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Hapless Writer Sep 2019
A role model you’re supposed to be
And I really want to believe
That I can trust you with all my heart
But you have to do your part

How can I put my life in your hands
And live under your roof
With absolutely no plan
Without any proof

I’m old enough to understand
And not have to pretend
That you’re not that man
That I hoped for in the end

They tell me you’ll never change
And this might seem strange
But I’ll always be that lad
That says “I have the best dad”
Hapless Writer Sep 2019
Wishful well
Take my penny
Make it come true
Affection is all I want
Love is all I need
How can this be?
Happiness is expected
Yet lonesome still visits
And feedback is yearned
Attention I long for
Oh where it could be?
Hapless Writer Sep 2019
Cotton, linen, polyester
Silk, wool, leather
Hmm...I have something better
Trust, humility, honesty
Respect, compromise, individuality
Let me sweep you off your feet
Before you can even take a leap
I don’t mind opening doors
Won’t tease you if you snore
Only please you without bore
For making you smile is not a chore
Let you eat all the cake
But a long hike we will take
So you don’t sleep full of hate
A veggie omelette I will make
For breakfast before you awake
A promise to take an oath
To brew coffee for us both
Every morning until we’re old
Will keep you warm when it’s cold
For I was once told
That your presence will mould
Into my body like clay
For I can’t wait for the day
Where we can both finally play
House and paint it all gray
Because modern is our way
So let’s bind our souls
Till we turn to gold
For that is the goal
We are in control
Lets put on this show
Hapless Writer Sep 2019
Sweaty palms
And shaky knees
So nervous
For what’s in store for me
A new world I entered
Today’s the first day
Will I succeed?
Hapless Writer Sep 2019
Loneliness is brutal
5 years every night
Is what I’m used to
Tonight is the first sight
Without you by my side
Can we go back in time
When your body
Was next to mine
And your warmth
Felt so right
With absolutely
No blight
I miss you so dearly
Can 6 months
Fly quickly
So we can be
Together again
Just like we used to
Back then
Hapless Writer Sep 2019
Cheers to another happy year!
Let’s have a toast with a beer!
Or wine since that’s your thing
Let’s go have a drink
And celebrate your special day!
Happy birthday!
Hapless Writer Sep 2019
You are the biggest ***** I ever knew
You also carry the biggest heart that ever grew
How am I so blessed to have a sister such as you
I guess I caught one of those lucks that God threw

Forgive me for always pulling your strings
I apologize for putting you through everything
Excuse me for pushing you to your limits
I’m sorry for every time I did it

Know that I do this constantly
To convince myself that someone actually
Exists and accepts me for me
Of course, other than Tiffany

Even though I’ll be miles away
I’ll still love you the same
So please don’t ever change
For I’ll be coming home to this same place

You’re the realest ***** out there
Can’t compare to any of these heifers
Best believe I’ll stick around forever
Cuz I’m so proud to call you my sister
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