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Romali Arora May 2015
Yes! I'm insecure
Coz I know what it is
to have loved and lost
When you give your everything
and you are left with nothing

Yes! I'm insecure
Coz I know what it is
When you give your best
and it isn't yet enough

Yes! I'm insecure
Coz I know what it is
When your all day conversations
turn to formal hi's and hellos

Yes! I'm insecure
Coz I know what it is
To see it slipping away
When everything perfect
turns astray

Yes! I'm insecure
not coz of lack of trust
But coz I know
it doesn't take time
for love to turn dust

Yes! I'm insecure
But you should be glad
Coz when I stop
It'll make you mad
And when you begin to get insecure
You'll know what it is
To love, to hold
And to know when to let go....
It isn't unusual for people to get insecure in relationships! Here's a reason why we girls can be proud of being insecure, not coz we don't trust guys, but coz we love you way too much to lose you! So everyone out there who's in a relationship, you should be glad that your partner is insecure about losing you!
Dhaye Margaux May 2014
Oh, woman, dear, don’t be so insecure;
You’re only hurting yourself when you are insecure.

Look  at the mirror and see how beautiful you are,
You don’t need to feel bad and to be insecure.

When you see others smile and happy in their lives,
Can’t you just smile for them and not feel insecure?

When someone deserves a prize, an award for his deed,
Would you aim to claim it because you’re insecure?

When someone stands now in a place where you dream,
Would you pull him down there when you feel insure?

When someone’s being praised for an excellent work,
Would you make some sour grapes- deeds of an insecure?

Yes, you are stealing a moment of your own joy,
Every moment that you’re jealous and you feel insecure.

A Ghazal is a poem that is made up like an odd numbered chain of couplets, where each couplet is an independent poem. It should be natural to put a comma at the end of the first line. The Ghazal has a refrain of one to three words that repeat, and an inline rhyme that preceedes the refrain. Lines 1 and 2, then every second line, has this refrain and inline rhyme, and the last couplet should refer to the authors pen-name... The rhyming scheme is AA bA cA dA eA etc.

Credits to:
Brent Jun 2016
the insecure girl
who sees the beauty
in the twinkling stars and constellations
but refuses to see
the ones in her hazel eyes

the insecure girl
who sees the beauty
in the tallest mountains
and the steepest hills
but refuses to see beauty
in her most beautiful *****
and most curvy behind

the insecure girl
who sees the beauty
in the scorching sun
and the glowing moon
but refuses to see beauty
in her warmest embrace
and her illuminating smile

the insecure girl
who sees the beauty
in everything
but refuses to see beauty
in herself
im running out of words
Bunhead17 Nov 2013
I make ******* insecure
Ah, I make ******* insecure
I make *******'s insecure
It not my fault that I rock you ****** world [x2]

[Verse 1]
Hold up let me catch my breath
Why you hoes jockin on me here gettin bread
Pockets stay fat like I just won the menu
Couldn't catch it open if I had no [?] click
He neva met a ***** like me
And he knew he couldn't have me
So he told his ***** to get like me
Miss pinky I'm rockin ****** world
Call me bird cause I can **** on any nighaa and his girl
Yea I'm cocky and ***** I got a reason
Name one chick set trends all season
Stay on my grind, cause you know yo girl the ****
And I'm not like cream, but I can get yo nigha wet
Everywhere I go I'm the center of attention,
****** tryna show off and get my attention
Did I mention
They call me miss distraction,
Cause I can split a ***** from his ***** like a fraction


[verse 2]
Throw me my mic, no need for an intro
Falen don't act like you don't know
I mess it up stay jerkin, everyone must stare
My steeze so hot it can straighten your hair
Comin through like a raven,
My jerkin videos, stay on dudes pages
I'm that bomb nigha I'm nuclear
Don't call me
I'm like solar we stand out yea
***** we bright, skinny jeans
Yea ***** we tight yup yup that's right
So complex have the crowd restless
While I'm yellin out we the baddest (we the baddest)
No love honey
Slap ****** and take they money
I'm money hungry
**** so lovely
Flirt so EFF, ingggg DOPE .! !


[Verse 3]
***** *** ******* wanna talk ****
Cause I'm that *****
And don't call me a bad *****
Call me a average *****
I'm badder
I more than
You hoes be lacking
It's like I'm the teacher when I be rappin
My flow so sick, when I'm done they start clappin
I put a bullet through your chest
***** they up on me tryna **** with it
Tryna get up in my ******* like I'm some kinda hoochie
Don't **** a ***** ***** cause they all boogie boogie
Yea and I'm 2 fly To **** with you
No I'm 3 fly everbody know me know
Yea an I'm so fly they be on me, on me.


