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Dhaye Margaux Sep 2019
I have been waiting
For someone to understand
My pain, my flaws
My weird and wild sides

I have been searching
For somebody to fill
The gaps, the empty spaces
The longings of my heart

I have been asking
For a friend in this lifetime
My company, my comrade
The one who will be like me

Like me, yes same as me
The light, an angel
And now we feel the same
Now and forever we are
We have the same eyes, same heart, same wings...
Dhaye Margaux Jul 2018
I try to smile and laugh 
But my lips turn numb and dry 
I try to sing a song 
But I can't and all I can do is cry 

I cannot tell, I cannot shout 
And my tongue seems tied 
I cannot show my love for you 
It will remain a mystery I hide 

Somewhere in my broken heart 
I see all memories that passed 
I see your face, I feel your skin 
Somewhere in the broken there's us
For the broken-hearted ones....
Dhaye Margaux May 2018
I was wondering why
I can't get out of my door
I thought I was locked
And I couldn't get closer to you
I was looking at you from my window
A perfect soul I have ever seen
One more try and I have found out the truth
I was not locked
But it was you who was inside a cage
The walls around you
Set the boundaries
Of how far my eyes can look
Upon your soul.
Dhaye Margaux May 2018
Tonight I am not in the mood to sing
I lost the interest for now
Where are the words I need
Where are the tunes I love
They were gone
And if ever they echo back
Somewhere at the window of my soul
I may no longer hear them
As the melody I used to sing

So tonight there will be no song to sing
I will just lay down to rest
And hear your voice
The records I keep for years
They are the ones that never fade
Here in my heart.
Not in the mood tonight...
Dhaye Margaux May 2018
Oceans and seas
Days to years
You were apart
Yet still one
In heart

No one gives up
No one leaves
Holding on
Until your
last breath
Dhaye Margaux May 2018
He loves me like sunshine
The light of his day
He never forgets his words
Even when he's away

He loves me like the moon
The lamp of his night
He never thinks of anyone
Even if I am out of sight

He loves me like a baby
The baby girl of his life
The only one he dreams
His forever lovely wife

He loves me like the sea
Tide never leaves the shore
I always come to him
I love him forevermore.
To my bffah
Dhaye Margaux May 2018
No one has the right
To hurt others feelings
Play games with their hearts
Or insult them like
Caring is a big crime

I am so sorry for such acts
When I have cared so much
I didn't know it would be painful

For loving today means
You have to be hurt.
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