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Jackeline Chacon Sep 2015
I can't stop crying
I feel like dying

At night is when I'm insane
So much **** in my brain

**** me now
**** me now

I know you hate me
Show me you do
Or else

I'll **** you,
I'll ******* **** you

You messed with my head
Can't stop thinking
All those things you said

**** me now
**** me now

You don't love me
Stab me through
End this pain
Or I'll get you

Right now I'm crying
But trust me babe
I'm not lying

I'll pierce your eyes
Slit you twice
I'll ****** you
A thousand times

**** me now
**** me now

You think were better off alone
Sad how little you know

You messed with the wrong chick
And it makes me sick
So ******* sick

Thought you knew me
You don't know what I can do
With all this love

With all this love and hate
For you
Jackeline Chacon Aug 2015
Choked my lungs
Drowned so sick
Nervous sweat
Ran so quick

I tried to breathe
But I failed
Reached for help
But he sailed

I trusted him
He saw prey
Let me drown
That awful day  

I wanted comfort
You saw bate
Tried to run
way too late

This is how
My story goes
I got *****
And he knows
Jackeline Chacon Aug 2015
So this the story of
My childhood lane
I remember it clear
Nothing but pain

" You're so fat"
I was always told
I was living misery
Just nine years old

I starved myself
I got underweight
Got used to it all
For I never ate

Everyone noticed
Thought I was fine
I was really sick
And bearly nine

No one ever helped
No one ever knew
All the starvation
And lies I could do

They all assumed
I was naturally thin
Little did they know
What I have been

Continuously ill
To this very day
I can't recover
I'm not okay
Jackeline Chacon Aug 2015
I look in the mirror
And all I can see
Is a little lost girl
Staring at me

I reach her hand
But she starts to fade
I can't undo all these
Mistakes I have made

I was innocent once
I can still hear her voice
The way she cried stop
But she had no choice
Jackeline Chacon Aug 2015
I miss you,
I'm taking in this wine
Like drowning in deep
In blood that's all mine

But I promise you I'm fine
I'll mix this glass in tears
My darkness will shine

Wash my pain with nine
One more sip and I'll die
But I promise you dear,
I'm fine
Jackeline Chacon Aug 2015
A chain of men
******* my heart

But I'm okay
Just torn apart

I'm not dead
Just need air

Can't breathe
This chain I wear

Hopeless girl
Used for lust

Now you know
Why I can't trust

A minute happy
The next alone

Everyone I love
Turns to stone

He said forever
And he swore

They come back saying
"I don't love you anymore"

Maybe one day
I'll break free

From all the lies
Suffocating me
Jackeline Chacon Jul 2015
I don't have someone to call my own

I don't have someone close
I'm all alone

I don't have a family like all of you

I don't have friends like normal people do

I don't have anyone important at all you see

I wish someone could be alone with me
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