[Verse 4]
Money money money
Thats all I wrote
I stay on top
Your the water I'm the boat
Alway a **** and never a ***
I stay with mo plus ****** plus dough
Young in the game but I ain't a little girl
It jus take ten nigaas to rock my world
Rock rock my world, yea rock my world
So, I want you you you plus you
Plus the boy back there lookin cute in the blue
(You kinda cute)
People hate me cause they can't do what I do
Mean muggin I laugh at you
I took you man then stole yo boo
Blah blah it's true
Heart so cold like a freakin igloo
Got all these nighas like boo hoo
And on these tracks I go cookoo
mores so a rap! :D
mark deo biongan Jan 2015
everything you said is true
everything you say we believe
everything you do is right
but none the less you are wrong

you dont even know what is right
not even listening to what is happening
all you think is that you are right
but no! again you are wrong

its not what you say they tey believe
since you are a mockery of truth
a disguise of a eccentric liar
yes that maybe right for now

you never see whats on the other side
you only want your side to be listened
never hear what other say but boast that you are right
too bad since all you do is wrong

you are nothing but a fox
lying trying to be right when you are wrong
its not envy its insecurity
you are not even sure yet you say perfect

you think everbody hates you
but you only hate yourself
you want to be heard thats why you shout
but never the less more will stil say Insecure

you dont want to be wrong since its not you
but to think what you say to others reflects to what you are
it shows what danger you are to them
what kind of a person you are. Insecure

dont have to be deaf not to hear the words
since insecurity be gets envy
when you envy you are insecure
not know which is right and which is wrong

dont be a fool when insulting others
you might be insulting your self
not knowing the words you say
what is a person is in words of what he says
Realeboga M Mar 2016
"Insecurities are the worst demons to live with", she stands at the podium.
"Can anyone tell me what insecurities are?", she stares in front, looking at the ten students who were presumed to be messed up by the school board.

A boy with a blue hoodie raises his hand.
"Insecurities are our fears of our fears coming true, it's the absence of feeling safe or secure. Which leads to an emotional turmoil of trying to fix them. To ignore them but ultimately they end up taking us", he speaks confidently as his head is bowed.

"Have you had your fair share of insecurities? ", the girl walks up to him and crouches. She notices the exhaustion in his demeanour, the pain, hidden secrets. And death in his green eyes.
He stares at her brown eyes, filled with sincerity and concern along with a dose of hope. She finally found them.

"Haven't we all?", a girl with grey blonde hair speaks up.
Heads turn and look into her direction.
She plays with the hem of her shirt,
"We started off carefree. Young and willing to explore, we meet people who change our lives who make worthwhile but then others. I don't know about them but they take parts of us and play with them, they toy around with them and then drop us. Like old unwanted toys. We begin to wonder, question our hearts, search our minds trying to figure out where we went wrong and that hurts. We then build unnecessary yet necessary theories as they begin to make sense.  That's when they lurk in. That's how we get them", her voice shakes

The boy with the hoodie sighs, "And to think that's only the first part of them", he looks at the lady and croaks his head, "Studies show that we can get rid of these insecurities but I don't know. I've tried all these measures all the ways of getting rid of them but they don't ever leave. They stay, they don't even lurk in. Shucks depression is nicer than being insecure. Depression leaves for a while. But this", he shakes his head and massages his temples.

The lady walks up to the podium and sighs, "Being insecure is a painful thing to experience because with insecurities comes more demons willing to take advantages of you, willing to destroy you trust me I know"

A girl with glasses begins to laugh, "Everyone here knows that Miss, we're all insecure, this could be in terms of our grades, our love lives, our family, our lifestyle, our sexuality, we are all insecure. But the question here is how do we get rid of them? How do we feel normal? How do we get rid of this insane feeling, the hostility we feel from our own selves. How!?" She pushes her glasses.

The lady sighs once again, staring at the girl. She closes her eyes, "I don't know. I believe there's no way out with insecurities. They manifest inside us, they evolve and they become stronger. All I do is face them head first. I stopped thinking and accepted them. I am insecure and I am learning to accept that I am not perfect"

"Do you think that's the answer Miss", the boy with a red bandana scratched his head.
"Acceptance?" His voice heavy with a British accent.

"You said you learned to accept your imperfections and here you are now. Talking to us about our issues. Does this mean you're no longer insecure?" He furrowed his eyebrows.
"Does this mean there's hope for us?" He smiled exposing his pearly whites.

