions of doors
Which to go through
Who knows?

Put me under the stars
And see me
For who I am

Take off this mask
Of smiles
And grins
This suit of armour
That guards
The soul

Being trapped
One’s own mind
Can be
Quite lonesome
Has anyone ever wondered
What lurks inside?

I am a breathing contradiction
I am here but
I am insignificant.
I am alive but
Dead inside

Hiding in the dark
Living in the light

Ovid Oct 2016
I'm broke and wondering where all my money went.
Questioning what was the last thing I bought and if it was money well spent.  
I had to work for what some of my friends already had for years.
Kind of a ****** reality but then again, who cares?

I'm watching all of my heroes become human.  
Free balling life while trying to take the next step, yeah, I'm cruising.
Working hard for what many had all along.  
If you think there's someone answering your prayers then you're all wrong.

Opportunity and equity are two very different things.
We all can grow but where we go can affect whether we're winning or losing.  
I'm so consumed by my desires sometimes it burns me.
Taking the next step is hard but we're all forever learning.

My life is just one big broken machine.
I need tools and parts to fix it and I'm still searching.
All that time I spent waiting and wishing for some to rescue me.  
The only person who can answer my prayers is me.
Little Bear Sep 2016
i feel i am an acquired taste
maybe i'm not everyone's
cup of tea
i am one who will
not always
have the right words to say
but will search high and low
even down the back of the couch
to find ones that will fit
to make you smile
just so i know
you are happy

i won't always have the answers
to life's whys
and wherefores
but if you give me reason
i will believe in you
and follow your lead
to the ends of the earth

my only pleasure
will be in
my giving you
i seem to be
that way
it's just how
my heart works
i'm soft
and i can't change it
no matter how hard
i try

i guess most others
want the one
they share their life with
to have spirit
to be feisty
to be strong

but i am very often
none of those things
in my own way
i am them all

i come as a package deal
complete with fairy lights
a quiet soul
and a sunny disposition
i don't know if that's annoying
probably is
but like i said
i'm not everyone's
cup of tea

but i like coffee
so maybe it doesn't matter
all that much

so for now
i will keep it
to myself
for when the moment comes
and someone asks
to take me out to tea

until then
i will wait
with hope
behind my eyes
eyes which will always
look upon you
in wonder
my goodness...!! i found this on my phone today, written it seems forever ago.. on a bus journey to work :o)
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