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izi Jul 2020
“In the street filled with flowers/I see you today as well/Would it be possible to carry it inside me”

Flowers twine up your arms like lightly inked tattoos,
The back of your pages burn a bright image into my brain,
I see you today and I see you tomorrow,
I can almost imagine a future within your garden.

“In the park that the dawn’s moon has passed over/I now fill it with my emotions/This song is headed towards you”

The flowers are wilted in the garden, the park benches shine with frosty light,
The moon wavers in the sky and with each droplet it breaks into more pieces,
I wish my emotions were as still as the puddles on the ground,
But peace has no song, the dawn sings only for love, blooming for you.

“I hear the sound of the film/That is lit up by the moon in the night sky”

Our relationship unravels, each roll thin and transparent,
If I held it up to the sky the stars would shine through.
It’s time to move on, it’s time for another park, another walk,
Another smile, another breath, another touch, another film.

“I still wonder wonder beautiful story/Still wonder wonder best part”

I may wonder what would have happened,
I may remember the times of joy and exhilaration,
Remember the way our moon shone clear in the night sky,
It truly was a beautiful story.

“I still wander wander next story/I want to make you mine”

Our story may have been beautiful,
But the dawn follows the night just as
Each story follows another.
Will you be mine?
LN Feb 2019
He taught me all the colors of love
And none of them was
TaeTae..... I purple you..... To the moon and back
But still, i purple my bunny more,
Bunny..... I purple you...... To the saturn and back(coz that's the farthest we've reached

— The End —