The lady sighed, pondering on how to answer that.
" I don't think that's what she meant", the boy with the hoodie speaks up.
"What she means is that once we learn to accept them like she did. We can learn to move on. To live with them. And truth is they won't hurt us as much as they do now. I mean we know we're not perfect and its okay. It's about acceptance and appreciation of our scars"
He said that I looked
Pretty, as a compliment
But it made me doubt;
I felt that he shouldn't have
It made me feel insecure.
Dandelion May 2014
I don't know how I feel
Lost in my whirlpool of thoughts
It seems odd, what I am battling
Insecure about my every move

Living in a world with little confidence
Am I not being sincere?
Knowing the motives behind each action
Makes me all the more annoyed

I suppose its different values
And how I am to follow
But pride stops me from moving
I just don't wanna be pulled at the collar

I hoped for some respect
Not to be treated invisible
Be be treated with patience and allowed to make mistakes
Isn't that how I am to be?

I really don't know
Jittery and paranoid
Why can't they be direct
Feeling lost and insecure is all that I can say
jeffrey conyers Apr 2014
Don't be like those ladies that's insecure women.
Who stay silent?
When they man tell them too.

Who move according to his rules?
Who brags about treating her like a slave?
A woman barely able to go here and there.

Who's ordered to make his bath water?
And bring him his food when demanded too.

There's a great chance he's abusive.
And that she cover for him.
Even when he hurting her.
Cause he has mold her to his rules.
A rule reserved only for fools.

Yes, she insecure.
Maybe not really sure.
And afraid to leave.
Because he has forced her to stay.

This is the only way insecure men feel strength.
Cause many are afraid of a woman with power.

So the insecure woman feels important.
rgonzales Dec 2014
She’s prettier , she’s skinner , she’s thinner , she’s more flawless, she’s this she’s that she’s everything that I can’t ever be… Alright stop! why are you comparing yourself to someone else out there? You’re beautiful in your own way and you better believe it. I know somewhere out there someone is going to make you believe it one day. Don’t be insecure about yourself because everyone is different and face the fact that they aren’t you. Stop comparing yourself and believe that the person in the mirror you see everyday is beautiful. There shouldn’t be a thing you should change, appreciate what you look like because the more you start to believe it the less insecure you’ll start being. Don’t let someone else’s words bring you down. They can tell you that you’re ugly or fat or anything negative. Just drop it because they’re only trying to bring you down and make you feel even more insecure. You should always be the bigger person and ignore it because once you start listening the more you’ll feel insecure and you’ll always start to believe it. God made everyone differently and you came out that way now stop trying to change the originality of who you are from what society wants you to be looking like. You’ll always be beautiful the way you are.
Pooja Shah Nov 2013
I am the one who wears a scarf around her face , while walking in the dark,
The one who gets affected by your ‘harmless’ words and remarks snark,
But, you won’t recognize me, won’t even stop judging me for saying this, that’s for sure,
So, let me introduce you to myself, hello there, I am your victim, the one who is insecure.

I am just a servant, a worthless one, in your powerful, popular , betraying regime,
Just someone negligible, created by Him to make you laugh, not even worth your ‘precious’ time,
An anonymous personality, you call me a *******, fat ***, ****, *******, an emotional fool,
I am the one who gets punished without committing a single crime, without breaking any rule.

But, you won’t recognize me, won’t even stop judging me for saying this, that’s for sure,
So, let me introduce you to myself, hello there, I am your victim, the one who is insecure.

You will never treat me as I am , never think of me as a human being,
No matter how hard I try, to ignore you, to befriend you, to you, I will always remain a funny thing.
But, when it will be your turn to offer flowers on my grave, free of scars which will be, as well as pure,
That will be the moment when you will look at others and exclaim, “Oh, what a pity,  I knew her, wasn't she the one who was insecure?”
Bullying or getting bullied is no longer a rare news. Daily, a part of bullied people dies, because of insecurity experienced by them. Let us help them, by letting them know, that we care for them, and love them, no matter what...
Ronney Apr 2016
As much as you try to reassure

