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"Hey, I worry that                    
music's our only shared thing."    
            "It's fine. That's enough"

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 Mar 2021 DrippingWatercolors
I envy Her
For she's the one you like,
the one you love, and the one you want to be with.
It creates a havoc in my mind thinking why it can't be me.
But now I understand why.
Why she's the one and not me.
For She's your melody while I'm just your rhythm.
 Dec 2019 DrippingWatercolors
There's a ringing bell somewhere
Everything is strangely sparkling
Unfamiliar words floating around
The cold breeze is somehow feels nice

Is this what a love can do?
poetry is not

a frugal matter...

it's like being at a

Greek wedding where

plates are smashed and

money is thrown.

at the two birdies wing

to wing.
I will not let
Fear make its home in me
Energy is flowing
Anxiety through me
River of life
Carry this on
All trouble is liquid
Let it move on
My power comes to me
Under earth and sky
The night will keep me
Safe from your cry
So it is written
So it is done
One with the earth
Under the sun
So mote it be

1. You fear of spiders but you can carry a snake?
2. You're so good in singing and dancing but I didn't know you're not good in painting abstract, tho I love your confidence. You're proud of your artwork and you said for you, it's a masterpiece.
3. You would rather buy a furniture than build one..(You know the DIY thing).
Anyway, I like you still. You're human, after all. I like you more after I realized this. You're perfectly imperfect and that's what I like most.
why oh why
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