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Thomas W Case Mar 2021
I want to get
the facts out.
The glass from under
my skin.
The rails from the
Just because I said
that your *** looks
nice in those jeans,
doesn't mean you
get to treat me like
*** crazed dog.
I gave you a compliment;
nothing more.
You're not an object.
And neither am I,
so don't talk to
me like one.
I'm not every
other guy you've
ever met.
Lift your eyes
a little higher,
that's where I am.
Amy Ross Nov 2020
I take compliments,
like I take sugar in my coffee
not at all
Yolanda Oct 2020
She is cute, she is small
She's got a pretty round face that glows like sunlight
She is got a pretty little mouth with white glowing teeth that brings a perfect smile to her face
Her breath smells like the scent of roses
Her cute big eyes look like those of Slow Loris
Her hands are tiny like little rat claws
Her little feet like the feet of a deer
And her tininess brings perfection out of her.
Speaking of a friend who I love dearly, she's tiny and gorgeous, and everything she does is just perfect, she's my inspiration, and my role model, she's one of the top ladies I will consider beautiful in every way.
Maja Mar 2020
"After all, you’re only human,"
I’ll take that as a compliment.

A human can be anything,
if only you are competent.
you're only human. But what is a human then?
You have the warm arms for me to run to when cold
Have the voice of cheer to always drive the wind of joy in my lungs
Have that beautiful smile to loosen the frown that edges  on my face and breathe life in me
That line of perfection drawn from your lips, eyes, hips, curves
That color of light to fade away the shadows that lie in my paths
You do have it all
When she seems perfect and complete to you.
Words that fit her description will always flow
Never at any one time will you be speechless for her looks will always make your  tongue speak
Proctor Ehrling Dec 2019
It sounded like a compliment, what you said
So I'll interpret it as "*******" instead
Proctor Ehrling Sep 2019
Demented bandit
Redundant pundit
Fun time gambit
Screaming "Bomb it!"
Vicious *****
Cannot stand it
Mend it, bend it
Maybe tow it
How it goes
It goes all wrong
It wrongs no more
More than it should
But more it could
I guess it would
But that would hurt
Oh what a ****
The world is burnt
And I feel like a picture blurt
You've censored too much
Ventured too far
Gotten all such
Answers fewer
Violent fever
Violet furor
Volatile gore
Gory tumour
Coming back to something I used to do at the beginning of my presence here: writing actual freestyles. This one conjured up in 5 and a half minutes.
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