my mind keeps reeling

With thoughts, sometimes obscure

*One can not always help

feeling insecure
Sometimes we see ourselves in the worst kind of light
All you need to do is persuade your mind and see your self through a new and different lense
thelemonpolice Sep 2018
I'm insecure
And on those days
My friends think I'm a bore
It's as if they suddenly know
They don't like me anymore
And if I talk
Its always
Painful and sore
And when I walk
I wish I'd
Eaten some more
I'm insecure
And it's not fair
I hate thinking like this
As if a genie could appear for me
Grant me a wish
Maybe then I'd know how
To cook every dish
Maybe then I'd finally
figure out how to fish
I'm insecure
I am quite sure
I'm not who I need to be
If everyone was in a race
I'd be lost at sea
And there's no way
That I will ever see
That there's a way
To live out my time here
I know I'm wrong
Here waiting
For feelings to pass
Trying to think me out
Of this barren grass
It isn't fun
To know I'm
Labelled at last
It isn't nice
To feel so
Stuck in the past
I'm insecure
I'm always
threatening me
Behind my eyes
A body
I wish I'd not seen
Behind my face
These thoughts
I'm glad you can't see
Behind these glasses
My own eyes
Watching me
And if I'm loved,
I'll smile and tell you all then
But if I'm not,
I'll cry till I can't pretend
That there's no use in making everything
About your feelings when they
Never do end.
What if it's healing;
Making a mends
Maybe I miss the way
My mind
used to blend
All of my thoughts
I wasn't
So ******* aware
Of how to change them
Make me
Not who I appear
But it's a skill
I wish
More people could have
And yes they can
But will they
Need it at last
Cause when you do
It hits you
Right in the back
And then you prove yourself
You never cut slack
Henry Rodriguez Jun 2013

With no confidence,

I enter the battlefield,

With very little providence,

And no weapon or shield,

A slash of a knife,

is all it takes,

No strife,

Not even sure if I’m awake

I can’t feel it no more,

The love,

With my heart so sore,

The feelings that I have shoved,

My heart made of stone,

And pain that makes me insecure,

And in the depth of my bones,

Is a pain I can no longer endure
hope you guys like, and if you like, well i guess just press the like button,
JK Cabresos Jul 2016
Oo. Totoo.
Hindi mo na kailangan ipagsigawang mahal mo ako,
na aakyat pa sa rurok ng bundok
para isigaw ang pangalan ko,
at ipahayag ang nilalaman
ng damdaming nagsisidhi,
sapat na sa akin
ang ibulong mo ang mga salitang ‘yan
na nais kong marinig
mula sa mapang-akit **** mga labi.

Hindi mo kailangang ibase ang nararamdaman mo
sa sinasabi ng ibang tao,
dahil hindi natin kailangan ng kanilang opinyon
para umibig nang wagas
o hanggang sa dulo ng mundo,
hindi sila ang dumidekta
sa kung sino man ang ititibok nitong puso,
hindi natin kailangan ng kanilang opinyon.

Hindi mo kailangan ipagsigawang mahal mo ako
na sa lahat ng date na ating mapuntahan
ay kailangang pag-usapan ng mga kaibigan mo,
o libo-libong litrato ang ipo-post mo,
dahil ayaw ko lang mawala
ang pagiging pribado ng ating relasyon,
sapat na sa akin
ang itago mo ang mga litratong ‘yan,
at titigan pauli-ulit
kapag miss na natin ang isat-isa.

Hindi mo kailangang ma-insecure sa iba,
hindi ko sila papatulan,
hindi ko sila papansinin,
hindi kita niligawan
nang mahigit isang taon para saktan lang,
wala akong **** sa kanila,
ikaw ang mahal ko,
oo, mahal kita,
at tanggap ko kung sino ka,
kung anong mayro’n at wala sa’yo,
dahil mahal kita.
Mahal na mahal,
hindi mo kailangang ma-insecure.

Lahat ng bagay, ay aking gagawin,
dahil hindi lang magtatapos ang aking “mahal kita”  
sa bawat letra ng mga salitang
namumutawi sa aking bibig,
hindi ito isang antigong alahas  
na susuotin lamang sa mga piling okasyon,
pagkatapos ay itatago sa kahon,
at kakainin ng alikabok sa lilipas na mga taon,
mamahalin kita kahit sa ano mang panahon:
tirik man ang araw sa pagtawa
o kulimlim man ang gabi sa pag-iyak.
Mahal kita.
Mahal na mahal,
at hindi lang magtatapos ang aking “mahal kita”
sa mahal lang kita,
kukunin ko ang mga agiw sa ‘yong mga lumang gunita,
pilit kong wasakin ang mga pader
na nakaharang sa ating dalawa.    

Hindi mo kailangan ipagsigawang mahal mo ako,
sapat na sa akin ang pagsanay sa sarili
sa ‘yong presensya at pagkandili,
sapat na sa akin ang pag-intindi mo
sa mga kamaliang pilit **** binabayo,
mga pagkukulang na pilit **** pinupunan,
at sa mga araw na kahit luha ang nalalasap
ay patuloy ka pa ring nakahawak sa aking mga kamay
at hindi mo ito binitawan.

