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LN Jun 2019
my life was like a rope walk
a thin rope of sanity I walked on
and below was a thousand feet Valley of depression,
you miss a step ,you never come back.
struggling to balance myself ,
and then I met you .
the saviour ,
like the albatross
who came to save the ancient mariner.
you came into my life and with you came hope.
the rope beneath my feet widened ,
widened to become a plank.
and as you grew closer,
the plank became solid ground.
the valley started to disappear
and the fear melted down.
now I could risk missing steps,
enjoying the grass and the tiny falls.
it felt like never before ,
and there was no turning back.
but I realised, on the ground I wasn't alone .
not just mine,
but you had saved a zillion lives .
but that didn't matter now .
they all loved you and so did I .
so we all pledged :
to help you, to love you forever
and that anything that gets to you
have to first get through us .
we all are debtors of your love
and we will pay back by standing by you .
you are the nation of our happiness
and we are your A.R.M.Y.

saranghae BTS
thank you for being In our lives for 6 years .
BTS, not just a boyband to us ARMYs, but our inspiration ........our source of happiness

LN Mar 2019
Love hurts
It causes anger,
Why don't you love me back?

(its not original........)
BANGTAN is love, life, obsession.... Purple
Park Shin Mar 2019
If loving you is a crime,
Then I am guilty, yes I am.
I'll admit it all this time,
I loved you, as a woman, as a fan.
No need to hide the screaming reality.
There's no escape from my insanity.
Don't ask me where my fearless passion started.
For I don't know, I just found my self addicted.
You change my life without trying
You set my heart in jail, and I'm crying.
I dream to walk with you under the moonlight.
Stealing a moment,
To hold your hand for the entire night.
Your lips and smiles makes me shiver
As I stare at your eyes, crime has overpower.
I committed the crime,
But I'm the one who been murdered.
By the way your body move,
With the music your group rendered.
An arrow from your bow struck my heart.
Love arrest my innocent soul from the start.
But I don't repent this crime I did.
For stealing your heart is all I wanted.
Call me crazy, but I don't care
I won't look back for the word fear.
Punishment of pain might await.
Let me be judged by the law of fate.
Oh my love, I'm a sinner , yes I am,
Because loving you from the start is all I've done.
this poem is dedicated to all my bias in Kpop,  specially to Bts Park Jimin
AIA Feb 2019
If it was for you
I could pretend that I was happy even if I was sad
If it was for you
I could pretend that I was strong even if I was hurt
Wishing that love is perfect as itself
Wishing all my weakness can be hidden
In a dream where nothing worked out for me
I raised a flower that couldn't bloom
I raised a flower that's couldn't bloom in a dream that can't come true
This is an English translation of a song lyrics titled *Fake Love* of a Korean Boy Band BTS. Try to listen to it and to their songs they are so meaningful. Also, they have a lot of songs that can make people relate not just about loving someone but also about loving ourselves.

#KimSeokJin #MinYoongi #KimNamJoon #JungHoseok #ParkJimin #KimTaehyung #JeonJungkook #BangtanSonyeondan
Tay S Oct 2017
(Inspired by the song Blood Sweat & Tears by BTS)

I indulge in the sweet chocolate
That is none other than
The Devil's wings on your back
Knowing that it will poison me harshly

Please **** me softly
So that the worry
Of losing you
Is taken along with my breath

As I follow you further
I get drunk on you
Allowing your whiskey
Deep into my throat

You've stripped me of my existence
Spilling all of my blood
And pouring my sweat and tears
Into small broken mason jars

Why do I bother to run
When I can't escape this prison
Being hunted like an animal
Just to be ******* again

Promise me that
I will keep being poisoned
As long as before I go
I get one last chance

One last dance with you
Before I am
Stripped of my existence
StakesV Feb 2017
a boy with seven hearts

they gave him seven hearts
the first for dreaming
the second for running
the third for crawling
the fourth for laughing
the fifth for crying
the sixth for loving
the seventh for fighting

in each heart waged a war
the sound of blowing horns not very far
in each heart grew a tree
taller than the depth of the sea

in one boy sang seven hearts
they sang a song that lasted til night
a song that took away all the fright
the fear that spun around like a kite

in two hands he grasped one heart and asked
“what do you do?”
it said “i fight for one important thing
and, boy, that thing is you.”

in one palm he held a small heart and whispered
“what can you do?”
the heart replied, “i may be small but my dreams are big
and that’s what makes me you.”

each heart was crafted differently
each one had a unique design
but together they were stronger
and together they could shine

— The End —