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Romali Arora Jun 2018
I always feared meeting eyes
They could let people see you in depth
Read the unsaid
And find your weakest
I struggled to meet your gaze when we first met
Days, weeks, and months
Before I finally let loose
Of everything that left me bruised
I admired your patience
As you unearthed every layer
So delicately,
You saw through my struggles
Through my vulnerabilities,
Through the jabs on my soul,
And through scars that ran so deep,
And just as I began to get comfortable with those emerald eyes
You knifed through every wound I thought was healing
Twisted, coiled, and stabbed me again
Standing there, watching,
As I gasped in pain
Only to realize
I’d given myself away
To a bunch of glorified lies
As every piece of my heart
Clung on to the pain you left me with
And that's when I knew…
Why I never trusted ‘em eyes…
Fear of eye contact is extremely prominent among people who've had their trust broken on so many instances before they finally gave up. I happen to be one of them. The fact that eye contacts are the most innocent and yet intimate form of connecting with another, both fears me and stops me from meeting gaze with people. This is one instance when I took every little bit of trust  and confidence I had left, to look a man in his eyes, only to have my wounds scratched again. The biggest lesson of my life, and the last one too, taught me sometimes it's best to live with your fears instead of facing them.
Romali Arora Mar 2018
His memories are beginning to get weaker
His face is becoming a faint memory
I’ve almost forgotten how he smiles
And the depth of those emerald eyes
I’ve forgotten how he held me tight in fear of losing me
How his lips felt on mine
I forgot how he looked after me
Or stayed up, waiting for me all night
I’ve forgotten how his perfume felt on me
After we’d made love
The cologne that I’d let linger for a little longer
Just so, in case I missed him
most of all,
I forgot
I forgot,
How well I lied
it's been a while since he left, and his memories are beginning to fade. I try to remember what he felt like, I try to bring back our memories; only to realize he hasn't ever left me. That's the worst part about dating a writer, isn't it? They don't just forget you. Instead, you become a part of their poetry!
Romali Arora Jan 2018
"Where did you go?" I asked
The one who loved
the reds, the blues, the purples and pinks
The one who chased butterflies,
the rainbows, and her dreams
"Where did you go?" I asked again
This time, a little louder,
a little impatient
"Where did you go?"
The one who laughed so loud, the one who danced
the one who sang to the rhythm of the rains
"Where did you go?" I asked,
a little hurt this time
The one who, with so much love,
baked cakes and cookies
Sending them, on a binging spree
"Where did you go?" I asked again
Standing in front of the mirror
tears welling up in my eyes
and finally flowing down like a stream
"Where did you go? And why?
Leaving me behind!
Alone. Battling. Struggling. Gasping.
Come back.
Come back.
Come back, please.
Just for once.
Let me feel you for a brief moment.
The one lost to this heartless world.
Let me feel you...
Just for a moment
Just for a moment
Just for a moment...
For all those who miss what they were once, the side of their personality that has been lost to this ungrateful world, for all those whose innocent dreams have been trashed, here's a little dedication. :)
Romali Arora Mar 2017
I like the way you giggle when we talk
When you slip your hands into mine through our walks
The blush on your face
The cheekiness in your smile
They way you pull me closer
Your emerald eyes meeting mine
I like the way you tickle me
Making me laugh till it hurts
The tears rolling down my eyes
A smile that's a gift of your love
I like the way you make my heart feel
Younger, livelier, skipping a beat
I love your embrace
That feels like home
Your stoic gaze
That becomes my sanctuary
But most of all
I love the smell of your skin against mine
The way you slowly arouse my senses
As our souls entwine...
I've loved him since the moment I laid my eyes on him. There was something innocently beautiful about his soul; the way he looked at me, the way he held my hand, the way he pulled me closer to him. There was something dangerously arousing about him. I knew I was playing with fire; but just for once, I was ready to get burnt.
Romali Arora Mar 2017
She was made of a million scattered pieces
and particles of dust
she fell too hard
and loved too much
Her soul deeper than the ocean
and her heart was a war
Love was soul food
sheathed with trust
She was a woman everyone loved
only to leave behind and walk upon
She never grew tired of the pain left behind
Instead embraced them as her own
But that never deterred her spirit
For she only picked herself up again
Finding someone
to heal with all the love that remained...
There are some women you'll meet in your life who'll change your perspective about love. They are the ones who'll heal you of the pain others have left behind, they are the ones who will give you a part of their beautiful soul, the ones who will make you their world. And most often than not, you won't realize that they are the ones in dire need of love - because they are the ones who've been walked upon a million times, they are the ones constantly healing people, forever overlooking their needs.
Romali Arora Mar 2017
For all the mistakes of my past
I pushed him away
Fighting, arguing
Keeping him at bay
But I forgot
He was no coward
Neither a bully
None from my past
A lover rookie
He was a man
Of his actions and words
The one who promised
A better world
Delicately, yet with strength
He brought down my walls
Slowly unearthing emotions
I once thought were lost
In dark dungeons…
It's difficult to love someone after you've been completely shattered. You tend to pull your walls higher, put up your defense mechanisms, and push anyone away who shows the slightest bit of interest in you. All because you fear the past repeating itself. But there will always be that one person who isn't intimated by your walls but challenges to bring them down. Their constant love and care will prove that not everyone is the same. They will bring sunshine when you believed the tunnel wouldn't end. And they are the ones you shouldn't let go of. They... ARE THE KEEPERS
Romali Arora Feb 2017
Sometimes I wonder
What would the sun do
if it wouldn’t give us light?
What would the moon do
if it didn’t illuminate the night?
One the eliminator of darkness
The other one makes it beautiful
We are all living with a purpose
Some know it
Some, unaware of the mysterious truth
Let’s face it
We are living a life of routines
Our days rushing one into the other
We are all ceasing without meaning
Existing, fading,
Waiting to be discovered...
We're all born with a purpose in life. Some know it right from the beginning, while some of us are lost souls looking for a meaning. While some live life to the fullest, there are others hiding from the world because of everything that once scarred them. We're all living a life of oblivion. And the truth is far from what we think we are living...
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