Hindi mo kailangan ipagsigawang mahal mo ako,
pumasok ka sa pinakakasulok ng aking utak,
nang mabatid mo ang mga nakasulat,
nakalimbag sa bawat pahina ng aking isip:
ililibot kita,
sa aking nakaraan,
sa aking ngayon
at sa aking bukas,
ilalahad ang pag-aasam na makatakas
sa mga kabiguang natanaw.
Sisirin natin ang pinakailalim ng aking puso,
dito matatagpuan ang pag-ibig
na kailanman hindi mabubura,
hindi maglalaho, para sa nag-iisang ikaw.

Hindi mo kailangan ipagsigawang mahal mo ako,
hindi na kailangan,
dahil alam ko, d’yan sa puso mo,
nakaukit rin ang pangalan ko,
at ang pag-iibigan nating dalawa,
hindi mo na kailangan ipagsigawan pa
dahil alam kong mahal mo rin ako.
Mahal mo ako.  
Mahal na mahal.
Copyright © 2016
jeffrey conyers Jan 2013
An insecure woman.
Is a lonely woman.
For, a woman to know her man.
Then they know themselves.

If, he's a cheater.
Then you must ask yourself?
Why you still with him?

Do you need him?
Or feel you can't live without him?

If, he's faithful.
He's not going to keep dealing with the accusation.
Especially, if you have confirmed that's he's faithful.

It's been said that men can't be friends will a female.
But that's just the insecurity speaking.
Because , if you self assured of yourself.

Then your love can't be broken by anyone esle.

It's been said women can't be friends with men.
Again, it's just an insecurity within them.

Just like a insecure women.
Trying to hold on to a no-good man.
Anna Dunn Mar 2011
So many people
have bad things happen to them
Many people
Become Insecure
Completley unstable
they get wish washy
sometimes they act out through arrogance
and ignorance
I know so many
I have seen so many people been taken away by insecurity
over powered by it
drowned in it
they get so jealous
so mean
Sometimes they plot
Sometimes they scheme
sometimes they cling to others
sometimes they become outcasts
sometimes they hurt themselves
sometimes they tear the greatest of friends apart
all to be loved
I try to save them
tell them no
but they wont listen
they are too tuned out
but you have to imagine their pain
you have to put yourself in their shoes
insecurity is not an excuse
Its a real thing
But yet people need to learn to control it
there is no place in this world for week personalities
Insecure people can also cause pain in others
others who try to care for them
and love them
Insecure people become jealous and just stab them in the back
then they suffer
Then they cry
then they have pain to hide
those people who do nothing but try to help an understand only get hurt
those people are just
Holly Feb 2015
Why me?
Why would i fall for you?
Every time i see you.
Its just beauty in my eyes...
Beauty, like never before...
Beauty you don't recognize yourself.
Your so insecure but yet beautiful.
I don't understand.
And i want you to not be insecure.
There are people that would **** for your looks.
I mean,
I would.
Drifter Jan 2015
I used to be
afraid of my *****,
thought it looked loose
and unusually mushy.

I thought my first time
having ***
would be lights off
in an insecure mess.

I'd been told
"they're all unique"
but I'd look at mine, teary eyed
and couldn't even speak.

It wasn't until I went
lights on with a girl
and I still thought she was
the most beautiful thing in the world

that I realized how
she felt the same
and we only put
our own bodies to shame.

So I want to write an ode
to my beautiful ******
and give her the love
she deserves.

(p.s. I named her Carolina)
To Carolina. I'm sorry for all the tears I cried over you. You are absolutely beautiful.
Mwende Graciella Aug 2020

The generation of today is living an insecure life.
Life full of comparison
Possession of things without thinking of what may happen
A generation trying to prove others that they are the best

A generation where young and energetic men are trying to prove themselves by destroying others.
A generation where big and high class daddies destroy the young with material things
A confused generation showing their happiness and wealth through photography
A confused generation  hard to love people from a broken family
         Everything is invalid!

We suffer insecurities we didn't create
Many are becoming insecure
Completely unstable
Trying to compare themselves with our today's models and celebrities of our century
Probably hiding behind makeup
Cause probably without the makeup!
They,themselves are a hot mess!
They pay a ransom to look great!
If beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!
Then,why suffer so much trying to look spectacular?
Why spend to your last coin attracting a whole lot of people?
They say beauty comes from within
Our generation need to stand courageously
And fight against the enemy of self insecurity!
amt Jan 2013
I'm insecure about a lot of things.
I've got a lack of self-confidence beyond compare.
Never will I ever tell anyone,
Because all they do is remind me of why.
Your Approach...

Mine eyes behold
The view you're gracing
Your beauty unfold
My heart starts racing

Your Encroah...

The tension grows
While towards pacing
Your radiance flows
It's fear I'm bracing

My Abroach...

