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Brent Apr 2020
trillions of lifeless happenings
under billions of dying stars
I hear millions of worthless words
from thousands of nameless faces
on hundreds of dull days
then all of these fade out of view
once I remember I belong
with the one and only you

the world is filled with fateful knots
and also many loose ends
but my all time favorite twist
that makes everything worthwhile
is being yours
it's my SO's birthday today. I love you bebu!
Brent Dec 2018
Heaven knows I'm not waiting for an
answer right away; no expectations.
Zero yes's or zero no's; nothing at all.

Even if time, fate and the world tell me to
leave, I'll stay and cherish every
moment with you.

All your stories, I'll listen to
even about your past loves and feelings.
Going over your childhood laughs and cries while I
silently hope that I'll make memories with you too.

As the year ends, I pray that I will
be able to stay by your side even
if we aren't what I wish for us to be but I'll be
over the clouds if my wish comes true.
i'm catching feelings again
Brent Sep 2018
One night
Two eyes with
Trickling tears
For countless regrets

Five fingers of a hand that
Seeks the proper words to write
Seven nights of trying but just
Ate those words back
I don't know what I'm doing
Brent Feb 2018
whichever color you glow;
a calm, serene white
a blood-crimson red
a rare, sorrowful blue
a lonely void of black

however you illuminate the night;
whether you wax and shine with the stars
or wane and hide above the clouds
whether you make a proud crescent
or be a glorious gibbous
or even divide the darkness
as either of the quarters

whatever shape you become
whatever shade you gleam
you will always be beautiful in my eyes
whatever you may seem
The very rare occurrence of a Super Blue Blood Moon happened last night and as a selenophile myself, I eagerly watched and waited for Luna and I figured a poem might be nice.
Brent Dec 2017
Every word
might not be enough to describe my
best wishes for us,
even if I try to learn every language and
read every book.
Good times are ahead of us.
Every bad second assures
more moments that we'll much cherish.
Let this journey of ours make your worries
over and done and let Him
guide us to the rest of our days
and always know that I will
never leave your side.
I actually two poems for my future spouse, this was the other
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