The entrancement
Has my mind failing
Your smile's enhancement
Sends my heart sailing

My Reproach...

I'm Insecure
My secret endure
Why try being better than someone else if you are just going to look like everyone else?
Brittany Sep 2014
I wear a jacket almost ever day
To hide the little bit
Of my stomach poking out
I notice flat tummies
So I cross my arms over mine

I usually put my hair in my face
So people won't notice my dorky glasses
Sometimes I try to go without them
But its hard to see and read things

I wear a lot of makeup
As an attempt to hide the imperfections of my face
I don't like going without it because
I feel people always stare

I know everyone has things
They don't like about themselves
And you may think differently
But if you try and tell me
I end up not believing you
I think you're just lying to me
So I'll feel better about myself
Jackeline Chacon Aug 2014
You say you love me

But I know you like her

And you still wonder why

I live so deeply insecure
storm siren Mar 2017
I can't sleep without you.
My dreams are filled with pain.
I remember too much of what I've seen and felt,
And in the morning all I remember is pain and fear.

On bad days,
I can't stand to see
You giving more of your attention
To someone else.

And even though I know it's a fallacy
Created by my mind's illnesses,
My brain immediately jumps to
It's because they're prettier than you.
It's because she's more confident.
It's because you're not making the same kind of progress as she would be.

And on good days, and then out of spite on bad days,
I want to tell you, softly,
"Please stop trying to fix me.
I'm not broken."

But the sad truth is,
I am.
But you still can't fix me.
I don't want you to.
That's my job.

I used to think I was a bad person.
Because I am jealous.
And I am insecure,
And spiteful
And snarky
And cold.

But I am not bad.
Yes, I am jealous.
I am insecure.
I am spiteful.
I am sarcastic.
And I am withdrawn.

But I'm also warm to those you need it,
And I have compassion that goes on for days.
I'm good at holding my tongue,
And I would never actually hurt someone,
Unless it was somehow to protect them.

There's not much to like about me.
But I've found some of it.

But after all these revelations and epiphanies,

I still can't sleep
Without you.
Ooolywoo Oct 2016
With all my flaws
In my Beautifulness,
In my mistakes,
In my weakness,
In my darkness.
I love myself, because I am worth it.
I am a high power person who can move mountains with my love, thoughts and dreams
I am good, kind, funny, full of life and love, contagious with my explosive energy
Some things may be equally essential but nothing is more important than loving oneself
And at this moment the love I have for myself goes above and beyond.
It could reach the end of the universe if I just unwrap it
I love me in my inane, craziest, sanest, beautiful twisted, darkest and funniest way
I love me in a way that no one does
I love me in my fullest woes
I am everything that I can and will be
I am frightfully proud of my flaws and proudly wearing them as no one is perfect
This is the start of a new journey to me
The journey of love and self acceptance
The journey to fully embrace and value my own self
I allow myself to fall in my stupidest and biggest way, just to get back up and catch my breath again
Failure will not stop me but make me stronger
I am fully seeing me and smiling at my imperfected and distorted reflection
Hugging myself so tightly, refusing to let go
The more I am spending time with me,
The more and more my love grows
Is it bad for my health ? I do not think so.
It’s true, I am better, happier, more free, powerful, at peace
The sun is shining on me
I don’t need no help to be beautiful, ‘cause I’ve got me
I’ve got that uncontainable light from within me
I am smoldering a treasure, sharing laughter, joy and sadness with myself
I have learnt the phases of myself
So distant from that little insecure girl I used to know
As I allow her opinions to matter
I have accepted her difference
Her different kind of beauty, I have learned to love
This feeling of wholeness, self acceptance, comfort and love, is liberating
I wrap myself around my contorted and beautiful else to form a ME
As I am, Raw and Real
Adya Jha Jun 2017
Hi, I'm an insecure poet
Just like I don't like myself
I don't like my poetry
I don't know but sometimes
My poems aren't just it
They are unclear and weird
Like my personality is
They're short and stout
Just like I look physically
They sometimes rhyme too much
Like I overdue too much
Sometimes the free verses
Seem like the amateur I am
And everything's clichéd
Like my creativity got ******
They're hairy and dark
And ugly and scarred
But most of the time
They're just all over
All over excellence
Just like my neighbour
Is all over men
And I try too hard
I get all over it
But when I let go
No matter that I'm fat
The breeze carries me forth
No matter that I'm dark
I shine
And my creativity
Crawls out of crevices  
To create poetry
That warms the soul
anonymous Nov 2014
you are
what you eat
so she ate
to beautiful
infinite mind Aug 2014
I lie on the bed
While your gentle caress sweeps across my skin
But I can't help
Thinking why you want me
When there's so many other fish in the sea
Kevin Eli Apr 2013
To choose to listen to the voices in my head or the whisper in my heart.
Blinded by my own hand most of the time.
The roller coaster turned into a merry-go-round.
I knew where I had ended up, but I didn't see the start.
My thoughts are off and running again...

Round and round,
I feel this creeping monster run down my spine and gnaw at my center.
I am terrified of it.
I let it go on forever.

...I finally looked inside and asked,
"What the hell do you want from me?"

"I just want you to know that it's me, which is you.
Just trying to tell you that you need love, that's the truth."

I need to stop crucifying myself to feel alive.
It's selfish.
Xaela San Aug 2018
Let me tell you a secret nobody knows

I'm insecure, I hate myself, I don't see myself pretty, I'm a mess
Mess up in the head
Standing in front of you, my mind keeps on running and running and running away
From logic and reason I wish I have now

I'm under this great pressure I made myself
I can't lift it up, it just keep on, in on, in on crashing every faith in myself
and chain every part of me
Blinding my eyes
Sealing my mouth
Killing me slowly inside
And I can't breath seeing my reflection in the mirror
I'm sick of it

I keep on saying, I keep on screaming
I keep on crying, I keep on wishing
I keep on praying to be like them
but even the shooting star can't change that

How do you run from what's in your head?

I can't free myself from my insecurities
I'm embarrassed, I've become a mess, I've become a hater
It keeps on destroying myself inside
and I can't take it out of my mind

Every second, every minute, every moment of my life
Is slowly becoming something my jealousy made
I started to hate myself
I started to hate the people I'm jealous of

Because I want to be like them  
Pretty, Confident, Intelligent, Proud and Shinning
Everything I ever wanted, but I can never be like them, I can never be them
I'm like an unfit puzzle piece of the society I want to fit in

My jealousy, my insecurities made me into someone I despise
Hatred for myself runs in my veins
Everything I stand for just disappeared into the oblivion
like bubbles disappearing  into the thin air

And I'm becoming trap in my own twisted world without realizing it
As it drowns me, pulling me with its current to the darkness of my tainted mind
Its just a matter of time I might breakdown

Everyday I keep on telling myself be strong, be strong, be strong
stop being insecure, but I don't have the strength to do it
I don't have the courage to tell it to my friends, to my family
I'm dying inside- I want them to see through me
and when I lie - I'm fine they'll believe it without a doubt

I want to share it to the world, but I can't help myself to lie, to push everyone away - I've become a fool
I know it sounds crazy, I myself don't know why
I just want people to realize I need help without me telling them

I want them to save me from my own tainted mind full of insecurities

I want you to save me from my own tainted mind full of insecurities

Can you do it?
Because I can't.
This is my spoken poetry piece... And im not sure if this is correct... This is my first time writing it...
Jedd Ong Sep 2014
The State of My Tagalog:


Guess that's what you can call it.

The insecure prose that curls downward
On my notebook.

It reeks of bit
And piece
And syllable.

Because language
After language
After language

Enter my mind
And slip it
Just as quickly,
Leaving only

Oh, the frustration
As I ask
For loose change
My sister cashier.

I can't even ask for
The right amount
In Tagalog nowadays.


That adds up to 75, I think.

Passing score on my
Report card too.

My self-graded Filipino class.

Don't even know
How I managed
To spell "Ibarra,"

"Tanikala," "himagsikan,"

I'd sing and not spell,
If they never caught
At the bottom of my throat.


Ang Kalagayan ng Aking Tagalog:


'Yan ang pwede **** sabihin sa ‘kin.

Walang tiwala sa sariling gawa,
Patunong pababa ang mga salita
Sa aking kwaderno.

Ito’y sumisingaw ng piraso
At bahagi
At pantig.

Dahil wika
Bawa’t wika
Bawa’t wika

Ay pumapasok sa aking kalooban
At umaalis
Ganun ding kabilis,
Naiiwan ang mga
Kaputol lamang nito.

O, kay inip
Habang ako’y humihingi
Ng barya
Kay Ateng Kahera.

‘Di ko nga kayang
Humingi ng tamang halaga
Sa wikang Pilipino ngayon.

Ito ay pitompu’t lima, ata.

Pasang awa rin
Sa aking report kard

Sariling pagmamarka sa Filipino.

‘Di ko nga alam
Kung paano 'kong
Naisusulat ang “Ibarra.”

"Tanikala," "himagsikan,"

Nais kong kantahin at huwag lang sulatin,
Kung ‘di lang man silang sumasabit
Sa ilalim ng aking lalamunan.
Thank you to Sofia for the amazing translation. She is found here: Stop by—you won't be disappointed.
Laura Robin Nov 2012
from the mind of an anxious depressive

from the time i, as a little girl,
dressed up like a princess
[tiara and all,
pouffy, pink dress and all]
listened to my mother tell me
a fairy tale
of a woman who finds
her prince charming,
and is rescued by him,
and lives happily, happily ever after
in a magnificent palace by the sea…
and i, as a brooding teenager,
insecure and reclusive,
observed a
[now viewed as ridiculous]
romantic film
about a woman who finds her
one true Love,
and he rescues her,
and they live happily, happily ever after
in a beautiful three-bedroom home
where they raise two,
perfect children…
and i, as a young woman,
fully aware and adept,
recognizing the world for what it is
as *i
see it,
seeing love dismantle time,
and time again....

i am fully aware that nothing can possibly last for a happily ever after.

the doubt is consuming,
the wall is well-built and
my heart remains too crippled
to possibly endure the grief that
falling in Love elicits.

Love finds you even if you have
given up the notion of it.
it gallops in on its white horse.
has bright blue eyes.
sparks a smile that can illuminate
my somber heart.
has no regard for my opposition to itself.
is selfish and greedy and exhausting.

it is utterly impossible to avoid
being seduced
into the black hole
from which i will never leave
precisely the same.
from which i will surrender
a piece of myself
essential to my functioning.

Love sweeps in like a tornado
[destroying everything in its path]
and so the five stages of falling in Love,
and falling apart,

i feign disinterest.
i pretend as if he doesn’t
engross my thoughts
as if my heart doesn’t encroach upon my stomach
when he enters the room.
if asked by a friend,
“why does your face turn bright red
when he dares to utter your name?”
i pretend like she is the insane one
[when i am the one denying my heart.]

i become enraged.
Love has taken control.
the knowledge that i let Love
dismantle the wall,
that i have spent years building,
and reinforcing,
[brick by brick, piece by piece]
infuriates me.
i let him gradually demolish it.
and now i am powerless and susceptible,
and now he has me by the heartstrings.
he holds me in his greedy palms.

i avoid the fact that i am falling,
yes, i am falling.
oh, so deeply for him.
i watch myself fall from such great heights
straight into the ground
crashing through to the
center of
the world.
i even pray to God,
the one i'm not even sure i believe in.
i tell Him that i would do anything,
anything just to take back control.
to have two firm hands on the wheel.
to be the driver
instead of the passenger.

i cannot bring myself
to shove off the covers.
to crawl out of bed.
i am miserable and helpless and
he is all i can think about.
he is my first thought
when i am awake.
my last when my mind
finally tires of him,
and i fall into a
fitful night of sleep.
yet, i do not tell him any of this.
he wonders why i am so distant,
so removed from him.
what he does not know is that
he carries part of myself with him
wherever he goes.

when my nerves have finally worn themselves down,
when my heart has reached an understanding with my mind,
when Love does not appear as something to be grieved,
that is when i fall in Love.

never once have i
accepted Love from a man,
Love that could alter
my melancholy mind,
nor have i trusted a man with my heart.
[although i have been forced by Love itself to relinquish it.]

i have been obstinate and headstrong
and refused to give all of myself
in fear of losing myself.
but maybe one day, i will be
rescued from myself.
jeffrey conyers Mar 2013
An insecure love.
Is avoid of secure love.
Not every woman or man gets jealous.

Trust is there.

A forbidden love.
Will never ever be a forgotten love.
The memories will still be there to explore.

Who hasn't had dreams that never came true?
But you enjoyed the feelings it bought to you.

The dream is there.

It takes two to be a fool.
When one gets all the common sense credit.
The only insecure I have is a great mass in a mean, but I'll never let you see that again; You bring out the insecure of me.
I do not authorize the duplications of my writing photography or personal information
Jordan stenberg Aug 2014
i am insecure about losing things i lost friends  because i followed my heart  and when  i

have chances to make something good i just squander it  every time  being in love has

been hard for me because every time i am never the guy  i am just used  for them to get

back at their former relationship  a war is  always struggling inside of me because i want

to confess my hearts true feelings just don't want to ruin what i got already

call me insecure i just care to much to ruin something already great in my life
Ashley Nicole Apr 2013
I see the way that you look at me,
with your judging eyes alone,
you make me feel insecure.

So, I smile at you,
try and make you see,
that looks aren't what they seem.

But your eyes remain cold and judging,
you look at me like I am the most repulsive being ever,
And it hurts me, because I know it's true.

— The End —